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Instead and limiting
Instead of allowing moves to any of eight neighbours of the principal point, one may use the four neighbours rule, limiting moves to the principal point or any of its four nearest neighbours.
Instead, some of the land is now managed under a Habitat Creation Scheme, which aims to encourage natural vegetation, wild flowers and nesting birds by limiting grazing and reducing the use of chemical fertilisers.
Instead of agricultural technology and scale determining and limiting population as Malthus attempted to argue, Boserup argued the world is full of cases of the direct opposite: that population changes and expands agricultural methods.
Instead of limiting eligibility to HIPC countries, any country with annual per capita income of $ 380 or less qualifies for MDRI debt cancellation.
Instead, Potocki became, for the next decade and half, one of his chief political critics and opponents ; on 1776 he went to Moscow to argue, unsuccessfully, for limiting the power of king and the Russian ambassador, Otto Magnus von Stackelberg.
Instead of condemning cosmetic surgery, she embraces it ; instead of rejecting the masculine, she incorporates it ; and instead of limiting her identity, she defines it as “ nomadic, mutant, shifting, differing .” Orlan has stated: “ my work is a struggle against the innate, the inexorable, the programmed, Nature, DNA ( which is our direct rival as far as artists of representation are concerned ), and God !”
Instead of producing a slew of models for a piece of equipment such as a paper shredder, GBC began limiting them to the ones favored by high-volume customers.

Instead and students
Instead, education officials across the world believe that by setting clear, achievable, higher standards, aligning the curriculum, and assessing outcomes, learning can be increased for all students, and more students can succeed than the 50 percent who are defined to be above or below grade level by norm referenced standards.
Instead, it requires that students demonstrate that they have learned the required skills and content.
Instead, all six selected finalists were students of Charles Lenepveu, a member of the jury and heir apparent of Dubois as director of the Conservatoire.
Instead of following Dearing's suggestions, the grant was replaced by the present loan scheme, introduced for students starting in 1998.
Instead, he gained the ear of professors at Laval University in Quebec City, and Bull and a number of graduate students started work on a tunnel similar to the one he had earlier built at the UofT.
Instead, functional rather than geographical intelligence requirements came to the fore such as counter-proliferation ( via the agency's Production and Targeting, Counter-Proliferation Section ) which had been a sphere of activity since the discovery of Pakistani physics students studying nuclear-weapons related subjects in 1974 ; counter-terrorism ( via two joint sections run in collaboration with the Security Service, one for Irish republicanism and one for international terrorism ); counter-narcotics and serious crime ( originally set up under the Western Hemisphere Controllerate in 1989 ); and a ' global issues ' section looking at matters such as the environment and other public welfare issues.
Instead, its purpose is to assist immigrants and to help students enroll in one of the CUNY schools.
Instead, students should be paired with others who have different perspectives.
Instead he became associated with students from Angola and other Portuguese colonies who were preparing themselves for anti-colonial resistance and had contacts with the clandestine Portuguese Communist Party.
Instead, the students forced him to his knees by beatings and forced him to beg for an apology.
Instead, these universities provide unrestricted access to the first-year curriculum in medicine ; and the best first-year students are allowed to further their medical studies at the same or at another university.
Instead of taking his degree, he continued to live with the students as their hero and leader, and formed them into a sort of army, which he commanded as their provost.
Instead the students were paraded down to Stratton Hall, relieved of their hair and an " M " was conspicuously painted on each forehead with silver nitrate and the captives were later paraded around Golden wearing white jumpers with blue M's.
Instead of conducting separate but identical undergraduate courses for Harvard students and students from Radcliffe College, Conant instituted co-educational classes.
Instead of completing the general education requirements at Western, students take interdisciplinary classes at Fairhaven which aim to cover the same breadth and depth of subjects, but within small, interdisciplinary seminars.
Instead, Richards collected tuition directly from the students as they entered the classroom each week.
Instead, he was doing something unprecedented in the field of literary studies: he was interrogating the interpretive process itself by analyzing the self-reported interpretive work of students.
Instead of having to pay each year while studying, students are to be loaned the funds by the government and repayments will be made out of income once the graduate is earning more than £ 15000 per year.
Instead, it grades first-semester first-year students on a simple Credit / No Credit system.
Instead of dormitories, Kresge housing consisted of apartments, suites ( which allowed students to have small single rooms ), and octets.
Instead, schools were attended by interested students from a much larger region.

Instead and attending
Instead of attending lectures, he spent his student years reading the works of Gauss and Jacobi — the consequence of this being he failed his examinations.
Instead of attending the funeral, the bailli Raymond of Tripoli called an assembly of his supporters at Nablus, the headquarters of the Ibelin family.
Instead of attending Harvard, Taylor became an apprentice patternmaker and machinist, gaining shop-floor experience at Enterprise Hydraulic Works in Philadelphia ( a pump-manufacturing company whose proprietors were friends of the Taylor family ).
Instead of attending to his studies to secure an engineering diploma, Boland took Irish language and history classes at night.
Instead of attending a school or the gymnasium, Vetsera attended an " Institute for Daughters of the Nobility ".
Instead Forster's role became more like that of a modern Governor-General: opening fetes, visiting hospitals, attending sporting events, hosting balls and banquets.
Instead of a vote per attending individual, each entity would have a single vote.
Instead of attending college, Burciaga opted to turn professional after finishing high school, signing a Project-40 contract with the MLS.
Instead, those attending the ward that day are invited to stand and bear testimony of the Savior and His work and influence.
Instead of attending an NCAA Division I college, like most NBA players, Llamas chose NCAA Division II Grand Canyon University where he earned NCAA Division II Player Of The Year honors during his senior season.
Instead, I was proud, attending to the Spartans, whose frugal culture I have always imitated.
Instead of attending the War Academy, however, he was educated at the universities of Bonn and Göttingen.
Instead of attending the opening festivities for the 17th store, Oshin Tanokura decides to take a train trip.
Instead of attending the conference, Locke tried to go on his walkabout, but was denied.

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