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Instead and analyses
Instead, this application used the history of use alongside detailed analyses of the nutritional and phytochemical components in Baobab to demonstrate safety.

Instead and its
Instead of radiators you'll have cooling-heating units, each with its own thermostat.
Instead, he constantly became lost in parts and components of them, confused some of their details with those of neighboring objects, and so on, unless he allowed time to `` trace '' the object in question through minute movements of the head and hands and in this way to discover its contours.
Instead, Anglicans have typically appealed to the Book of Common Prayer and its offshoots as a guide to Anglican theology and practice.
* Instead of teeth, the extinct predatory fish Dunkleosteus had sharp edges of hard exposed bone along its jaws.
Instead, Fitzroy was placed into administration, and its administrator accepted an offer to merge with Brisbane.
Instead, the Government of India exercised its right of parens patriae to appropriate all the claims of the victims and proceeded to litigate on their behalf, first in the New York courts and later, in the Indian courts.
Instead of a mere reproduction of the Cyclopaedia, he persuaded Le Breton to enter upon a new work, which would collect all the active writers, ideas, and knowledge that were moving the cultivated class of the Republic of Letters to its depths but were comparatively ineffectual due to their dispersion.
Instead, its existence and properties are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter, radiation, and the large scale structure of the universe.
Instead of enabling the guest operating system to dialog with hardware, virtual device drivers take the opposite role and emulate a piece of hardware, so that the guest operating system and its drivers running inside a virtual machine can have the illusion of accessing real hardware.
Instead of choosing the traditional natural view as background for an outdoor scene, Manet opts for the iron grating which " boldly stretches across the canvas " The only evidence of the train is its white cloud of steam.
Instead, Winful argues that the group delay in tunneling is not actually the transit time for the pulse ( whose spatial length must be greater than the barrier length in order for its spectrum to be narrow enough to allow tunneling ), but is instead the lifetime of the energy stored in a standing wave which forms inside the barrier.
Instead, the clan's influence stemmed from its matrimonial alliances with the imperial family.
Instead, it denotes the I's original encounter with its own finitude.
Instead, poetry and painting each has its character ( the former is extended in time ; the latter is extended in space ).
Instead it now sought to move beyond its old working class base to appeal the full spectrum of potential voters, including the middle class and professionals.
Instead, women's coats of arms were shown on a lozenge – a rhombus standing on one of its acute corners, an oval or a cartouche.
Instead, the relatively sparse density of Afro-hair, combined with its springy coils actually results in an airy, almost sponge-like effect.
Instead of prompting a backlash against the movement from which the attackers originated, however, Saudi Arabia, already very conservative, responded by shoring up its fundamentalist credentials with even more Islamic restrictions.
Instead writing in the United States quickly returned to its realist orthodoxy and the term irrealism fell into disuse.
Instead, the IFV, as its name implies, is supposed to carry riflemen and their weapons into the battlefield where they dismount and fight outside the vehicle with the support of the IFV's main armament.
Instead, a device signals its request for service by sending a short message over some communications medium, typically a computer bus.
Instead, he chooses to train her in the use of her telekinesis while allowing her telepathy to grow at its natural rate before reintroducing it.
Instead, the effects of the opium, as described, are intended to suggest that he was not used to its effects.
Instead, they challenged it in court, appealed to Congress for its repeal, and proposed several constitutional amendments.

Instead and conscious
Instead of conscious planning, the Soviet economy was based on a process whereby the plan was modified by localized agents and the original plans went largely unfulfilled.
Instead, it was the previous session of 1604 that shaped the attitudes of both sides for the rest of the reign, though the initial difficulties owed more to mutual incomprehension than conscious enmity.
Instead, we must look at the differing ways in which the words ' truth ' and ' conscious ' actually function in ordinary language.

Instead and complex
Instead, logic and mathematics are the application of internally consistent methods to realize more complex mental constructs.
Instead, it is first down converted to the lower frequency of 630 kHz, and the complex nature of the PAL sub carrier means that the down conversion must be done via heterodyning to ensure that information is not lost.
Instead, they can only be rejected based on interpretations of empirical observations guided by other complex metaphors.
Instead he proposed regular, " anticipatory-type " sessions devoted, as Johnson explained at the first of the new series, to " discussion of complex problems requiring careful exploration before they were to come to him for decision.
Instead of a simple one-gene locus controlling the onset of myopia, a complex interaction of many mutated proteins acting in concert may be the cause.
Instead, non-monetary societies operated largely along the principles of gift economics, and in more complex economies, on debt.
Instead of tailoring themselves to the classic book format ( 100 + pages, mostly text, complex rules around copyrights and royalties ), these new platforms strive to make POD more mass-market by creating tools / APIs within which a range of different text and picture entry systems can be transferred into a POD paradigm, and delivered back to the consumer as finished books.
Instead, the stop codon induces the binding of a release factor protein that prompts the disassembly of the entire ribosome / mRNA complex.
Instead of complex planetary systems, stars have single planets separated by interstellar distances and each planet has one space station in its orbit.
Instead, having built up a membership of roughly 25, 000 workers by gathering in federal unions and some locals from rival unions in the industry, the union decided to go after GM, the largest car maker of them all, by shutting down its nerve center, the production complex in Flint, Michigan.
* Instead of working with an elliptic operator between two vector bundles, it is sometimes more convenient to work with an elliptic complex
Instead of focusing on purely physical etiologies, occupational therapists argued that a complex combination of social, economic, and biological reasons cause dysfunction.
Instead of working as a complex, the methyltransferase and endonuclease are encoded as two separate proteins and act independently ( there is no specificity protein ).
Instead they balked under pressure from the administration, concluding the problem is so complex and controversial that it cannot be resolved.
Instead she was interred in the Dingdongling () tomb complex ( literally: the " Tombs east of the Dingling tomb "), along with Empress Dowager Cixi.
Instead, an HVC develops just above the basal ganglia, and this appears to be the area of the bird brain most concerned with learning complex tasks.
Instead, he sent Colonel James Bowie with 30 men to remove the artillery from the Alamo and destroy the complex.
Instead of complex melodies familiar in prior Goa trance releases the Radio album featured a more industrial, darker, feel where the melody would become apparent only after several listens.
But, he denied to do this saying, “... no, we need a master to do this .” Instead, Islam offered Alvar Aalto and Le Corbusier to design the building complex.
Instead, looking to break the Washington stereotype of him as a Chicago machine hack, he surprised many by accepting the more complex challenge of becoming Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means.
Instead school programmes were subdivided into " complex themes ", such as " the life and labour of the family in village and town " for the first year or " scientific organization of labour " for the 7th year of education.
Instead, he receives instructions and parts to build a complex communication device called an interocitor.
Instead they tried to describe culture as a whole as a complex formation of discourses which correspond to particular interests, and which can be dominated by specific groups, but which also always are dialectically related to their producers and consumers.
Instead of complex, high-cost implementation, it enables strong low-cost, reliable integration solutions with minimal requirements to resources and skills.

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