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Instead and specifying
Instead of isolating the literal flatness by specifying and circumscribing it, the pasted paper or cloth releases and spreads it, and the artist seems to have nothing left but this undepicted flatness with which to finish as well as start his picture.
Instead, ISOC gained the right to add new versions to the NFS protocol, which resulted in IETF specifying NFS version 4 in 2003.
Instead of defining the preferences of those agents, ACE models often jump directly to specifying their strategies.

Instead and for
Instead of giving themselves spontaneously to the orgiastic release that jazz can give them, they undergo psychoanalysis or flirt with mysticism or turn to prostitutes for satisfaction.
Instead it means that the thinking in which decision issues has the power to determine the morality of the decision, as in this instance the pressure for renewed practical or legislative attention to the constitutional problems the decision had uncovered might have done.
Instead she waited for Alfred to get better and take care of her.
Instead of wanting to sock the poor bastard I found myself having a fellowfeeling for him.
Instead of motels, for the boatman there are marinas.
Instead, he whirled and ran to his house for a gun, forcing them to kill him, Cook reported.
Instead of starting from theory and applying theory to a particular case, casuists start with the particular case itself and then ask what morally significant features ( including both theory and practical considerations ) ought to be considered for that particular case.
Instead, the irrigated agriculture project was headed for completion with apparently no prospects for extension beyond 2011.
Instead, lower bidding characters are ranked in ascending order according to how much they have bid, the characters becoming progressively weaker in that attribute as they pay less for it.
Instead they urged their urban sympathizers to vote for Labour candidates, as the representatives of the urban working class.
Instead, providence is a power that emanates from the heavens to the sublunar region, and is responsible for the generation and destruction of earthly things, without any direct involvement in the lives of individuals.
Instead, the council deposed him and tried him for heresy, simony, schism and immorality, finding him guilty on all counts.
Instead of the Acht Orte appointing a bailiff together, Zurich and Bern each appointed the governor for 7 out of 16 years while Glarus appointed him for the remaining 2 years.
Instead of just establishing it as a military prison, he provided for a civil administration, with courts of law.
Instead of a limited number of hardware sprites, the MARIA allows for a much larger number of sprites described in a list of display lists.
Instead, it presumably refers to the practice of setting law books and citing legal precedents in blackletter type, a tradition that survived long after the switch to roman and italic text for other printed works.
Instead, Augustus claimed the title for himself ( for the 7th time ).
Instead of complying with the FBI request, MonkeyBrains published a database website http :// badtrans. monkeybrains. net for the public to determine if a given address has been compromised.
Instead, the forms of service that were to be included in the Book of Common Prayer were drawn from the Missal ( for the Mass ), Breviary for the daily office, Manual ( for the occasional services ; Baptism, Marriage, Burial etc.
Instead of the banning of all vestments save the rochet ( for bishops ) and the surplice for parish clergy, it permitted ' such ornaments ... as were in use ... in the second year of K. Edward VI '.

Instead and
Instead, in their research and writing, many postmodern scholars have adopted “ alternatives that encourage reflection about the politics and poetics of their work.
Instead patches of zooplankton species ( this also applies to phytoplankton ) exist throughout the ocean.
Instead of a normal mother and child you have an androgynous figure holding a 40-year-old baby with hair on his back.
Instead it is claimed that gringo might derive from Caló, the language of the Romani people of Spain, as a variant of ( pere ) gringo peregrine ’, wayfarer ’, and stranger ’.
Instead, landscape is defined – regardless of scale – as the template on which spatial patterns influence ecological processes.
Instead, April 7 was introduced as state holiday of Beauty and Motherhood ’.
Instead, al-Hasan ibn Ammar ( the leader of the Kutama ) immediately seized the office of wasīta " chief minister " from Īsa ibn Nestorius.
Instead, you ought to say, If it is the Lord s will شاء الرب, we will live and do this or that ’” ( James 4: 13-15 NIV ).
Instead of vice-regal or regal assent, a Bill passed by the ACT Legislative Assembly is enacted on notification ’— publication of a notice authorised by the Chief Minister, in the Government Gazette.
Instead, he sought to bring the role of class and nation ’, and persons and personalities, into the forefront of discussion instead of allowing them “ to disappear behind a cloud of economic factors .” For Ryerson, the complexities and contradictions of Canadian history can be best analysed through the lens of class conflict rather than idealistic theses of most bourgeois historians.
The Preamble explains, “ Instead of the conservative motto, A fair day s wage for a fair day s work ,’ we must inscribe on our banner the revolutionary watchword, Abolition of the wage system .’” The IWW embraced syndicalism, and opposed participation in electoral politics: “ by organizing industrially we are forming the structure of the new society within the shell of the old .”
Instead, Kripke insists the conclusion is explicitly stated by § 202, which reads “ Hence it is not possible to obey a rule privately ’: otherwise thinking one was obeying a rule would be the same as obeying it .” Further, Kripke identifies Wittgenstein s interests in the philosophy of mind as being related to his interests in the foundations of mathematics, in that both subjects require considerations concerning rules and rule following.
Instead he auditioned for a character created for the purpose of audition, the Street Kid ’, a normal teenager who had Angel as his guardian.
The production was favorably reviewed by The Athenaeum ; George Henry Lewes, however, registered disapproval of the play's violence and what he termed its shoddy construction: " Instead of holding the mirror up to nature ,’ this drama holds the mirror up to Madame Tussauds.
Instead of announcing the nominees, he simply read, " The winner for this is Amadeus ’.
Instead of having laboratories, CIFOR would be a Center without walls ’, marshalling interdisciplinary research teams in collaboration with partners to tackle forest policy changes in an increasingly complex and globalised world.
Instead of the Arba ah Turim, the main text for the study of posekim in the Ashkenazi yeshivah up to Rema s day, he chose to use the new book, which was free of accumulated layers of glosses and emendations, up-to-date and lucid, and arranged along the same lines as the old Turim so that it could easily be introduced into the yeshivah curriculum.
Instead he introduced a novel approach of data / program archiving using a Universal Virtual Computer ’.

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