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Instead and rather
Instead, inheriting phobias would have restrictive and debilitating effects upon survival, rather than being an aid.
Instead, doctors encourage immediate abstinence from drug use, rather than the gradual process that methadone substitution therapy entails.
Instead, polar stratospheric clouds are given the name Nacreous based on their mother of pearl colorations and are sub-classified alpha-numerically based on chemical makeup rather than variations in physical appearance.
Instead, he behaved impetuously and followed expedients rather than policies that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, including himself.
Instead, the Natal Act of 1897 was introduced, restricting " undesirable persons " rather than any specific race.
Instead, First Moments consisted of two previously unreleased live tracks, " U-Men " and " Im Rhythmus Bleiben ", in rather stunning sound quality.
Instead, Callimachus urged poets to " drive their wagons on untrodden fields ," rather than following in the well worn tracks of Homer, idealizing a form of poetry that was brief, yet carefully formed and worded, a style at which he excelled.
Instead, he taught how one should recognize one's nature and the nature of others, and then maximize the benefit that is there in reality, rather than wasting one's life trying to change oneself and others.
Instead she tells Harlan that her people, who prefer to watch past time rather than travel in it or change it, discovered that Eternity was, in choosing safety for humanity, suppressing creativity.
Instead, functional rather than geographical intelligence requirements came to the fore such as counter-proliferation ( via the agency's Production and Targeting, Counter-Proliferation Section ) which had been a sphere of activity since the discovery of Pakistani physics students studying nuclear-weapons related subjects in 1974 ; counter-terrorism ( via two joint sections run in collaboration with the Security Service, one for Irish republicanism and one for international terrorism ); counter-narcotics and serious crime ( originally set up under the Western Hemisphere Controllerate in 1989 ); and a ' global issues ' section looking at matters such as the environment and other public welfare issues.
Instead, there was once a so-called " pipe organ " at this location, with individual bars which could be lowered separately rather than together as a set.
Instead, it argues that human civilisation should not be thought of as consisting of numerous separate and competing civilisations, but rather it should be thought of collectively as only one human civilisation.
Instead, the sinner was the subject of God's pity rather than of his wrath.
Instead, the weight of the evidence suggests that the pleasure center of the human brain is not a single center but rather a distributed system of brain regions of which important nodes include subcortical regions ( such as the nucleus accumbens and ventral pallidum ) and cortical regions ( orbitofrontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex ).
Instead, they probably used their high bite force in defense or prey capture, rather than feeding.
Instead of employing a rather streamlined-looking plate-girder system, Ammann constructed his bridge with deep stiffening trusses under the deck.
Instead of the large numbers of guns of rather small bore that had characterized warships in the past, Ericsson opted for only two guns of large caliber ; he wanted to use guns, but had to settle for Dahlgren guns when the larger size were unavailable.
Instead of this and rather than advocating a return to religion as Rene Guenon had, he crafted what he considered an apolitical manual for surviving and ultimately transcending the Kali Yuga.
Instead, Shinran taught his followers that the nembutsu should be said as a form of gratitude rather than a way of achieving rebirth in the Pure Land.
Instead, he sees the action as a perfectly logical one in terms of the notions of friendship which were prevalent at the time ; " the idealisation of male friendship as superior to male-female love ( which was considered not romantic or compassionate but merely lustful, hence inferior ) performs a project of cultural nostalgia, a stepping back from potentially more threatening social arrangements to a world of order, a world based on a ' gift ' economy of personal relations among male social equals rather than one based on a newer, less stable economy of emotional and economic risk.
Instead, it focused on culture, rather than a state or a place, as the glue of Jewish " nationalism.
Instead of buying goods for personal satisfaction, consumption downshifting, purchasing only the necessities, is a way to focus on quality of life rather than quantity.
Instead, Kartveli and his team designed a brand-new aircraft with a streamlined fuselage largely occupied by an axial compressor turbojet engine and fuel stored in rather thick unswept wings.
Instead of commemorating the glorious dead, these memorials denounce war with figures of grieving widows and children rather than soldiers.

