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Instead and liberals
Instead, the proposed constitution conformed to the British model of parliamentary government, which was seen by the liberals as the most viable alternative to the European absolutism of the Meiji Constitution.
Instead young liberals like Mitchell were appointed, with Mitchell receiving the high profile post of Minister for Justice.

Instead and either
Instead they act either by deactivating catalysts, or by removing reaction intermediates such as free radicals.
Instead, phase separation will occur, leading to coexisting phases, either completely separated or mixed as a suspension.
Instead, he stated that what gods there may be, do not concern themselves with us, and thus would not seek to punish us either in this or any other life.
Instead of pushing each potential future pixel coordinate on the stack, it inspects the neighbour lines ( previous and next ) to find adjacent segments that may be filled in a future pass ; the coordinates ( either the start or the end ) of the line segment are pushed on the stack.
Instead of asking for three words that contain " gry "or had " gry " at either end – the flawed version asks for three words that end in " gry.
Instead of figuring out which ship, if either, is the " same ", and then declaring that it should be returned, the pragmatic solution is to figure out which ship should be returned, and then declare that it is the " same ".
Instead, he allowed his subjects to be either Lutheran or Calvinist according to the dictates of their own consciences.
Instead, interfacing is accomplished using either adhesive plastic ribbon with conductive traces glued to the edges of the LCD panel, or with an elastomeric connector, which is a strip of rubber or silicone with alternating layers of conductive and insulating pathways, pressed between contact pads on the LCD and mating contact pads on a circuit board.
Instead of producing a straight adaptation of either source, Marvel combined the two.
Instead of piling layers and layers of pleadings and averments on top of each other, a pleading that was attacked by demurrer would either be completely superseded by an amended pleading or would proceed immediately " at issue " as to the validly pleaded parts.
Instead, he uses these free limbs to either grab one of the ring ropes ( the bottom one is the most common, as it is nearest the wrestlers ) or drape his foot across, or underneath one.
Instead of following the Fast Ethernet standard for twisted pair cabling by using only 2 pairs of wires, 100VG-AnyLAN used all four pairs in either Category 3 or Category 5 twisted pair cable.
Instead, they hold that moral claims are derived either from an unsupported belief that there are objective moral facts ( error theory, a form of moral nihilism ); the speakers ' sentiments ( emotivism, a form of moral relativism ); or any one of the norms prevalent in society ( ethical subjectivism, another form of moral relativism ).
Instead they fall back to an error condition displaying messages to the operator, and enter an infinite loop waiting for the user to either respond to a prompt to continue, or to reset the device.
Instead, Clarke proposed that the men should all be unmarried, widowed, or divorced and either unemployed or retired, leaving them free to roam around like adolescents in the prime of their lives, unfettered and uninhibited.
Instead, the armor plating is curved and is often criss-crossed with various inset lines which run either parallel or perpendicular to other edges / lines.
Instead, they may convert the signal into the release of a neurotransmitter, or into continuous graded potentials, either of which may stimulate subsequent neuron ( s ) into firing an action potential.
Instead of remand, a court in the Czech Republic may decide to accept either
Instead of simply sending out photons in random directions, they are sent in the direction of a known object that is a desired photon manipulator to either focus or diffuse the light.
Instead they believe that these figures were either fabrications, or were based on not literal solar years ( 365. 2425 days ) but instead lunar months ( 29. 53059 days ).
Instead it should be based on " critical conscience ' – seriously thought out, conceptually mature, personal moral or religious beliefs held to be fundamentally incompatible ( that is, not merely inconsistent on the basis of selfish desires, whim or impulse ), for example, either with all laws requiring conscription for military service, or legal compulsion to fight for or financially support the State in a particular war.
Instead, ex-situ conservation removes the species from its natural ecological contexts, preserving it under semi-isolated conditions whereby natural evolution and adaptation processes are either temporarily halted or altered by introducing the specimen to an unnatural habitat.
Instead the roof is hinged and folds away, either into a recess behind the rear seats or into the boot or trunk of the vehicle.
Instead of wigs, the men grew their hair long and according to the prevailing fashion in a nation ’ s army, hair was either allowed to grow long with simple modeling, as in the French army of the 1740s, or else was elaborately coiffured as in Prussian and British armies.
Instead of the traditional solution of making the " pipe " large enough to accommodate the total demand for peak-hour vehicle travel ( a supply-side solution ), either by widening roadways or increasing " flow pressure " via automated highway systems, Downs advocates greater use of road pricing to reduce congestion ( a demand-side solution, effectively rationing demand ), in turn plowing the revenues generated therefrom into public transportation projects.

