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Instead and devoted
Instead he resigned his right of primogeniture and from Pope Innocent XI ( 1676 – 89 ) he purchased, according to the custom of the time, for 30, 000 scudi, a position of prelatial rank and devoted his wealth and leisure to the enlargement of the library bequeathed to him by his uncle.
Instead he devoted more than a month to the preparation of a complete history of the electoral counts over the previous century to show it was the unbroken usage of Congress, not of the President of the Senate, to count the electoral votes.
Instead he proposed regular, " anticipatory-type " sessions devoted, as Johnson explained at the first of the new series, to " discussion of complex problems requiring careful exploration before they were to come to him for decision.
Instead, she devoted herself to her children.
Instead of finally reaching a happy environment and living situation in the end of the novel, this marriage still portrays anti-feminist qualities by leaving Agnes as completely devoted to her husband, without having a life of her own.
Instead, she devoted her time to two projects: preserving Tanguy ’ s reputation through retrospective shows and a complete catalogue of his work, and writing poetry, mostly in the slangy French she had learned in her youth and spoken with Tanguy.
Instead, she devoted her time to fitness issues and set up a small chain of fitness centers.
Instead fellow Big Brother contestant Jade Goody became the channel's newest public face, with three different shows devoted to her life, Jade's Salon, Just Jade and Jade's PA, but in January 2007, she was dropped due to the racist row on Celebrity Big Brother.
Instead of using the spoof as only a part of the episode, which could have contained a B-story, the entire episode was devoted to this parody.
Instead she devoted herself to raising a family and organizing housewives.
Instead of following his parents wishes and looking for a job, it is said that Ramprasad devoted most of his time to sadhana.
Instead, he devoted himself to art ; as early as the age of eight he was composing poetry on lotus blossoms.

Instead and poetry
Instead, poetry and painting each has its character ( the former is extended in time ; the latter is extended in space ).
Instead it might sometimes seem so, because mere cleverness can sometimes recite words which might make them sound wise, like an actor or a drunk person reciting poetry.
Instead, the new wave of poetry, from the war poets, was written from the point of view of the disenchanted trench soldier.
Instead, Callimachus urged poets to " drive their wagons on untrodden fields ," rather than following in the well worn tracks of Homer, idealizing a form of poetry that was brief, yet carefully formed and worded, a style at which he excelled.
Instead, he left for the Woman's College of the University of North Carolina where, as an associate professor of English, he taught modern poetry and " imaginative writing.
" Instead, he says, epic poetry and other long poems are actually a series of short poems strung together.
Instead, by tradition it hosts an annual " People's Poetry Gathering ", curated by the City University of New York and city poetry groups, in which ordinary New Yorkers offer their own lines to an epic poem for the city.
Instead of drawing their lyrics from old Flemish songbooks, they have turned to poetry from William Butler Yeats, Paul Verlaine and Pablo Neruda.
Instead, he lamented his own isolation and the persecution of his people in poetry collections such as Les Oiseaux du sang ( 1954 ; " The Birds of Blood "), Les Manèges de la mer ( 1964 ; " Taming the Sea "), and Mascaret ou le livre de la mer et de la mort ( 1966 ; " Mascaret or The Book of the Sea and of Death ").

Instead and editing
Instead of indulging in deprecatory humorous statements about the alleged low standards of incoming students, the university runs an academic support center where the students are provided with various services such as proofreading and editing of their term papers.

Instead and radical
Instead, radical psychologists examined the role of society in causing and treating problems and looked towards social change as an alternative to therapy to treat mental illness and as a means of preventing psychopathology.
One critic states of psychologists that " Instead of replacing ' metaphysical ' terms such as ' desire ' and ' purpose ', they used it to legitimize them by giving them operational definitions ... the initial, quite radical operationalist ideas eventually came to serve as little more than a ' reassurance fetish ' ( Koch 1992 ) for mainstream methodological practice.
Instead, about 90 % of Chinese characters are compounds of a determinative ( called a ' radical '), which may not exist independently, and a phonetic complement indicates the approximant pronunciation of the morpheme.
" Instead, these artists found themselves " preferring streets, homes, and railway stations ...." Maciunas recognized a radical political potential in all this forthrightly anti-institutional production, which was an important source for his own deep commitment to it.
Instead, Hooper decided on a career in law, studying under James Otis, a popular attorney in Boston who was regarded as a radical.
Instead of receiving a competent leader, those commands would now be saddled with the difficult job of convincing a disgraced commander to take the lead in advocating radical improvements in existing Army training programs — programs which, like Fredendall himself, had contributed to the embarrassing U. S. Army reverses in North Africa.
Instead the halides are displaced by strong nucleophiles via reactions involving radical anions.
Instead he founded an independent liberal semi-monthly magazine Osvobozhdenie ( Liberation ) with the help of liberal intelligentsia and the radical part of Zemstvo.
Instead of feminism, the Marxists supported the more radical political program of liberating women through socialist revolution, with a special emphasis on work among women and in materially changing their conditions after the revolution.
Instead, the " Final Solution " was caused primarily by the German bureaucracy who as the result of bureaucratic turf wars, started to compete with one another for the favor of a distant and lazy leader by engaging in ever more radical anti-semitic measures between 1933 and 1941.
Instead, Dave is focused against Bob Klaws, a radical environmentalist who seeks to destroy Christmas because of its wastefulness.
Instead, the radical activists demanded that the signatures of six of them were to be put on the document.

