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Instead and continuing
" Instead of continuing the momentum of victory, however, cracks in Allied unity would enable Louis XIV to reverse some of the major setbacks suffered at Turin and Ramillies.
Instead the UIM took over the series ' management and renamed it Powerboat GPS ( Grand Prix of the Sea ), continuing the championship.
Instead, Carpenter turned his attention to the minor league affiliates, continuing an effort begun by Cox a year earlier ; prior to Cox ' ownership, the Phillies had paid almost no attention to player development.
Instead of continuing to defend the heights, by the close of battle after dusk he retreated to the south.
Instead of continuing the court battle, the two companies will donate the legal fees to help the earthquake victims.
Instead of continuing to consider compatibility with the IBM PC as important, vendors began to emphasize compatibility with the evolution of Microsoft Windows.
Instead of continuing to use the side-scrolling perspective introduced to the series by Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past reverts to an overhead perspective similar to that of the original.
) Instead of continuing the evacuation, von Schwerin opted to surrender the city to Allied forces ; however, on 13 September, before he could deliver a letter of capitulation he had written, von Schwerin was ordered to launch a counterattack against American forces penetrating southwest of Aachen, which he did, using elements of his panzergrenadier forces.
Instead, Jimmy stutters on the word " continuing ", only managing to repeat the first syllable ( pronounced " cunt ") which Wendy mishears as an insult.
Instead of continuing with five teams, the league suspended the Blueshirts also and dispersed its players to the other clubs and continued with four teams.
Instead of continuing the court battle, the two companies will donate the legal fees to help the earthquake victims.
Instead of continuing to parry against Sherman's forces, Hood now turned west and headed back north into Tennessee, allowing Sherman to turn south unopposed for the March to the Sea.
Instead, as the term suggests, it is assumed that the student already has an education and is simply continuing it.
Instead of continuing the offensive, the Finns cleaned the perimeter which lasted until 13 November.
Instead, other neuroscientists find minds inaugurating causal actions in nature, rather than solely being able of merely continuing previously initiated causal sequences.
Instead of continuing the story from the OVA series, it restarts the story from the beginning of the manga in an attempt to adapt it more accurately.
Instead, the Leader of ARC ( the Ambazonia Restoration Council ), Fon Gorji-Dinka, was arrested and tried for treason for claiming the continuing existence of the sovereignty of the ' Southern Cameroons ' in the Republic of Ambazonia.
Instead of continuing northwest from Highway 427 and through Malton's four-corners at Derry Road and Airport Road towards Brampton, it would curve southwest and provide access to the developing Pearson Airport.
Instead, they begin with Mile 35 ( km 56 ), continuing the milepost numbering of the Glenn Highway where the two highways intersect near Palmer.
Instead, they begin with Mile 37 ( km 59 ), continuing the milepost numbering of the Seward Highway where the two highways intersect near Tern Lake.
Instead of continuing with Artafact, Song entered into a partnership with long-time colleague, mentor, and friend, Rodney Mullen, to establish Almost Skateboards in 2003.
Instead of risking disciplinary action for continuing this action, Kilroy-Silk resigned the party whip, while remaining a full member and asserting his continued challenge.
Instead of continuing to follow the line, Nelson disobeyed orders and wore ship, and made for the Spanish van, which consisted of the 112-gun San Josef, the 80-gun San Nicolas and the 130-gun Santísima Trinidad.
Instead of continuing the obvious progression and making a G Generation game themed about Gundam Wing, Bandai held on to the title.

Instead and enforce
Instead of allowing full location tracking, this system can be used to enforce the curfews which commonly form part of community-based sentences, the conditions of Home Detention Curfew or parole of offenders released from prison.
Instead, his government continues to enforce political conformity using criminal prosecutions, long-and short-term detentions, mob harassment, police warnings, surveillance, house arrests, travel restrictions, and politically-motivated dismissals from employment.
Instead, all policy incentives to promote moderation and to enforce existing liquor laws is enhanced.

Instead and broken
Instead, during the upload process, the files are broken into chunks and stored on a variety of other computers on the network.
Instead of degrading cystathionine via cystathionine-β-lyase, as in the biosynthetic pathway, cystathionine is broken down to cysteine and α-ketobutyrate via ( 6 ) cystathionine-γ-lyase.
Instead of solving a sequence of broken down problems, this approach directly solves the problem as a whole.
Instead of everyone falling the same standard distance, the person's height and weight were used to determine how much slack would be provided in the rope so that the distance dropped would be enough to ensure that the neck was broken, but not so much that the person was decapitated.
Instead, the phosphor had to be broken down into a discrete pattern of colored spots.
Instead, the phosphor had to be broken down into a discrete pattern of colored spots.
Instead, a zone of breccia or cataclasite is formed, with the rock milled and broken into random fragments.
Instead, he focused on the rule of law and he demonstrated that the laws that the defendants had broken, expressed in international treaties and agreements, were those to which pre-war Germany had been a party.
Instead, in a wild broken play, the Bulldogs ' center and placeholder mishandled the snap, but Etter picked up the bobbled ball and ran it for a touchdown to win the game 14 – 7.
Instead, he recounts a story of human brutality, being adrift on a lifeboat with his mother, a sailor with a broken leg, and the ship's cook, who killed the sailor and Pi's mother and cut them up to use as bait and food.
Instead of grouping the two new mounted brigades with the 5th Mounted Yeomanry Brigade to form the Imperial Mounted Division, the Anzac Mounted Division was broken up.
Instead, Legman learned the joke from a young man who grew up in a broken home.
Instead, a fighter had to strike to the head with a palm strike, and submission holds had to be broken when a competitor made it to the ropes.
Instead, it was broken into seven pieces by the Architect's Trustees, the self-named Morrow Days.
Instead, it was broken by sailors in a long boat from the frigate HMS Swallow, letting the fleet sail upriver and relieve the city.
Instead, the vengeful Flint sends Linda to his plantation to be broken in as a field hand.
Instead, the helmet mindwipes Godfrey, leaving him nothing more than an empty shell that is sent to Belle Reve sanitarium, where he would later be broken out of by the Female Furies under the order of Darkseid.
Instead of becoming a ship captain Burt bought a broken surveying compass when he was eighteen.
Instead of the cheerful little village I once anticipated finding — a few half-ruined stone cottages ; some straggling huts built of turf ; two or three stove boats ; some broken ground where gardens had been, and where a few cabbages or potatoes still grew ; some sheep and goats ; a few long-legged pigs ; some horses and cows ; with here and there a miserable-looking human being ,— were scattered over the fore-ground of a view which had dark clouds, ragged-topped hills, and a wild waste of moorland to fill up the distance .</ br >

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