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Instead and about
Instead, the value of the AMD was kept high, out of a fear of inflation and concern about alienating the powerful government-connected importers of oil, sugar, flour, cigarettes and beverages.
Instead of using RS-422's balanced transmit and receive circuits, the AppleTalk Personal Network cabling used a single common electrical ground, which limited speeds to about 500 kbit / s, but allowed one conductor to be removed.
Instead, users looking for information about subnational areas are referred to " a comprehensive encyclopedia " for their reference needs.
Instead of focusing merely on the individual objects ( e. g., groups ) possessing a given structure, category theory emphasizes the morphisms – the structure-preserving mappings – between these objects ; by studying these morphisms, we are able to learn more about the structure of the objects.
Instead, she came to prefer the company of " the gentle Camille Pissarro ", with whom she could speak frankly about the changing attitudes toward art.
Instead, in their research and writing, many postmodern scholars have adopted “ alternatives that encourage reflection about the ‘ politics and poetics ’ of their work.
Instead, it is suggested, Hume might have been answering an epistemological question, about the causal origin of our concept of the self.
Instead they favor more evolutionary methods of bringing about anarchy through alternative experiences and experiments and education which could be brought about today.
Instead, his announcer, Don Wilson, incorporated speeches about Jell-O into the program at appropriate places, to Jack's feigned comic annoyance.
" Instead of coaching his 1926 team against Carnegie Tech, Rockne traveled to Chicago for the Army – Navy Game to " write newspaper articles about it, as well as select an All-America football team.
Instead, Riefenstahl met Luis Trenker who had starred in Fanck's films, who wrote to the director about her.
Instead, the Dubna team reported an isotope with a half-life of about 45 seconds as < sup > 256 </ sup > Lr.
Instead there are about 25 subranges including the Kanchenjunga massif, Kumbu around Mt.
Instead, he brought back news about the possibility of exploitation of beaver pelts in the area, leading to private commercial interest by the Dutch who sent commercial, private missions to the area the following years.
Instead, it tries to be intelligible to someone who has never thought about set theory before.
Instead, over time, the species wobbles about its phenotypic mean.
Instead, sharks rely on a large liver filled with oil that contains squalene, and their cartilage, which is about half the normal density of bone.
Instead, it is about entities that we can create directly through mental activity.
Instead, he argues that multiculturalism is in fact " not about minorities " but " is about the proper terms of relationship between different cultural communities ", which means that the standards by which the communities resolve their differences, e. g., " the principles of justice " must not come from only one of the cultures but must come " through an open and equal dialogue between them.
Instead, the subjects were actively reducing the cognitive dissonance induced by reading about their favored candidate's irrational or hypocritical behavior.
Instead, he spent two years stationed in South Korea, during which time he wrote to KU about taking his final class.
Instead she only talks with her father about the differences between the principles he taught her and the way he's behaving.

Instead and 90
Instead, the Rockies dropped even further, finishing 72 – 90 and in last place in the West as the Diamondbacks won the division in just their second year of existence.
Instead of names, we refer to them by numbered sectors .< span style =" font-size: 90 %;">( Final Fantasy VII )</ span ></ ref > Shinra headquarters ( Sector 0 ) was located at the center of the plate, and was the tallest structure in the city, with 70 floors.
Instead he was re-united with Harry Redknapp, who signed him for Southampton for £ 90, 000.
Instead of a more than 90 storey building, the focus shifted to designing a shorter building of approximately 70 storeys, with a slanted roof that would further minimize the shadow concerns.

Instead and %
The results were summarized by historian, playwright, and gay-rights activist Martin Duberman, " Instead of Kinsey's 37 % ( men who had at least one homosexual experience ), Gebhard and Johnson came up with 36. 4 %; the 10 % figure ( men who were " more or less exclusively homosexual for at least three years between the ages of 16 and 55 "), with prison inmates excluded, came to 9. 9 % for white, college-educated males and 12. 7 % for those with less education.
Instead, a student's performance is related in absolute terms: " Jane knows how to write the letters of the alphabet " or " Jane answered 80 % of questions correctly " instead of " Jane answered more questions correctly than Mary.
Instead, the airport will keep increasing the number of passengers from around 26 million passengers in 2008 at a rate of 16 % per year.
Instead the WBS should be fully defined to follow the 100 % Rule, then the project schedule can be designed.
Instead, the company is controlled through its Class B Common Stock, of which Koch owns 100 % of the shares.
Instead, he turned his attention to the provincial Progressive Conservatives, who held no seats in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and who had captured only 13 % of the vote in the 1963 election ( when it had contested only 33 of the province's 63 constituencies ).
Instead of a " pay-as-you-go " structure, the CPP is expected to be 20 % funded by 2014, such funding ratio to constantly increase thereafter towards 30 % by 2075 ( that is, the CPP Reserve Fund will equal 30 % of the " liabilities "-or accrued pension obligations ).
Instead the party lost a net four seats in the lower house, a swing of 0. 21 % and there was a 1. 1 % swing to the ALP in the Senate.
Instead, proteins spend the majority of their folding time – nearly 96 % in some cases – " waiting " in various intermediate conformational states, each a local thermodynamic free energy minimum in the protein's energy landscape.
Instead it is made by neutron irradiation of the isotope < sup > 13 </ sup > C which occurs naturally in carbon at about the 1. 1 % level.
When mixing devices, the I²C specification defines the V < sub > DD </ sub > to be 5. 0 V ± 10 % and the fixed input levels to be 1. 5 and 3. 0 V. Instead of relating the bus input levels to V < sub > DD </ sub >, SMBus defines them to be fixed at 0. 8 and 2. 1 V. This SMBus specification allows for bus implementations with V < sub > DD </ sub > ranging from 3 to 5 V.
Instead, all items in the “ 10 % Tolerance ” are aggregated on the GFE and compared to the aggregated corresponding items on the HUD-1.
Instead of releasing neurotransmitter ( catecholamines-~ 20 % Norepinephrine ( Noradrenaline ) and ~ 80 % Epinephrine ( Adrenaline )) to an adjacent organ or tissue for a specific effect, neurotransmitter is released into systemic circulation for systemic effects on multiple organs.
Instead it allows employees and their dependents to maintain coverage at their own expense by paying the full cost of the premium the employer and the employee previously paid, plus up to a 2 % administrative charge ( 50 % for the latter 11 months under the disability extension ).
Instead of Soul Edge < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s system of different stats, this one is based on power %, defense % and special abilities ( drains energy, pass through defense, etc .).
Instead, it is named after the predominant meat species, but only if it contains at least 75 % meat from that specific species.

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