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Page "religion" ¶ 148
from Brown Corpus
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Instead and linking
Instead, programmers used data structures to store the query information, constructing a query by linking many of these structures together.
Instead of linking the cherubim's golden wings to the low-power batteries, a 10, 000 volt electric fence generator was connected.
* Instead of linking directly to a section, link to a page that redirects to the section ; when the name of the section is changed, just change the redirect target.

Instead and nine
Instead of ungrouped dormitories or residential colleges, Dartmouth has nine residential communities located throughout campus.
Instead, H-Block / Armagh Candidates contested nine constituencies and elected two TDs.
Instead of plugging in eight or nine single DIP DRAM chips, only one additional memory module was needed to increase the memory of the computer.
Instead the depot was nine miles away and became the origin of the city of Hope, incorporated on April 8, 1875.
Instead, each of the nine justices wrote separately, with none of the five justices constituting the majority joining in the opinion of any other.
Instead, he based his information on the country purely upon a single pamphlet, Moscou sans voiles ( Moscow Unveiled ), which had been written by Joseph Douillet ( 1878 – 1954 ), a former Belgian consul to Rostov-on-Don who had spent nine years in Russia following the 1917 revolution.
Instead, it uses nine buttons, each three-and-a-half-inches in diameter, laid out in two rows.
Instead, the team won nine national cup trophies, for which matter they gained the nickname of cup specialists.
Instead, he attended Oslo Cathedral School from the age of nine.
Instead of the typical four arrow plus corners panel layout as is common in soft dance pads, there are nine usable foot panels ( center, left, right, up, down, and corners ).
Instead of a long drawn out trial, Bill McCoy pleaded guilty and spent nine months in a New Jersey jail.
Instead, potential guardsmen were directed to muster with regional commanders in nine new Military Districts, the organizational course of action initially envisioned under the post-May 10 Military Bill.
Instead of seven in Klondike, there are nine tableau piles to be formed.
Instead, Dungeon chose to re-work it, remixing some of the tracks with bass lines provided by Sayers, dropping a song called " The Promise " and adding nine new recordings including a cover of Blondie's " Call Me ".
Instead, Safeway announced by the end of the year it would close 15 Randall's stores in the Houston area, one in Austin, and nine Tom Thumb stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Instead and numbers
Instead of impulses, usually the sequence of numbers update the analog voltage at uniform sampling intervals.
Instead of the full-size numbers centred on the front of the jersey, the team logos took precedence, with a smaller number over the right collarbone area.
Instead of formulas with one free variable, formulas with k free number variables are used to define the arithmetical hierarchy on sets of k-tuples of natural numbers.
Instead of addressing small numbers of college boys, you will be able to address large audiences of men.
Instead of checking for remainders of integers modulo prime numbers, we are checking for remainders of polynomials when divided by linears.
Instead, papers are distributed in hard copy and speakers call out paragraph numbers to call attention to their most salient points.
Instead of being considered as a subset of the natural numbers, it is also possible to encode 0 < sup >#</ sub > as a subset of formulas of a language, or as a subset of the hereditarily finite sets, or as a real number.
Instead, the Bloc produced large numbers of copies of small booklets that outlined the policies within the large platform.
Instead of the large numbers of guns of rather small bore that had characterized warships in the past, Ericsson opted for only two guns of large caliber ; he wanted to use guns, but had to settle for Dahlgren guns when the larger size were unavailable.
Instead of enumerating reachable states one at a time, the state space can sometimes be traversed much more efficiently by considering large numbers of states at a single step.
Instead of the triple arrangements of stamens and pistil parts, they have indefinite numbers arranged in spirals.
Instead of replacing numbers that have 3 or 5 as a factor, the game can be played by replacing numbers containing the digit 3 or 5 with " bizz " or " buzz ".
Instead, they decided to combine the two technologies, and used MICR-printed account numbers which could be read by a magnetic reader similar to those in a cassette tape recorder.
Instead of numbers, other sensory or cognitive dimensions can be used to match a stimulus and the method then becomes " magnitude production " or " cross-modality matching ".
Instead of reducing numbers through direct mortalities, the study shows that fishing activities have disrupted the reproductive output of the north-eastern pantropical spotted dolphin.
Instead of numerical longitudes and latitudes, a grid with 30 rows and 30 columns-each cell denoted by the numbers 0-9 and the twenty consonants of the Latin alphabet-is laid over the flattened globe.
Instead of being numbered, routes have a combination of letters and numbers.
Instead of defining these two rotational quantum numbers for two independent axes, we associate one quantum number () with the total angular momentum of the molecule and the other quantum number () with the angular momentum of the axis that has different moment of inertia ( i. e., axis for oblate symmetric top and axis for prolate symmetric tops ).
Instead of shields, the numbers will be on a rectangular background outlined in white.
Instead of using random or system generated part numbers at specific locations to count, they selectively choose specific locations and count everything in those locations.
Instead, keyboard letters and numbers are used.

Instead and diagram
Instead, the pilot taxied along the southern taxi route ( taxiway R6 ), crossing the main runway toward the main taxiway which lay beyond it ( see diagram ).
Instead, we must pass the data that was computed by < tt > SUB </ tt > back to the Execute stage ( i. e. to the red circle in the diagram ) of the < tt > AND </ tt > operation before it is normally written-back.
Instead of importing external theoretical models, from other fields Moussavi has focused on those that are specifically architectural, exploring the potentials of the diagram, information technology, landscape, iconography, new construction technologies, blank envelopes and tessellation as tools that could be used to develop alternative theoretical models for the practice of architecture.

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