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Instead and records
Instead of records being stored in some sort of linked list of free-form records as in Codasyl, Codd's idea was to use a " table " of fixed-length records.
Instead of using light sensors, a positional gun is essentially an analog joystick mounted in a fixed location that records the position of the gun to determine where the player is aiming on the screen.
Instead of trying to be courted by the major labels, hardcore bands started their own independent record labels and distributed their records themselves.
Country influences can be heard on rock records through the 1960s, including tracks on the Beatles for Sale album ( 1964 ) ( including " I'll Cry Instead ", " Baby's in Black " and " I Don't Want to Spoil the Party "), on the Rolling Stones " High and Dry " ( 1966 ), as well as Buffalo Springfield's " Go and Say Goodbye " ( 1966 ) and " Kind Woman " ( 1968 ).
Instead, the band opted to release their following records through Merge.
Instead, the organism records the times of onset and offset of CSs and USs and uses these to calculate the probability that the US will follow the CS.
Instead, scholars have documented by a variety of historic records that the earliest Melungeon ancestors migrated from Virginia, as did their Anglo-American neighbors.
Instead, historical records indicate that 16 of the important garden sceneries survived the destruction in 1860.
Instead, records indicate that attire was varied and included leather doublets, woollen cloaks, and clothes made from hemp, cotton, linen and different types of silk.
Instead, the system records whether each file is on the desktop or not.
Instead of signing to a record label, the band started their own, Chemikal Underground, on which they released their own records and also some from other local bands, among them Mogwai and Arab Strap.
Instead, Oregon ran away with a 65 – 38 blowout, setting Civil War records for the most points scored by one team and the most total points scored.
Instead, 1840 and earlier census records only listed the name of the head of household and counted by " hash-mark " the age-group and sex of other persons living with that head of household.
Instead we would rent or license records from artists that we liked.
Instead, Graham Bell's system, developed at his Volta Laboratory in Washington, D. C., involved the use of a spectrograph, a device that makes " visible records of the frequency, intensity, and time analysis of short samples of speech ".
Instead, he renounces Al Pratt, blowing up his home and the records of his adventures and claiming to have always been abandoned by him, while Gog will be always at his side.
Instead, her records showed that she was met at the airport by a woman from the Overseas Workers Welfare Association.
Instead of investing in different stocks of mutual funds and keeping records of all of them, it is much easier to invest and track only one fund which in turn invests in other mutual funds.
Instead, historians rely on records written several centuries after the facts, and even those records may be based on oral tradition.
Instead, Letts included many dub and reggae records in his sets, and is credited with introducing those sounds to the London punk scene, which was to influence The Clash and other bands.

Instead and sounds
Instead of notating musical ideas on paper with the symbols of solfege and entrusting their realization to well-known instruments, the question was to collect concrete sounds, wherever they came from, and to abstract the musical values they were potentially containing " ( Reydellet 1996, 10 ).
Instead producers could manipulate sounds to an unprecedented degree and producers like Spector and Martin were soon creating recordings that were, in practical terms, almost impossible to realise in live performance.
Instead of just humming ( hmmmmm ), different sounds can be made by singing different syllables such as doo, who, rrrrr or brrrr into the kazoo.
Instead, he tends to use turntables as a sampler to integrate subtle sounds and textures into the music, remisicent of electronic music, ambient, or even musique concrète from the 1940s and ' 50s.
Instead, they represent certain ways in which it is possible to produce the sounds that make up the word.
Instead of crying out and hiding, I rushed to the piano and tried to reproduce the sounds.
Instead of dancing to the sounds of flutes and drums, the Okinawan shisa dance is often performed to folk songs played with the sanshin.
Instead, the visitor washes his / her hands, and suddenly hears the pleasant sounds coming from underground.
Instead, punk pop, computer-generated sounds, country music, and 1960s style rock ' n ' roll had their share on Modern ARTillery, among other styles.
" Instead, Gilroy states that the London hip hop culture allows for a healthy competition between African-American and Caribbean sounds to gain exposure. As recently as 2009 Joe Rankin ' Rattigan described the song Street Tuff as " the birth of UK grime ", a view supported by Dizzee Rascal also.
Instead of a simple wide-range rumble that could be felt and heard, Mod-III used more narrow band extended low frequency effects in the 16 – 25 Hz range, in addition to the higher frequency program sounds and surround-sound effect.
Instead, the drifting noises of heated arguments and idle banter complement other sounds and the physical movements of the characters, intensifying comedic effect.
Instead, the pop sounds of singers like Hank Williams and Patsy Cline became popular.
Instead of hearing machinery, the ship sounds similar to rain on passive sonar.
Instead of the hundreds of sounds and complex oscillator controls available on a high-end, professional synthesizer, they often have only a few sounds, typically acoustic piano, electric piano, and Hammond organ.
Instead of using tines or strings, stage pianos reproduce sound electronically by the use of sampled or digitally modelled sounds.
Instead, MIDI information is sent to an electronic module capable of reproducing an array of digital sounds or samples that resemble traditional analog musical instruments.

Instead and uses
Instead of " flow " Plato uses chōrei, to change chōros.
Instead, he uses these free limbs to either grab one of the ring ropes ( the bottom one is the most common, as it is nearest the wrestlers ) or drape his foot across, or underneath one.
Instead, the island uses the United Kingdom issue of the pound sterling.
Instead of also using E < sub > a </ sub >, however, the Eyring equation uses the concept of Gibbs free energy and the symbol * to denote the energy of the transition state.
Instead of a weighted lure, a fly rod uses the weight of the fly line for casting, and lightweight rods are capable of casting the very smallest and lightest fly.
Instead, the opossum uses its tail as a brace and a fifth limb when climbing.
* Instead of a breakstrain after the trio, a regimental march has a completely new strain ( D ), which still uses the modulated key.
* Instead of the buttons, knobs, dials, and switches in the 1960s version, the 1980s version uses flat buttons and brightly lit consoles.
Instead of pushing him that way, she uses her connections to get his script produced-with brother Brent as the star.
Instead they chose to study the amounts and uses of existing water withdrawals and to develop a reporting system to gather this information.
Instead SCI uses a distributed directory-based cache coherence protocol with a linked list of nodes containing processors that share a particular cache line.
Instead of having two operating environments, Locoscript for word processing and CP / M for other uses, it had its own GUI operating system, known as " Roseanne ".
Instead DV uses two methods:
Instead DV uses two methods:
" Instead of the grand music and themes of opera, the work uses familiar tunes and characters that were ordinary people.
Instead, the film uses themes to present new steps and evoke emotion through pure cinema.
Instead, the clock uses binary digital logic, implemented mechanically in a sequence of stacked binary adders ( or as their inventor, Hillis, calls them, serial bit-adders ).
Instead of explicitly representing every atom of the system, one uses " pseudo-atoms " to represent groups of atoms.
Instead, it uses an external compiler such as gcc to produce executable code.
Instead, Brisco uses the Orb to travel through time to save Bowler's life.
Instead, it uses a crossplane crankshaft that prevents the pistons from simultaneously reaching top dead centre.
Instead of the single turn of the regular bowline, the double bowline uses a round turn.
Northeastern does not have any system of grade point averages or class rank, Instead, the school uses a system of narrative evaluations to measure student performance.

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