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Instead and building
Instead of the usual straggling privet hedges and patches of bare dirt in most small-town squares, the building was hemmed in by a semitropical growth of camellias and azaleas and a smooth lawn the improbably bright-green shade of florist's grass.
Instead of deploying their margin advantage as a defence of mutuality, from 1980 building societies, in behaving like profit maximising banks, set mortgage rates with reference to market clearing levels.
Instead of looking into what was to come, he argued, America was " daydreaming of past while the rest of the world was building its future.
Instead the companies, mainly large industrial firms, were traditionally responsible for a broad range of social welfare functions — building and maintaining housing for their workforces, and managing health, recreational, educational, and similar facilities.
Instead of analysing past floods and building protection sufficient to deal with those, the Delta Works commission pioneered a conceptual framework to use as norm for investment in flood defences.
Instead there was a wave of building or adapting Calvinist " temples ", though in the end none of these were to remain in use by the following year, and their layouts, which seem to have echoed early Swiss and Scottish Calvinist designs, are now largely unknown.
Instead, she busies herself by building the first permanent habitation of Mars, Underhill, using programmed automated robots.
Instead, in the center building of the Temple of Heaven, in a structure called the " Imperial Vault of Heaven ", a " spirit tablet " ( 神位, or shénwèi ) inscribed with the name of Shangdi is stored on the throne, Huangtian Shangdi ( 皇天上帝 ).
Instead Bienville Parish participated in the building of fortifications on the nearby Red River.
Instead theft by housebreaking covers theft where the security of the building is overcome.
Instead of setting throughput at a fixed air replacement rate, carbon dioxide sensors are used to control the rate dynamically, based on the emissions of actual building occupants.
Instead, a tower-like wooden construction was erected around the building site, in the midst of which the marble blocks were raised by a system of pulleys, ropes and capstans ; these were powered by a large workforce of men and possibly also draught animals, spread out on the ground.
Instead of the several buildings that housed the Cranbrook School for Boys, the Kingswood School for Girls was contained within one building which included all necessary features.
Instead he wanted a building on the emerging new city hall square, yet in the end he accepted.
Instead, the design of the existent building might belong to Trajan's architect Apollodorus of Damascus.
Instead of building a set of pyramids on a hill, like at Monte Albán, Mitla is a set of constructions built on the valley floor, and it lacks the wide and far vistas of Monte Alban.
Instead, Titan C proposed building the new stage at a larger 160 " diameter, meaning it would be an entirely new rocket.
Instead a new main building was planned, containing both the different subject areas as well as the administration.
Instead, a building may achieve its Brutalist quality through a rough, blocky appearance, and the expression of its structural materials, forms, and ( in some cases ) services on its exterior.
Instead of a flag, a target ( truck, airplane, or building ) can be captured.
Instead of base models, Chrysler was building cars with options like automatic transmissions, A / C, and upgraded wheels and tires.
Instead, the government spent most of the money establishing social infrastructures, founding POSCO, building Gyeongbu Expressway and the Soyang Dam with the technology transfer from Japanese companies.
Instead, a smaller domeless building designed by Sir Arnold Thornley in the Greek classical style and fronted in Portland stone, was erected on the site.
Instead, these groups use words sucom Hall to identify their places of worship, and seldom, if ever, use the word ' church ' to describe any building in use by them for the purpose of such assembly.

Instead and their
Instead, they went on down the hall to their room.
Instead they learn their dissection on the bulbs of plants.
Instead, he constantly became lost in parts and components of them, confused some of their details with those of neighboring objects, and so on, unless he allowed time to `` trace '' the object in question through minute movements of the head and hands and in this way to discover its contours.
Instead, he walked around the temple and mounted still another flight of stairs and stood before the seated Fudo at their head.
Instead of nature as their teacher, Mannerist artists took art.
Instead they urged their urban sympathizers to vote for Labour candidates, as the representatives of the urban working class.
Instead, Blue Angel pilots tense their muscles to prevent blood from rushing from their heads and rendering them unconscious.
Instead, users looking for information about subnational areas are referred to " a comprehensive encyclopedia " for their reference needs.
Instead many Canadian companies have focused their exploration and expansion activities overseas where prices are lower and governments more accommodating.
Instead, the British Parliament and the Government-chiefly in the office of Prime Minister-exercise their powers under ' Royal ( or Crown ) Prerogative ': on behalf of the Monarch and through powers still formally possessed by the Monarch.
Instead, they pursued their route, and Marius followed them.
Instead, the Rockies dropped even further, finishing 72 – 90 and in last place in the West as the Diamondbacks won the division in just their second year of existence.
Instead, the two flopped, much as their predecessors had.
Instead, the Government of India exercised its right of parens patriae to appropriate all the claims of the victims and proceeded to litigate on their behalf, first in the New York courts and later, in the Indian courts.
Instead, they subscribe to a service for a monthly or annual fee with a service provider that hosts the call centre telephony equipment in their own data centre.
Instead, in their research and writing, many postmodern scholars have adopted “ alternatives that encourage reflection about the ‘ politics and poetics ’ of their work.
Instead of a mere reproduction of the Cyclopaedia, he persuaded Le Breton to enter upon a new work, which would collect all the active writers, ideas, and knowledge that were moving the cultivated class of the Republic of Letters to its depths but were comparatively ineffectual due to their dispersion.
Instead, they were seen as the gods ' representatives, effecting their will on earth.
Instead of encouraging people to accept that they made a mistake, it encourages people to deny their actions and blame others.
Instead, their goal was to emulate the moral life of Christ more completely.
Instead, they traveled among the people, taking as their examples the apostles of the primitive Church.
Instead, each of the tied players draw a progress card ( explained below ) of the type of their choosing.

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