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Instead and suggests
Instead, a popular theory suggests linguistic updating, which is when " late forms may not in fact have been original to the book but may reflect the updating of vocabulary and grammar by later scribes so their contemporaries could understand the book better.
Instead of seeing perception as a passive process determined entirely by the features of an independently existing world, enactivism suggests that organism and environment are structurally coupled and co-determining.
" Based on his findings, Fink suggests that, " Instead of endorsing these reports as the direct consequence of ECT, especially in patients who have recovered from their depressive illness, lost their suicidal drive, and have improved social functioning, is it not more useful to accept the complaint as a somatoform disorder, explore the basis in the individual's history and experience, and offer appropriate supportive treatment?
Instead, he suggests that measurable good can come from anyone willing to take a road less traveled.
Instead Ormrod suggests the focus should be on the motivation behind the use of sexuality in contemporary attacks on the king and Gaveston.
Instead of positing a rich innate and universal syntactic structure ( see Universal Grammar ), Van Valin suggests that the only truly universal parts of a sentence are its nucleus, generally a predicating element such as a verb or adjective, and the arguments, normally noun phrases, that the nucleus requires.
Instead of confining reason to a string of verifiable axioms, Vico suggests ( along with the ancients ) that appeals to phronêsis or practical wisdom must also be made, as do appeals to the various components of persuasion that comprise rhetoric.
Instead, the doctrine suggests that followers adhere to some principles regarded as common to all religions.
Instead, she suggests, " we " live off their generosity:
Instead, the weight of the evidence suggests that the pleasure center of the human brain is not a single center but rather a distributed system of brain regions of which important nodes include subcortical regions ( such as the nucleus accumbens and ventral pallidum ) and cortical regions ( orbitofrontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex ).
Instead, it suggests an interaction, between race and social class, and their consequences upon institutional design and institutional meaning.
Instead, self-perception theory perspective suggests that people derive their inner feelings or abilities from their external behaviors.
Instead, it suggests that Josef Mengele was recruited by the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to produce " grotesque, child-size aviators " to be remotely piloted and landed in America to cause hysteria in the likeness of Orson Welles ' 1938 radio drama War of the Worlds, but that the aircraft crashed and the incident was hushed up by the Americans.
Instead, Woolf suggests that Bede's Cadwallon was the Catguallaun liu found in genealogies as son of Guitcun and grandson of Sawyl Penuchel, rulers in the Hen Ogledd or Brythonic-speaking area of northern Britain.
" Instead, Maria Pia suggests that the rightful heir to the Portuguese throne should be Princess Isabelle d ’ Orléans, eldest child of Henri, comte de Paris.
Instead he suggests that magic is both an encompassing, living force, and a mode of consciousness.
Instead, he suggests an alternative proposal called The Right Road to Peace, also known as the Elon Peace Plan.
Instead, the cognitive element of new institutionalism suggests that individuals make certain choices because they can conceive of no alternative.
Instead, as the term suggests, it is assumed that the student already has an education and is simply continuing it.
Instead of reasoning about transcendental conditions of knowledge, Wolterstorff suggests that knowledge and our knowing faculties are not the subject of our research but have to be seen as its starting point.
Instead of having him shot out of hand like his officers, she suggests they have him stoke coal into the locomotive all the way to Petrograd, where he will be publicly hanged.
Instead of being called a " biography ", Greene suggests that the work should be called an " Ana ", a sort of table talk.
Instead, Ellis suggests to judge ( autoethnographic writings ) on the usefulness of the story, ( Bochner, 2001 ) rather than only on accuracy.
" Instead, it may be regarded as a natural biographical tendency born of personal and social circumstances that suggests but hardly compels a direction or movement.

Instead and ground
Instead of using RS-422's balanced transmit and receive circuits, the AppleTalk Personal Network cabling used a single common electrical ground, which limited speeds to about 500 kbit / s, but allowed one conductor to be removed.
Instead of true cinnamon, " Chinese cinnamon " ( also known as rougui, the ground bark of the cassia tree, a close relative of true cinnamon which is often sold as cinnamon ), may be used.
Instead of placing the broom on the ground, and jumping together, the broom was placed in an angle by the doorway.
Instead of using chairs, one version of the game has players sit on the ground when the music stops, the last to sit being eliminated.
Instead they relied on the network of ground stations, also called Command Points to communicate with the spacecraft ; all of these Command Points were located within the Soviet Union.
Instead, weight and all sensation of weight are always produced by contact forces ( push or pull ) from the ground, or a scale.
Instead of a pre-game coin toss, XFL officials put the ball on the ground and let a player from each team scramble for it to determine who received the kickoff option, which led to the first XFL injury.
Instead of 150-200 fighters in the valley as expected, post assessment held that the area contained up to 1, 000 enemies dug in on the high ground around the valley.
Instead he sought a middle ground, the pastoral realm that integrates both nature and culture.
Instead of being one to two miles distant, as on 31 July, on 20 September the British objectives were approximately 1, 500 yards away, without the disadvantage of rain soaked ground and poor visibility encountered in August.
Instead, he talked with the justices and encouraged them to talk with each other as he sought a common ground on which all could stand.
Instead, they used it as a hunting ground during the spring and summer months.
Instead, the player character must throw objects at enemies, such as vegetables plucked from the ground.
Instead, the pre-Columbian Maya apparently used an abrasive technique that ground away at the back of the skull, thinning the bone and sometimes perforating it, similar to the examples from Cholula.
Instead they are soaked ( sometimes with baking soda ) overnight, then ground together with various ingredients such as parsley, scallions, and garlic.
Instead of airborne radar, they relied on ground based systems ; the targets would first be picked up by radar assigned to a " cell ", the radar would then direct a searchlight to " paint " the target, allowing the fighters to attack them without on-board aids.
Instead he returned to find that Maj. Gen. Charles T. Menoher, an artilleryman who had commanded the Rainbow Division in France, had been appointed director on the recommendation of his classmate General Pershing, to maintain operational control of aviation by the ground forces.
Instead he marks the ground or adjusts the natural features of a place by up-ending stones for example, or making simple traces.
Instead of struggling against misanthropy ( as in The Recognitions ) or reluctantly giving ground to it ( as in JR ), Carpenter's Gothic wallows in it.
Instead of remaining in North Carolina, he determined to march into Virginia, justifying the move on the ground that until Virginia was reduced, he could not firmly hold the more southerly states he had just overrun.
Instead of bringing food to the newly hatched goslings, the goslings are brought to the ground.
Instead of a constructed playground, allowing children to play in a natural environment such as open land or a park is sometimes recommended ; children gain a better sense of balance playing on uneven ground, and learn to interpret the complexity and signals of nature more effectively.
Instead, he served in the Royal Air Force, working as ground crew and later piloting fighter and bomber aircraft, including the Spitfire and Hurricane.
Instead, the particles bounce along the ground, rarely reaching higher than a few feet above the earth.

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