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Instead and seeks
Instead of simply explaining the subject, the book seeks to show the development of the mathematics.
Instead, it seeks through systematic reflection to determine the essential properties and structures of experience.
Instead, doctrine seeks to provide a common conceptual framework for a military service:
Instead, it seeks to fulfill its mission chiefly by issuing competitive, limited-term grants in response to specific proposals from the research community.
Instead, it seeks to produce results for the Afrikaner in the way in which they approach the governing party.
Instead of correlating the probability of losses with their projected costs, title insurance seeks to eliminate the source of the losses through the use of the recording system and other underwriting practices.
Instead, old institutionalism seeks to articulate reasons for institutional change in terms of social and political volition.
Instead an eye exam seeks to find the prescription that will provide the best corrected visual performance achievable.
Instead of using broad arbitrary percentages to allocate costs, ABC seeks to identify cause and effect relationships to objectively assign costs.
Instead it seeks to identify enrichments with no legitimate explanatory basis.
Instead CBS seeks to present Biblical stories as directly as from scripture as possible with minimal explanation.
( see Objectivity in Journalism ) Instead, the civic journalism movement seeks to treat readers and community members as participants.
Instead, she seeks help from Principal Skinner, who agrees to expose Bart's lies, simply as " a chance to bring down Bart Simpson ".
Instead of being " content with an intermediate position ", the animus seeks to usurp " the self, with which the patient's animus identifies.
Instead, Dave is focused against Bob Klaws, a radical environmentalist who seeks to destroy Christmas because of its wastefulness.
Instead of defending charges against himself, the Drapier is calling up more support for the Irish cause ; he seeks attention so that the greater liberty of Ireland will be respected.
Instead, it seeks cognitive and cultural explanations of social and organizational phenomena by considering the properties of supra-individual units of analysis that cannot be reduced to aggregations or direct consequences of individuals ’ attributes or motives.

Instead and improve
Instead they argued that through education and interbreeding the lesser peoples could improve.
Instead, the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide ( a thiazide diuretic ) or indomethacin can improve nephrogenic diabetes insipidus.
Instead, most warmblood registries accept breeding stock from other similar populations to continuously improve their own horses, and do not consider their own horses to be a discrete " breed ".
Instead of rebuilding a destroyed city, the resources could have been used to improve and enlarge the city or build a second one.
Instead of just constructing “ an enlarged easel painting ,” he realized that the mural “ must conform to the normal transit of a spectator .” Eventually, Siqueiros would develop a mural technique that involved tracing figures onto a wall with an electric projector, photographing early wall sketches to improve perspective, and new paints, spray guns, and other tools to accommodate the surface of modern buildings and the outdoor conditions.
Instead they created a program called the Sustainable Coffee Program ; the first program was launched in Guatemala and in 2006 they started programs in Colombia and Brazil where they are " directly involved with coffee producing communities by providing direct financial assistance for technical training to improve the quantity and quality of coffee produced and assist farmers in getting their coffee to market at the best time and for the best price.
Instead of retaliating against Nasser for turning to the Soviets, Dulles sought to improve relations with him.
Instead Alfred attempted to turn his son into a gentleman farmer, which he considered a wholesome profession that would yield enough profit to lead a comfortable life, and improve the undersized Edward's health.
Instead, experiental learning is designed to improve one's understanding by giving one the freedom to explore and find the learning path that is most suitable for him or her.
Instead, Gray and others have continued to argue that Deep Throat was a compilation of sources combined into one character in order to improve sales of the book and movie.
Instead of affirmative action, he said, the government should do more to assist Fijian landowners to develop their land commercially, and to improve educational and economic opportunities for ordinary people.
Instead they promote the idea of improving levels of internal STP within a firm while encouraging groups of firms to work together to improve the quality of the automation of transaction information between themselves, either bilaterally or as a community of users ( external STP ).
Instead, they improve by researching new spells and skills.
Instead, he advanced on Milan, to improve his lines of communication ( via the Simplon and St Gotthard passes ) and to threaten Melas's lines of communication with Mantua and Vienna, in the belief that this would cause Melas to raise the siege of Genoa.
Instead, a team of investigators and judicial authorities from two or more States, working together with clear legal authority and certainty about the rights, duties and obligations of the participants, would improve the fight against organised crime.
Instead of initially placing a bid for the Milwaukee Road and seeking immediate ICC approval GTW embarked on a strategy to improve the line ’ s revenue and track maintenance.
Instead, the Minister of Works proposed to improve port facilities at Jinja and Port Bell and let private operators run railway car floats with greater capacity than the ferries.
Instead he followed in his father's footsteps and gained employment as an insurance agent, but rapidly grew to dislike the job ; determined to enter the British Army, he attended regular physical training classes and studied hard to improve his academic grades.
Instead, they simply improve blood flow to the affected area.
Instead, the shrewd Earl of Morton worked to improve his holdings and was quite the litigator in his time, successfully defending his interests in court.
Instead, focus is put on developing one's natural movement and fighting abilities through a system of training methods and concepts, working to improve the perception of one's body, its movement, and of force.

