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Instead and hundreds
Instead of having to carry around hundreds of CD-Gs or laserdiscs, KJs can " rip " their entire libraries onto their hard drives and play the songs and lyrics from the computer.
Instead of using a single large pressure vessel as in a PWR, the fuel is contained in hundreds of pressure tubes.
Instead, he behaved impetuously and followed expedients rather than policies that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, including himself.
Instead, the music of the United States is that of dozens or hundreds of indigenous and immigrant groups, all of which developed largely in regional isolation until the American Civil War, when people from across the country were brought together in army units, trading musical styles and practices.
Instead, the hundreds of different hydrocarbon molecules in crude oil are separated in a refinery into components which can be used as fuels, lubricants, and as feedstock in petrochemical processes that manufacture such products as plastics, detergents, solvents, elastomers and fibers such as nylon and polyesters.
Instead of having to travel hundreds of miles to become near to a venerated saint, one could venerate the relics of the saint within one's own home.
Instead of violence, the soldiers were greeted with hundreds of skipping and singing children offering them food.
Instead, development continued for over a year costing hundreds of thousands.
Instead, hundreds of rubber balls are attached with reflective tape, which needs to be replaced periodically.
Instead it generally moves through the town in a series of hugs, like a giant scrum in rugby, made up of dozens if not hundreds of people.
Instead of the leaves being rolled as a final stage, they are passed through a series of cylindrical rollers with hundreds of small sharp " teeth " that Crush, Tear, and Curl.
Instead, the couple shared their " dates " with dozens, or even hundreds of other members.
Instead, they began the construction of large wooden or stone circles, with many hundreds being built across Britain and Ireland over a period of a thousand years.
Instead of ' tons ' of capacity, they ’ ll all be in ' hundreds of tons ' and instead of hundreds of horsepower, they ’ ll all be rated in ' thousands ' of horsepower.
Instead, the south tube was closed at 8 p. m. each night, after which hundreds of feet of mobile scaffold and other equipment was hauled in.
Instead, armies are deployed in more-or-less continuous lines stretching perhaps hundreds of miles.
Instead, constitutional amendments have been proposed by petition and the legislature hundreds of times and adopted in a majority of cases.

Instead and sounds
Instead of notating musical ideas on paper with the symbols of solfege and entrusting their realization to well-known instruments, the question was to collect concrete sounds, wherever they came from, and to abstract the musical values they were potentially containing " ( Reydellet 1996, 10 ).
Instead producers could manipulate sounds to an unprecedented degree and producers like Spector and Martin were soon creating recordings that were, in practical terms, almost impossible to realise in live performance.
Instead of just humming ( hmmmmm ), different sounds can be made by singing different syllables such as doo, who, rrrrr or brrrr into the kazoo.
Instead, he tends to use turntables as a sampler to integrate subtle sounds and textures into the music, remisicent of electronic music, ambient, or even musique concrète from the 1940s and ' 50s.
Instead, he records the sounds of Panja and uses them to trap his mate, Eliza, who then becomes bait in a trap for Panja.
Instead, they represent certain ways in which it is possible to produce the sounds that make up the word.
Instead of crying out and hiding, I rushed to the piano and tried to reproduce the sounds.
Instead of dancing to the sounds of flutes and drums, the Okinawan shisa dance is often performed to folk songs played with the sanshin.
Instead, the visitor washes his / her hands, and suddenly hears the pleasant sounds coming from underground.
Instead, punk pop, computer-generated sounds, country music, and 1960s style rock ' n ' roll had their share on Modern ARTillery, among other styles.
" Instead, Gilroy states that the London hip hop culture allows for a healthy competition between African-American and Caribbean sounds to gain exposure. As recently as 2009 Joe Rankin ' Rattigan described the song Street Tuff as " the birth of UK grime ", a view supported by Dizzee Rascal also.
Instead of a simple wide-range rumble that could be felt and heard, Mod-III used more narrow band extended low frequency effects in the 16 – 25 Hz range, in addition to the higher frequency program sounds and surround-sound effect.
Instead, the drifting noises of heated arguments and idle banter complement other sounds and the physical movements of the characters, intensifying comedic effect.
Instead, the pop sounds of singers like Hank Williams and Patsy Cline became popular.
Instead of hearing machinery, the ship sounds similar to rain on passive sonar.
Instead of using tines or strings, stage pianos reproduce sound electronically by the use of sampled or digitally modelled sounds.
Instead, MIDI information is sent to an electronic module capable of reproducing an array of digital sounds or samples that resemble traditional analog musical instruments.
Instead, Letts included many dub and reggae records in his sets, and is credited with introducing those sounds to the London punk scene, which was to influence The Clash and other bands.

