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Instead and wrote
Instead, Riefenstahl met Luis Trenker who had starred in Fanck's films, who wrote to the director about her.
Instead, they wrote Latin versions of tragic themes that the Greeks had already handled.
Instead of just studying Halakha, Louis Ginzberg wrote responsa, formal responses to questions of Jewish law.
Instead of Pippi Longstocking, Miyazaki conceived, wrote, designed and animated two Panda!
Instead, he wrote an orchestral piece based on Thomas Hardy's Wessex, a work that became Egdon Heath and which was first performed a month after Hardy ’ s death, in his memory.
Instead, they accepted them but wrote " Rex " ( Latin for " king ") beside their names.
Instead, he spent two years stationed in South Korea, during which time he wrote to KU about taking his final class.
Matthiessen, who wrote: " Instead of being crushed by the collapse of his hopes the theatre ... he felt a resurgence of new energy.
Instead of applying " strict scrutiny " to Amendment 2 ( as Colorado Supreme Court had required ) Kennedy wrote that it did not even meet the much lower requirement of having a rational relationship to a legitimate government purpose:
Instead, he became interested in natural science and chemistry, as well as the occult, and wrote short pieces on entomological subjects.
I liked ending it with that sort of ambiguous ending .” Instead, he wrote several prequels:
Instead, Fields wrote a book entitled Fields for President, consisting of humorous essays in the form of a campaign speech.
It broke away from coding the game directly in a programming language such as FORTRAN or C. Instead, Platt developed A-code – a language for adventure programming – and wrote his extended version in that language.
Instead Love was cast in the relatively minor role of Gretchen ( a part that Cox wrote specifically for her benefit ), one of Sid and Nancy's New York junkie friends.
Instead, each of the nine justices wrote separately, with none of the five justices constituting the majority joining in the opinion of any other.
Instead, he wrote again to the State Secretariat, asking that funds be made available to drain the swamps and to rid Kuala Nerang of the main breeding place of the carriers of malaria.
Instead it wrote a letter stating, among other things, that " we ... are somewhat puzzled as to how you think the statements in any way reflect on you ," and " you might, if you desire, let us know in what respect you claim that the statements in the advertisement reflect on you ".
Instead, he wrote his Appeal:
Instead, in 1995, Bill Landis, who had been an associate of Anger's in the early 1980s, wrote an unofficial biography of him, which Anger himself condemned, describing Landis as " an avowed enemy ".
Instead, without telling anyone of what Catesby planned, he wrote to his superiors in Rome and urged them to warn English Catholics against the use of force.
Instead, Woolf wrote the section from the perspective of a displaced narrator, unrelated to any people, intending that events be seen related to time.
Instead, he wrote to Davies asking if he could provide something else.
Instead of waiting to be called up, Draft Resisters wrote letters to the Minister for National Service detailing their intention not to comply with conscription.
Instead, Frederick Lindemann wrote an infamous report on dehousing, suggesting that the bomber force be directed against German urban areas, destroying as many houses as possible and thus rendering the German workforce unable to work effectively.

Instead and radio
Instead he joined the Meteorological Office, who were interested in his ideas on the use of radio for the detection of thunderstorms.
Instead, Jim, Selena and Hannah are somehow able to restrain the infected Frank, hoping they will find a cure for the virus nearby as suggested in the radio broadcast.
Instead he concentrated on conducting, and appeared at Covent Garden and in BBC radio broadcasts, and accompanied the ballet in European and American tours.
Instead, in most instances in print, television, and radio, the race was referred to as the " 2009 Indianapolis 500.
Instead, navigation was carried out in relation to objects on the ground-whether they be visual indications or radio beacons.
Instead Moffitt opts for a different tactic, that of having an alien race ( The Nar ) assemble humans from a stream of genetic information transmitted by radio from the Milky Way Galaxy.
Instead, 10BROAD36 modulated its data onto a higher carrier frequency signal, much as an audio signal would modulate a carrier wave to be transmitted in a radio station.
Instead he turned to a field that was being largely ignored, that of medium frequency ( hectometre ) radio signals in the 0. 5 — 3 MHz range, around the AM broadcast bands.
Instead, it suggests that Josef Mengele was recruited by the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to produce " grotesque, child-size aviators " to be remotely piloted and landed in America to cause hysteria in the likeness of Orson Welles ' 1938 radio drama War of the Worlds, but that the aircraft crashed and the incident was hushed up by the Americans.
Instead, they dive-bomb the shuttle's engines and hull, destroying the rockets as well as the cameras and radio antenna.
Instead, he had been planning with Father Charles Coughlin, a Catholic priest and populist talk radio personality, to run someone else on the soon-to-be-formed Share Our Wealth Party ticket.
Instead, Pokryshkin spent a lot of time in the radio bunker, directing his regiment's fights over the radio.
Instead, the service now consists of regional documentary-based programmes about and aimed at Africa and South Asia and thematic programmes such as Earth Beat on environmental issues, The State We're In, a coproduction with American public radio station WAMU-FM, is a programme about " human rights, human wrongs and how we treat each other " told from a first person perspective, and literary and music programmes.
Instead, he worked a series of briefly held jobs, beginning with advertising and settling in broadcasting in the 1930s, including a management position in the Hearst radio chain.
Instead they could communicate via radio with each other and their home base.
Instead of political schemes, the agency concentrates on working with celebrities: something that is rare in the radio version.
Instead of fighting for "... truth, justice, and the American Way ", Superman is described in Soviet radio broadcasts "... as the Champion of the common worker who fights a never-ending battle for Stalin, socialism, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact.
Instead, a daily radio programme, The Golden Ring Show, was broadcast
Instead John Taylor joined talkSPORT to cover their exclusive radio commentary as their first choice commentator joining the likes of Brian Moore, David Campese, Michael Owen and talksport reporters covering the event.
Instead he turned to a friend, Sir Alfred Ewing, the Director of Naval Education ( DNE ), who previously had been a professor of engineering with a knowledge of radio communications and who he knew had an interest in ciphers.
Instead, he observed radio silence.
Instead, she is only heard on the radio and briefly seen singing at a concert.
Instead, one has to find an area with very low ground conductivity ( a requirement opposite to usual radio transmitter sites ), bury two huge electrodes in the ground at different sites, and then feed lines to them from a station in the middle, in the form of wires on poles.

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