Instead and medical
Instead the Annales focused attention on the synthesizing of historical patterns identified from social, economic, and cultural history, statistics, medical reports, family studies, and even psychoanalysis.
Instead, the complete opposite occurs whereby members of the public believe in and highly value the opinion of medical professionals or of scientific discoveries ( Fuller: 2005: 144 ), despite not understanding it.
Instead, after observing a surgical operation that cemented his " slight interest " in medicine, he entered medical school.
Instead, it must take all aspects of the problem — insurance coverage, medical costs, quality of care and information technology — into simultaneous consideration.
Instead they are expected to do their own laundry and generally look after themselves, although there is a rota for staff members to take care of any Carriage children who become ill, and they are free to consult the Shack houseparent if they feel in need of adult advice or medical assistance.
Instead, these universities provide unrestricted access to the first-year curriculum in medicine ; and the best first-year students are allowed to further their medical studies at the same or at another university.
Instead, they deny, delay, minimize, trivialize or ignore legitimate concerns and health considerations of local communities and well respected scientists and medical professionals.
Instead of supplying complete combat divisions, its function was to round out regular formations by supplying units of up to battalion size ( including infantry, light artillery and formation reconnaissance ), and to supply extra support functions such as engineers, medical units and military police.
Instead, he marries Leora and sets up his medical practice in her rural home town.
Instead of returning to Columbia to finish his medical degree, Lederberg chose to accept an offer of an assistant professorship in genetics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.
Instead of interventions, a variety of non-invasive methods are employed during natural childbirth to aid the mother, since they do not to carry the inherent risk of medical procedures.
Instead of serving his entire sentence, he was released in ostensibly for “ medical reasons ” and was sent immediately to the US where he was examined in hospital, and quickly released to live in the United States as an exiled political activist.
Instead, the NMDA receptor pore-blocker ketamine is used as a dissociative anesthetic in human medical procedures.
Instead, communities and medical practitioners tend to develop systemic arrangements that are based on an assessment of local need.
Instead of using a model skeleton ( since they were only available for medical students ), she made her own.
Instead of potions, medical herbs, etc., Sadler uses narcotics such as hashish, coca, opiates, LSD, marijuana and peyote to heal himself or increase other attributes.
Instead, he focuses his attention to obtaining the Cooper Prize, a prestigious scholarship that will allow him to attend medical school.
Instead of developing medical treatment, the Kediri people relied on prayers to Buddha.
Instead he joined the United States Christian Commission ( similar to the modern Red Cross ) and was stationed much of the time at General Ulysses S. Grant's headquarters as coordinator of medical services for injured combatants .< ref name =" mideastoutpost. com ">

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