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from Brown Corpus
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Instead and usual
Instead of developing a new name for the new type of monarchy, they used ( autokratōr, only partly overlapping with the modern understanding of " autocrat ") or ( basileus, until then the usual name for " sovereign ").
Instead of adopting the usual blue moonlight or blue street lamp look, he used an orange sodium-light effect.
Instead of the usual western facade and eastern apse, the cathedral sports two apses.
Instead of writing a piece for production by a theatre proprietor, as was usual in Victorian theatres, Gilbert, Sullivan and Carte produced the show with their own financial support.
Instead, over-under or total bets are handled much like point-spread bets on a team, with the usual 10 / 11 ( 4. 55 %) commission applied.
Instead of the usual gene repression, some organisms go in for large-scale elimination of heterochromatin, or other kinds of visible adjustment to the karyotype.
Instead of the usual transliteration, some English-language authors pseudo-translate reiki as " universal life energy ".
Instead of his usual dress, he wears white tie tuxedo suit like the other musicians around him.
Instead, the usual clinical practice is to offer hydration, nutrition, and comfort measures and to " let nature take its course ".
Instead of becoming a vampirish hopping corpse, the usual fate of suicides, he was made the god of the Kitchen, and was reunited with his wife.
Instead of the more usual bogies, Pacers use a basic four-wheel two-axle configuration.
Instead of usual Taiji translations " Supreme Ultimate " or " Supreme Pole ", Adler uses " Supreme Polarity " ( see Robinet 1990 ) because Zhu Xi describes it as the alternating principle of yin and yang, and
Instead of usual Taiji translations " Supreme Ultimate " or " Supreme Pole ", Adler uses " Supreme Polarity " ( see Robinet 1990 ) because Zhu Xi describes it as the alternating principle of yin and yang, and ...
Instead, a " great crown " comprising a circlet of gold with crosses and fleurs-de-lys atop its rim, but without arches ( an open crown ), was a king's usual headgear on state occasions until the time of Henry V, who is depicted in statuary and illustrations with an " imperial crown ", i. e., the great crown with gold arches added ( also called a closed crown ).
Instead of the usual note bending with a tremolo arm, he achieves a kind of chord bending that Rolling Stone described as, " a strange warping effect that makes the music wander in and out of focus ".
Bart Blasengame gave the film 4 out of 5 stars, stating: " Instead of taking the usual tour documentary approach and dwelling on individual concerts or behind-the-scenes banter between the band, Gee's film focuses on the absurdity of being an important rock band in the current musical landscape-the shallow marketing of the band, the endless stream of redundant interviews, the blinding photo shoots and awkward television appearances.
Instead, they were waved in on Mr Feith's authority without having to fill in the usual forms.
Instead of taking classics — in Italy, the usual high-school education for lawyers — he had studied to become an electronics technician ( though he has never taken a computer course ).
Instead of their usual functional sporting outfits, the athletes adopted a variety of sexy outfits in order to raise money for the Sports Aid Foundation.
Instead of the usual life bar, characters build up a " kill meter ".
Instead the World Team opted for counterplay, as usual, this time by a vote of 72 %.
Instead of taking the usual route of teaching at a lycée, however, Mauss moved to Paris and took up the study of comparative religion and the Sanskrit language.
Instead of the usual black-and-grey-checked dresses, Miss Hardbroom persuaded Miss Cackle to change them to plain black.
Instead of the usual review article for World War II Online, he posted a long, profane and amusing chatlog of him testing the game offline, in which he proclaimed, " I WILL TAXI TO VICTORY!

Instead and straggling
Instead of the cheerful little village I once anticipated finding — a few half-ruined stone cottages ; some straggling huts built of turf ; two or three stove boats ; some broken ground where gardens had been, and where a few cabbages or potatoes still grew ; some sheep and goats ; a few long-legged pigs ; some horses and cows ; with here and there a miserable-looking human being ,— were scattered over the fore-ground of a view which had dark clouds, ragged-topped hills, and a wild waste of moorland to fill up the distance .</ br >

Instead and patches
Insteadpatchesof zooplankton species ( this also applies to phytoplankton ) exist throughout the ocean.
Instead, it has big black patches over a mostly white body, often with a black mask over the head.
; Changeset oriented: Instead of tracking individual files ( as in CVS ), GNU arch tracks changesets, which are akin to patches.

