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Instead and hearing
Instead he retired early, after hearing news that his 80-year-old uncle, Thomas Garfield, had been killed in a locomotive accident in Cleveland, Ohio.
Instead, it denotes ( somewhat circularly ) a judge or judicial officer who is capable of hearing and deciding a particular matter.
Instead, on hearing that Empress Elizabeth had suffered a severe relapse in health, Apraksin crossed the Neman River and returned to Russia, intending to support the heir to the throne ( the future Peter III of Russia, who represented the interests of Frederick II of Prussia ) in the event of the Empress's death.
Instead, it reinterpreted the Act so federal district courts hearing cases in diversity jurisdiction had to apply the entire law, both statutory and judge-made, of the states in which they sit.
Instead of confiscating the autodialer and taking Homer into custody, he shoots it then gives Homer a citation and asks him to bring the autodialer with him ( although full of lead ) to his court hearing, otherwise there would be no case and Homer would be let off the hook.

Instead and machinery
Instead of a healthier diet, however, the results too often have been feelings of guilt and a view of food as something which is just the correct fuel for the body's machinery.
Instead, the main union of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México provided the funds needed to obtain permits and service the machinery.
Instead he, like the few other underdogs competing against the German teams, had to defend his nation's pride by dint of heroic skill and daring in inferior machinery.
Instead of disposing of large engine blocks, remanufacturing has resulted in re-use of the parts by coating them with plasma transferred wire arc spraying ( PTWA ) Caterpillar known for manufacturing very large industrial trucks and machinery has started such remanufacturing programs of equipment parts using PTWA, resulting in a greener environment.
Instead, Wills claims: " Minorities can make use of dispersed and staggered governmental machinery to clog, delay, slow down, hamper, and obstruct the majority.
Instead of focusing on which machinery one should buy, he put emphasis on having well-tuned equipment.

Instead and ship
Instead of maneuvering to ram, which was the standard naval tactic at the time, corvus equipped ships would maneuver alongside the enemy vessel, deploy the bridge which would attach to the enemy ship through spikes on the end of the bridge, and send legionaries across as boarding parties.
Instead of figuring out which ship, if either, is the " same ", and then declaring that it should be returned, the pragmatic solution is to figure out which ship should be returned, and then declare that it is the " same ".
Instead, Newton signed on with a merchant ship sailing to the Mediterranean Sea.
Instead, their ship is bombed.
Instead, McLean modified his original concept into loading just the containers, not the chassis, onto the ships, hence the designation container ship or " box " ship.
Instead, she signaled to inform the Japanese ship that there were other Russian vessels nearby.
Instead it continued to believe in the supremacy of the capital ship and the FAA was meant to be suitable for fleet actions only.
Instead of the multiple lives that were a common video-game convention, the Star Raiders ship has only one life, but is completely destroyed only if hit while its energy shields are lowered or destroyed ; otherwise it will sustain varying types of damage, which causes shields, engines, weapons or information displays to be destroyed or damaged.
Instead, they opted to gather every ship they could and make for the island of Lade, off the coast of Miletus, in order to " fight for Miletus at sea ".
Instead the emergency call came via the captain of a ship located out at sea who radioed HM Coastguard and said " It looks as if the whole of the Isle of Man is on fire ".
Instead, it seemed prudent to send an unarmed civilian merchant ship, Star of the West, which might be perceived as less provocative to the Confederates.
Instead, they opted to gather every ship they could, and make for the island of Lade, off the coast of Miletus, in order to " fight for Miletus at sea ".
Instead it was held onboard ship, the SS Patris II, which sailed from Marseille to Athens.
* Thin mirrors: Instead of costly Pyrex mirror blanks with the standard 1: 6 thickness ratios ( 1 cm thick for every 6 cm in diameter ) so they won't flex and sag out of shape under their own weight, Dobson used mirrors made out of surplus glass ship porthole covers usually with 1: 16 thickness ratios.
Instead of accepting evacuation on a hospital ship, Bennett returned to his battalion.
Instead, they board and capture the ship.
Instead of receiving the traditional white hull of Irish Ferries, the ship maintained the blue hull of Color Line.
Instead, Deacon chose to accept passage on the first ship home to Canada and found himself walking up to his parent's home on Christmas Morning 1945.
Instead, in the first episode of the second season, the trio is shanghaied ( kidnapped and forced to join the crew of a ship ) in San Francisco but jump ship in New Orleans and end up back in St. Joseph, Missouri, with McCullough ready to take another train west.
Instead shore workers rigged a temporary fuel line over the ice pack to discharge the ship ’ s cargo.
Instead of dragging the ship towards the planet surface, the gravity pushes it away.
Instead of continuing to follow the line, Nelson disobeyed orders and wore ship, and made for the Spanish van, which consisted of the 112-gun San Josef, the 80-gun San Nicolas and the 130-gun Santísima Trinidad.

Instead and sounds
Instead of notating musical ideas on paper with the symbols of solfege and entrusting their realization to well-known instruments, the question was to collect concrete sounds, wherever they came from, and to abstract the musical values they were potentially containing " ( Reydellet 1996, 10 ).
Instead producers could manipulate sounds to an unprecedented degree and producers like Spector and Martin were soon creating recordings that were, in practical terms, almost impossible to realise in live performance.
Instead of just humming ( hmmmmm ), different sounds can be made by singing different syllables such as doo, who, rrrrr or brrrr into the kazoo.
Instead, he tends to use turntables as a sampler to integrate subtle sounds and textures into the music, remisicent of electronic music, ambient, or even musique concrète from the 1940s and ' 50s.
Instead, he records the sounds of Panja and uses them to trap his mate, Eliza, who then becomes bait in a trap for Panja.
Instead, they represent certain ways in which it is possible to produce the sounds that make up the word.
Instead of crying out and hiding, I rushed to the piano and tried to reproduce the sounds.
Instead of dancing to the sounds of flutes and drums, the Okinawan shisa dance is often performed to folk songs played with the sanshin.
Instead, the visitor washes his / her hands, and suddenly hears the pleasant sounds coming from underground.
Instead, punk pop, computer-generated sounds, country music, and 1960s style rock ' n ' roll had their share on Modern ARTillery, among other styles.
" Instead, Gilroy states that the London hip hop culture allows for a healthy competition between African-American and Caribbean sounds to gain exposure. As recently as 2009 Joe Rankin ' Rattigan described the song Street Tuff as " the birth of UK grime ", a view supported by Dizzee Rascal also.
Instead of a simple wide-range rumble that could be felt and heard, Mod-III used more narrow band extended low frequency effects in the 16 – 25 Hz range, in addition to the higher frequency program sounds and surround-sound effect.
Instead, the drifting noises of heated arguments and idle banter complement other sounds and the physical movements of the characters, intensifying comedic effect.
Instead, the pop sounds of singers like Hank Williams and Patsy Cline became popular.
Instead of the hundreds of sounds and complex oscillator controls available on a high-end, professional synthesizer, they often have only a few sounds, typically acoustic piano, electric piano, and Hammond organ.
Instead of using tines or strings, stage pianos reproduce sound electronically by the use of sampled or digitally modelled sounds.
Instead, MIDI information is sent to an electronic module capable of reproducing an array of digital sounds or samples that resemble traditional analog musical instruments.
Instead, Letts included many dub and reggae records in his sets, and is credited with introducing those sounds to the London punk scene, which was to influence The Clash and other bands.

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