Instead and complex
Instead, logic and mathematics are the application of internally consistent methods to realize more complex mental constructs.
Instead, it is first down converted to the lower frequency of 630 kHz, and the complex nature of the PAL sub carrier means that the down conversion must be done via heterodyning to ensure that information is not lost.
Instead, they can only be rejected based on interpretations of empirical observations guided by other complex metaphors.
Instead he proposed regular, " anticipatory-type " sessions devoted, as Johnson explained at the first of the new series, to " discussion of complex problems requiring careful exploration before they were to come to him for decision.
Instead of a simple one-gene locus controlling the onset of myopia, a complex interaction of many mutated proteins acting in concert may be the cause.
Instead, non-monetary societies operated largely along the principles of gift economics, and in more complex economies, on debt.
Instead of tailoring themselves to the classic book format ( 100 + pages, mostly text, complex rules around copyrights and royalties ), these new platforms strive to make POD more mass-market by creating tools / APIs within which a range of different text and picture entry systems can be transferred into a POD paradigm, and delivered back to the consumer as finished books.
Instead he analyses its conscious artifice, highlighting the complex network of visual relationships between painter, subject-model, and viewer:
Instead, the stop codon induces the binding of a release factor protein that prompts the disassembly of the entire ribosome / mRNA complex.
Instead of complex planetary systems, stars have single planets separated by interstellar distances and each planet has one space station in its orbit.
Instead, having built up a membership of roughly 25, 000 workers by gathering in federal unions and some locals from rival unions in the industry, the union decided to go after GM, the largest car maker of them all, by shutting down its nerve center, the production complex in Flint, Michigan.
* Instead of working with an elliptic operator between two vector bundles, it is sometimes more convenient to work with an elliptic complex
Instead of focusing on purely physical etiologies, occupational therapists argued that a complex combination of social, economic, and biological reasons cause dysfunction.
Instead of working as a complex, the methyltransferase and endonuclease are encoded as two separate proteins and act independently ( there is no specificity protein ).
Instead they balked under pressure from the administration, concluding the problem is so complex and controversial that it cannot be resolved.
Instead she was interred in the Dingdongling () tomb complex ( literally: the " Tombs east of the Dingling tomb "), along with Empress Dowager Cixi.
Instead, an HVC develops just above the basal ganglia, and this appears to be the area of the bird brain most concerned with learning complex tasks.
Instead, he sent Colonel James Bowie with 30 men to remove the artillery from the Alamo and destroy the complex.
Instead of complex melodies familiar in prior Goa trance releases the Radio album featured a more industrial, darker, feel where the melody would become apparent only after several listens.
But, he denied to do this saying, “... no, we need a master to do this .” Instead, Islam offered Alvar Aalto and Le Corbusier to design the building complex.
Instead, looking to break the Washington stereotype of him as a Chicago machine hack, he surprised many by accepting the more complex challenge of becoming Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means.
Instead school programmes were subdivided into " complex themes ", such as " the life and labour of the family in village and town " for the first year or " scientific organization of labour " for the 7th year of education.
Instead, he receives instructions and parts to build a complex communication device called an interocitor.
Instead they tried to describe culture as a whole as a complex formation of discourses which correspond to particular interests, and which can be dominated by specific groups, but which also always are dialectically related to their producers and consumers.
Instead of complex, high-cost implementation, it enables strong low-cost, reliable integration solutions with minimal requirements to resources and skills.

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