Instead and passive
Instead of seeing perception as a passive process determined entirely by the features of an independently existing world, enactivism suggests that organism and environment are structurally coupled and co-determining.
Instead of merely not registering ( passive non-compliance with the National Service Scheme ), these young conscripts actively demonstrated their distaste for the government's actions by destroying their registration cards.
Instead of blockading the port, the Royal Navy scrupulously allowed Vichy ships to supply Djibouti's garrison, ensuring the area remain in passive obedience to Vichy, but also forestalling, to Free French consternation, a spontaneous rallying of the isolated garrison to de Gaulle's forces.
Instead of adding in another circuit known as a head amp to increase the gain for Moving Coil cartridges, the IV took advantage of its passive RIAA curve design and simply increased the gain of the input amplification stage by an additional 30dB.
Instead, the mass of listerners are no subjects anymore, but passive receptacles exposed " in authoritarian fashion to the same programs put out by different stations.
" Instead of " the months as passive personifications bearing symbols of attributes ," " the new Carolingian calendars ... show a coercive attitude towards natural resources " with " scenes of ploughing, harvesting, wood-chopping ," etc.
Instead of hearing machinery, the ship sounds similar to rain on passive sonar.
Instead of being passive and reactive to the id, the ego was now a formidable counterweight to it, responsible for regulating id impulses, as well as integrating an individual ’ s functioning into a coherent whole.

Instead and approach
Instead, they pioneered an approach to a study of long-term historical structures ( la longue durée ) over events and political transformations.
Instead of trying to approach Christianity through the traditions of the local religion and creating a nativised church as latter fellow Jesuit Matteo Ricci did in China, he was eager for change.
Instead of reflecting the performance of actual hedge funds they take a statistical approach to the analysis of historic hedge fund returns, and use this to construct a model of how hedge fund returns respond to the movements of various investable financial assets.
Instead, Chomsky argued for a mathematical approach to language acquisition, based on a study of syntax.
The band continued the acoustic and organic approach that was featured on Furthermore for their fifth studio album entitled Who We Are Instead, which released on November 4, 2003.
Instead of solving a sequence of broken down problems, this approach directly solves the problem as a whole.
Instead, a more balanced approach was taken by adjusting the number of tank, infantry, artillery, and support units.
Instead of taking a heavier approach, the band ventured into new territory, eschewing its signature double-guitar harmonies for synthesizers, horns, acoustic guitars, a children's chorus, country music and swing.
Instead, post-structuralism is an approach, attitude, or ethos that pursues critique in particular way.
Instead of the narrowband approach, with dedicated uplink and downlink for each call, Verizon is required to move its operations to a 1 MHz slice which is expected to provide substantially higher call volume and quality.
Instead of making multiple mutated copies of a generic algorithm, an object oriented approach would abstract the algorithm into a reusable encapsulated class.
Instead of approaching directly from the rear, they would approach about below the bomber.
Instead, for situations where the structure of the bargaining game is important, a more mainstream game theoretic approach is useful.
Instead of the traditional adversarial ( i. e., " win / lose ") approach ( also known as " positional bargaining "), the mutual gains approach is quite similar to Principled Negotiation ( first described by Roger Fisher in his book Getting to YES ), where the goal is to reach a sustainable ( i. e., lasting ) agreement that both parties ( or all parties in a multi-party negotiation ) can live with and support.
) Instead of explicitly dividing up memory and other resources among users, which had been the traditional approach, CP provided each user with a simulated stand-alone System / 360 computer.
Instead, with Arthur Balfour ’ s Constructive Unionism approach to settling the Irish Question they enacted many important reforms introduced by the Irish members, who, on the other hand, made no effort to settle their party differences.
Instead, they usually stay well away from the nest and if they do approach it, the adults energetically drive them away.
Instead, the falconer must locate the bird and its captured prey, " make in ", ( carefully approach ) and trade the bird its kill in exchange for a piece of offered meat.
Bart Blasengame gave the film 4 out of 5 stars, stating: " Instead of taking the usual tour documentary approach and dwelling on individual concerts or behind-the-scenes banter between the band, Gee's film focuses on the absurdity of being an important rock band in the current musical landscape-the shallow marketing of the band, the endless stream of redundant interviews, the blinding photo shoots and awkward television appearances.
Instead, it seeks to produce results for the Afrikaner in the way in which they approach the governing party.
Instead of utilizing multiple waves, all of the bombers would be in and out of the target area within 20 minutes and they would approach from multiple directions and at different altitudes.
Instead, we need to answer a query in the same fashion as the triangulation refinement approach, but the data structure is constructed top-down.

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