Instead and ignored
Instead, Jay signed an agreement that ignored the problem of the Mississippi in exchange for commercial advantages benefiting the Northeast ( the Jay – Gardoqui Treaty ).
Instead he turned to a field that was being largely ignored, that of medium frequency ( hectometre ) radio signals in the 0. 5 3 MHz range, around the AM broadcast bands.
Instead, this epistemological break was a process that had to be endlessly renewed, thus explaining revisionist tentatives to break away from this progress and renew with the old protoscientific ( and " bourgeois ") theory, which ignored the social and historical conditions which made human society what it is.
Instead, the focus should be on monetary policy, which was largely ignored by early Keynesians.
Instead of chasing down the ball, Knoblauch ignored it to argue with umpire Ted Hendry, claiming interference by Fryman.
Instead he ignored the papal bull and took it upon himself to install Magnus without papal acceptance.
Instead, he simply ignored the bait and continued developing.

Instead and crime
Instead, murder is treated as a civil crime and is covered by the law of retaliation, whereby the relatives of the victim decide whether the offender is punished with death by the authorities or made to pay diyah as compensation.
Instead of maintaining suspense, The Washington Timess Gary Arnold noted the Rura Penthe sideplot offered " scenic distraction without contributing significantly to the whodunit crisis [...] The crime itself has a promising ' closed-room ' aspect that never gets elaborated adequately [...] You look forward to a cleverly fabricated solution.
Instead, functional rather than geographical intelligence requirements came to the fore such as counter-proliferation ( via the agency's Production and Targeting, Counter-Proliferation Section ) which had been a sphere of activity since the discovery of Pakistani physics students studying nuclear-weapons related subjects in 1974 ; counter-terrorism ( via two joint sections run in collaboration with the Security Service, one for Irish republicanism and one for international terrorism ); counter-narcotics and serious crime ( originally set up under the Western Hemisphere Controllerate in 1989 ); and a ' global issues ' section looking at matters such as the environment and other public welfare issues.
Instead, an ecclesiastical court could summon and interrogate witnesses of its own initiative, and if the ( possibly secret ) testimony of those witnesses accused a person of a crime, that person could then be summoned and tried.
Instead, he finds a city racked by police corruption and in the grips of organized crime consolidated by Roland Desmond, the gargantuan genius Blockbuster.
Instead of murdering them, however, Patrick Nee arranged for the dispute to be mediated by Howie Winter and Patriarca crime family captain Joseph Russo.
Instead, as Carlo Ginzburg analyzed the Morellian method, the art historian operates in the manner of a detective, " each discovering, from clues unnoticed by others, the author in one case of a crime, in the other of a painting ".
Instead, they are widely represented among investigators, juvenile crime inspectors, clerks, etc.
Instead, Laius ran away with him to Thebes and raped him, a crime for which he, his city, and his family were later punished by the gods.
Instead, a team of investigators and judicial authorities from two or more States, working together with clear legal authority and certainty about the rights, duties and obligations of the participants, would improve the fight against organised crime.
Instead, CompStat is a multilayered dynamic approach to crime reduction, quality of life improvement, and personnel and resource management.
Instead, she allows Zeus to tell her that the murders were wrong and to implicate her in a crime.
Instead, they claimed its purpose was to highlight the fact that young girls of Roma origin can be literally bought like cattle, despite the fact that this is a heavy crime which clearly violates Human Rights Legislation.

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