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Instead and children
Instead, in August of that year, he married Idelette de Bure, a widow who had two children from her first marriage.
Instead of kissing, Manchu mothers used to show affection for their children by performing fellatio on their male babies, placing its penis in their mouths and stimulating it, since it was not considered a sexual act, while the Manchu regarded public kissing with revulsion, which was considered sexual.
Instead, Arses and all his children are killed by Bagoas.
Instead, Frederick employed Monsieur and Madame de Plessen to act as governors to his children, with instructions to inculcate a positive attitude towards the Czechs / Bohemians and the English, and to bring them up as strict Calvinists.
Instead, the young children responsible were fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.
Instead, she passed her love of music on to her children, often singing to them around the house.
McGee notes that the study of a term must not, and should not, be limited to its use in “ formal discourse .” Instead, the critic is much more likely to gain a better understanding of an ideograph by looking at how it is used and depicted in movies, plays, and songs, as well as how it is presented in educational texts aimed at children.
) In 1976, he published Instead of Education: Ways to Help People Do Things Better, whose conclusion called for a " Children's Underground Railroad " to help children escape compulsory schooling.
Instead of a constructed playground, allowing children to play in a natural environment such as open land or a park is sometimes recommended ; children gain a better sense of balance playing on uneven ground, and learn to interpret the complexity and signals of nature more effectively.
Instead they are expected to do their own laundry and generally look after themselves, although there is a rota for staff members to take care of any Carriage children who become ill, and they are free to consult the Shack houseparent if they feel in need of adult advice or medical assistance.
Instead of willing her valuables to her children, as prescribed by the 1674 agreement, they went to the Princess of Epinoy, a distant relative.
Instead, she devoted herself to her children.
Instead of violence, the soldiers were greeted with hundreds of skipping and singing children offering them food.
Instead, children are expected to attend at least part of the church service.
Instead they suspected Ernest K. Lindley, who also had three children.
Instead I found women and children.
Instead of commemorating the glorious dead, these memorials denounce war with figures of grieving widows and children rather than soldiers.
Instead of being fed food such as rice or porridge, children are fed therapeutic foods for up to one month, or until their bodies are able to process traditional foods.
Instead, he kept numerous women as his lovers, several at a time, most living away from the court, who would periodically present him with illegitimate children, of whom he had a great deal.
Instead, he persuades the children to take one wish per day, to share amongst the lot of them, with the caveat that the wishes will turn to stone at sundown.
Instead of responsibly watching the children, Rat began to drink from a beer hat and do tequila shots.
Instead of the general query, “ Did Nora return to her children ?”, Ibsen put the stress on the problem of what would have happened to Nora's children had she and Helmer persisted in living the life they were accustomed toa life of lies and subterfuges.

Instead and are
Instead of attempting the impossible, why not a publicity campaign to prove that all the tiger's stripes are not black??
Instead of motels, for the boatman there are marinas.
Instead of relatively small sales to many accounts, there are now larger sales to or through fewer accounts.
Instead, all of the total costs are treated as variable costs, although these costs are divided into costs that are deemed to be functions of different variables.
Instead, the audience can sit back at ease and, from the perspective of an enlightened time which no longer believes in such things, enjoy the dead seriousness with which the characters in the play take the witches and devils which are under discussion.
Instead, lower bidding characters are ranked in ascending order according to how much they have bid, the characters becoming progressively weaker in that attribute as they pay less for it.
Instead of a microphone and speaker, Le Guin's ansibles are attached to a keyboard and small display to perform text messaging.
Instead there are Syeboi Angeilloi, Latinized to Suevi Angili, located south of the middle Elbe.
Instead there are many separate heart ailments, or combinations of them.
Instead of transferring the weight of the bridge and traffic loads into thrust forces into the abutments, the ends of the arches are restrained by tension in the bottom chord of the structure.
Instead, it is put in parallel with chapter 4 ( C ) where divine judgements are pronounced against the Babylonian kings.
Instead, it posits the arising of events under certain conditions which are inextricable, such that the processes in question at no time, are considered to be entities.
Instead, vectors are used to deliver the desired gene to cells in the patient's body.
Instead, the locations at which the bricks are loaded, fired, and unloaded gradually rotate through the trench.
Instead, users looking for information about subnational areas are referred to " a comprehensive encyclopedia " for their reference needs.
Instead, these substances are discussed in terms of formula units or unit cells as the smallest repeating structure within the substance.
Instead many Canadian companies have focused their exploration and expansion activities overseas where prices are lower and governments more accommodating.
Instead, particles and auxiliary words are used to indicate grammatical relationships.
Instead of focusing merely on the individual objects ( e. g., groups ) possessing a given structure, category theory emphasizes the morphisms – the structure-preserving mappings – between these objects ; by studying these morphisms, we are able to learn more about the structure of the objects.
Instead, vegetables such as beans or fruits are used.
Instead they are hindgut fermenters that digest cellulose via microbial fermentation.
Instead, according to Buddhist thought, a wise person adopts a middle way without holding conventions to be ultimate or ignoring them when they are fruitful.

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