Instead and World
Instead of the locked trench warfare of World War I, during World War II, a dynamic network of battles developed where small groups encountered other platoons.
Instead of the loans given to allies in World War I, the United States provided Lend-Lease grants of $ 50, 000, 000, 000.
The competitive Rose was sour after the game, blasting Garber and the Braves for treating the situation " like it was the ninth inning of the 7th game of the World Series " Instead of being insulted, Garber took the comment as a compliment: " I said to myself, ' Well, thanks Pete.
Instead he became involved in the Australian branch of an international revolutionary socialist group called the Industrial Workers of the World that advocated a specifically Marxist worldview.
Instead, he used his grandfather's legacy and a small borrowed sum to spend the next two years studying the educational systems of the Old World in Europe.
Instead of merely narrating their political events, he examined their economics, their constitutions and their financial systems, and thus was able to throw new light on the development of the Old World.
Instead, the generals of the Grand Alliance became heroes of a Europe " civilized even when at war "-an ideal which would last, with some exceptions, to the early days of the First World War.
Instead of the Germans, 3, 609 ( mostly Serb ) colonists settled in the town after World War II.
Instead, at Windsor in 1386, John I of Portugal signed the remarkably long-lasting Portuguese-British Alliance, which continued through the Napoleonic Wars and ensured Portugal's tenuous neutrality in World War II.
Instead they see their movement as an alternative to what they term neo-liberal globalization in which international institutions ( World Trade Organisation, World Bank, International Monetary Fund etc.
Instead, the city saw became the site of the first great street confrontation between the anti-globalization movement and the World Trade Organization on November 30, 1999.
Instead, the city became the site of the first great street confrontation between the anti-globalization movement and the World Trade Organization on November 30, 1999.
Instead, the War Office issued instructions on how to make Molotov cocktails and emergency orders were placed for First World War vintage Ross rifles from Canada and Pattern 14 and M1917 rifles from the United States.
Instead, and during World War I, the French Army chose the easier and less expensive solution of adopting a gas-operated semi-automatic rifle which incorporated some Lebel parts: the Fusil Mle 1917 RSC, once again in 8mm Lebel caliber.
Instead of restoring them, the Soviet authorities demolished the right columbarium after World War II and the left columbarium in 1970s.
Instead, Boudreau went with Gene Bearden, who would be pitching off one day's rest, and the choice was solidified when veteran second baseman Joe Gordon told him he had the team's support .< Ref > The Indians went on to win the game at Fenway Park, 8 – 3, to face the Boston Braves in the World Series.
" Instead of writing stories in the modern era, however, Roy Thomas decided to place the tales during World War Two.
Instead, NBC only handled the All-Star Game and the American League Championship Series in even numbered years and the World Series and National League Championship Series in odd numbered years, in addition to three Division Series games in each of these five years.
Instead, the World Team opted to play actively, exchanging the kingside pawns for Kasparov's queenside pawns.
Instead the World Team opted for counterplay, as usual, this time by a vote of 72 %.
Instead of trying the complexities of the 38. Rd1 line, Kasparov said at his press conference that he had no idea how the game would turn out, and began to force the World Team into an ending in which each side got a new queen, and the outcome was still very unclear.
Instead, he would attend Auburn University, where he would play in the 1994 College World Series.
Instead, the U. S. Army and the British Army hoped to make it all the way to Berlin before the Soviet Army did, and hence put an end to World War II in Europe, before moving on to the Pacific to finish off the Japanese Empire.

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