Instead and bare
Instead, lighting effects and the bare minimum of scenery were used to complement Wagner's music.
Instead, they lay eggs on bare surfaces.
Instead of using his glove to backhand balls hit to his right, Traynor often snared them with his bare throwing hand.
Instead of bare conductors, bus and apparatus are built into pressurized tubular containers filled with sulfur hexafluoride ( SF6 ) gas.
Instead they generally implemented the bare minimum, leading to a profusion of semi-compatible implementations, and eventually, the splitting out of the name " YMODEM " into " XMODEM-1K " and a variety of YMODEMs.
Instead, impact sockets are most commonly finished with a surface conversion of black oxide or other coating to provide corrosion protection and improved appearance over bare steel.
Instead, the gaps may be covered by besagews or simply left bare, exposing the mail beneath.
Instead, it showed preselected Nicktoons with added segments such as " U-Pick " ( viewers pick what show and episode they want to see ) and U-Dip ( viewers pick which substance Stick Stickly is dipped in or any substance at all using their bare feet ).
Instead, The Stone Poneys became a leading attraction on the Los Angeles club circuit, with Ronstadt usually performing on stage in a miniskirt and bare feet.

Instead and dirt
Instead of dirt, the levels are filled with printed circuit board simply called base in the game's manual, and not lined with brick walls, but with computer chips and other hardware, and filled with Zonks instead of rocks.
Instead an oil impregnated cloth is attached to the bottom of the robot and this picks up dirt.
Instead of the typical methods of graffiti, Moose creates his art by cleaning dirt and grime off surfaces.

Instead and most
Instead of closing the house in first ( as most builders do ) you can now cut your costs by not closing it in until you have to ( see p 121 ).
Instead -- and not just to prove my objectivity -- I hasten to report that it's a highly amusing film which probably does a fairly accurate job of reporting on the Easter vacation shenanigans of collegians down in Fort Lauderdale, and that it seems to come to grips quite honestly with the moral problem that most commonly vexes youngsters in this age group -- that is to say, sex.
Instead of her old confidence in the simplest, purest, most moving musical expression, Miss Schwarzkopf is letting herself be tempted by the classic sin of artistic pride -- that subtle vanity that sometimes misleads a great artist into thinking that he or she can somehow better the music by bringing to it something extra, some personal dramatic touch imposed from the outside.
Instead, most free-soilers preferred Kansas.
Instead of most days having an associated saint as in the Roman Catholic calendar of saints, each day has an animal ( days ending in 5 ), a tool ( days ending in 0 ) or else a plant or mineral ( all other days ).< ref >
Instead of hymns, biblical psalms were chanted, most often without accompaniment, to very basic melodies.
Instead of a tuilik, most traditional kayakers today use a spraydeck made of waterproof synthetic material stretchy enough to fit tightly around the cockpit rim and body of the kayaker, and which can be released rapidly from the cockpit to permit easy exit.
Instead of suggesting that the mechanical properties of objects changed with their constant-velocity motion through an undetectable aether, Einstein proposed to deduce the characteristics that any successful theory must possess in order to be consistent with the most basic and firmly established principles, independent of the existence of a hypothetical aether.
Instead, they typically arrive at the surface at their terminal velocity and, at most, create a small pit.
Instead, she argued that " in most cases ", converts first become interested in the movement through " word of mouth, a discussion between friends, a lecture, a book, an article or a Web site.
Instead, it is thought that most of them probably originate when dynamical interactions with other stars cause a binary system to coalesce into one star.
Instead, he uses these free limbs to either grab one of the ring ropes ( the bottom one is the most common, as it is nearest the wrestlers ) or drape his foot across, or underneath one.
Instead of impartially providing information, propaganda in its most basic sense presents information in order to influence its audience.
Instead, trade secrets are protected under state laws, and most states have ratified the Uniform Trade Secrets Act ( UTSA ), except for Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, and Texas.
Instead, the UNL targets direct communicative behavior and literal meanings as a tangible, concrete basis for much or most of human communication in practical, day-to-day settings.
Instead, as Soviet and Allied forces gradually pushed back the German lines, most of the Jews of German-occupied Europe were sent to extermination or concentration camps, or killed where they lived.
Instead of displaying the CE year of mintage like most nations ' coins, yen coins instead display the year of the current emperor's reign.
Instead, the question is which " portrait " is judged by some set of people to promise the most useful in terms of scientific " puzzle solving ".
Instead, the convention passed a resolution stating that " we most cordially concur in the repeated nominations which he has received in various parts of the union.
Instead, in April 1819 he was allowed to live in the French capital – as English critic George Saintsbury describes it – " in a garret furnished in the most Spartan fashion, with a starvation allowance and an old woman to look after him ", while the rest of the family moved to a house twenty miles outside Paris.
Instead, the man most responsible for day-to-day interactions with the prisoners was Kurt Franz.
Instead of the spider goddess Lolth most tribes worship a male scorpion deity known as Vulkoor, though exceptions are common.
Instead, most rely on maintaining a constant water flow through their bodies to obtain food, oxygen and remove wastes.
Instead, most designers preferred a natural stroll.

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