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Instead and practice
Instead, Anglicans have typically appealed to the Book of Common Prayer and its offshoots as a guide to Anglican theology and practice.
Instead, it presumably refers to the practice of setting law books and citing legal precedents in blackletter type, a tradition that survived long after the switch to roman and italic text for other printed works.
One critic states of psychologists that " Instead of replacing ' metaphysical ' terms such as ' desire ' and ' purpose ', they used it to legitimize them by giving them operational definitions ... the initial, quite radical operationalist ideas eventually came to serve as little more than a ' reassurance fetish ' ( Koch 1992 ) for mainstream methodological practice.
Instead, it seeks to improve medical practice and biomedical science through the holistic integration of cross-cultural or biocultural, behavioral, and epidemiological perspectives on health.
Instead, the address was written and then sent to Congress to be read by a clerk until 1913 when Woodrow Wilson re-established the practice despite some initial controversy.
Instead of quilting, the layers are sometimes tied together at regular intervals with pieces of yarn, a practice known as tying or knotting, and which produces a " comforter ".
Although he expressed concern over Li's totalizing discourse and millennial themes, Craig Burgdoff writes that such concerns are tempered by the fact that Falun Gong practice does not require unquestioning acceptance of all of Li's teachings, and there is no overt emphasis on dogmatically enforcing orthodoxy, Instead, Burgdoff writes that he found " practitioners to be engaged seriously in a highly disciplined spiritual and ethical practice.
Instead, the Khitans stayed at Semirech ' e with their headquarter near Balasaghun, and allowed some of the Karakhanids to rule as vassals in Samarkand and Kashgar, with the Karakhanids acting as their tax-collectors and administrators on Muslim sedentary populations ( the same practice was adopted by the Golden Horde on the Russian Steppes ).
Instead it became an important influence on the development and standardization of WML, which then replaced HDML in practice.
Instead his interests changed again, abandoning legal practice and philosophy in favor of drama, authoring a play called " Franz von Sickingen, a Historical Tragedy.
Instead of the rather passive approach of indirect discrimination ( where someone can take action if they have been disadvantaged by a policy, practice or criterion that a body with duties under the law has adopted ), reasonable adjustment is an active approach that requires employers, service providers etc to take steps to remove barriers from disabled people's participation.
Instead, the usual clinical practice is to offer hydration, nutrition, and comfort measures and to " let nature take its course ".
Instead they are worn during batting practice and the Home Run Derby.
" Instead, a male ( never a female ) in the congregation expresses his desire to preach and learns by practice and example.
Instead, he marries Leora and sets up his medical practice in her rural home town.
Instead, he advised marriage for most of his disciples along with Kriya Yoga practice.
Instead, he opened a law practice in Berlin.
Instead, Liaden's practice contract marriages, where two individuals from different clans are ordered, or allowed, by their Delm's to create a progeny for one of the two clans.
Instead of using a special symbol, French practice is to use an " N " or an " n ", according to context, followed by a superscript small letter " o " ( N < sup > o </ sup > or n < sup > o </ sup >; plural N < sup > os </ sup > or n < sup > os </ sup >).
Instead, it is a continuous struggle played out on critical, theoretical and ideological levels as well as through the multiple constraints placed on practice.
Instead, he resumed the practice of law in Syracuse.
Instead of requiring the use of a traditional textbook, College Prep's math department writes its own practice problems and course materials, and conducts lessons primarily within a lecture and discursive format.
Instead, more shops were set up in the station ( which is the common practice of MTR station refurbishments in the 2000s ), and gates were relocated to handle more passengers at one time.

Instead and focuses
Instead of depicting Dorothy, the novel focuses on Elphaba, the future Wicked Witch of the West.
Instead Paul focuses on contrasting the birth of Jesus with the fall of Adam, and presents Jesus as the " firstborn of all creation ", and a second Adam, in Colossians 1: 15-16.
Instead, it focuses on one form of fetishism at a time and the patients ' individual problems.
Instead the sources focuses on a mutiny by part of the soldiery, which was suppressed by the sympathetic common sense of the distinguished dictator Marcus Valerius Corvus, who was said to have vanquished a Gallic champion in single combat in his youth.
Instead of an incentive to reduce labor cost, throughput accounting focuses attention on the relationships between throughput ( revenue or income ) on one hand and controllable operating expenses and changes in inventory on the other.
Instead of focusing on the individual's appraisal of so-called stressors in relation to his or her own coping skills ( as the transactional model does ), the health realization model focuses on the nature of thought, stating that it is ultimately a person's thought processes that determine the response to potentially stressful external circumstances.
Instead of focusing on the individual and his or her personality, or on how the society or social situation causes human behavior, symbolic interactionism focuses on the activities that take place between actors.
Bart Blasengame gave the film 4 out of 5 stars, stating: " Instead of taking the usual tour documentary approach and dwelling on individual concerts or behind-the-scenes banter between the band, Gee's film focuses on the absurdity of being an important rock band in the current musical landscape-the shallow marketing of the band, the endless stream of redundant interviews, the blinding photo shoots and awkward television appearances.
Instead, competitive dressage focuses on movements such as the piaffe, passage, half-pass, extended trot, pirouette, and tempi changes.
Instead, it focuses upon providing a framework to structure IT-related activities and the interactions of IT technical personnel with business customers and users.
Instead, it focuses more on winning a bout.
Instead it focuses on the character of Buzz Rickson ( McQueen ) and his determination to serve himself and get what he wants – in the process antagonizing everyone.
Instead, the story focuses on the future.
Instead of formal structure, the poem focuses on the flow of sound.
Instead, it focuses on immigration as a “ natural consequence of economic globalization and market penetration across national boundaries ” ( Massey, et al., 1993, p. 432 ).
Instead of describing the abnormalities in structure and form, research focuses nowadays at decoding the molecular interactions that underlie them.
Instead the story focuses on dialogue.
Instead, Baudelaire focuses on dirty, poverty-stricken areas of Paris with social problems rather than the Paris of the upper class.
Instead it focuses upon faces in spaces, intensity within enclosure, as in the late plays of Samuel Beckett.
Instead, he focuses his attention to obtaining the Cooper Prize, a prestigious scholarship that will allow him to attend medical school.
Instead, it focuses on diversity and it looks at how different individuals and groups operate in and adapt to their total environments through a variety of behaviors, technologies, organizations, structures and beliefs.
Instead, Gecko Theatre Company focuses on their personal experiences, relationships, and emotional responses to the world for inspiration.
Instead, it focuses on the visual look of the video especially with its special effects which emulate a Rubik's Cube effect.
Instead, it focuses on the wider story of Christ's teachings, example, and the church movement he founded.

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