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Instead and Italian
Instead of the original fattoria, the phonetic adaptation American Italian farma ( Weinreich 1963: 49 ) became the new signifier for " farm "— see " one-to-one correlation between signifiers and referents ".
Instead, France agreed to give some Saharan territories to the Italian Libya, and the Oltre Giuba in Somalia was given to Italy by Great Britain.
Instead, he ordered the national budget slashed by 30 percent, dismissed the Italian military advisers, and nationalized Italian-run Roman Catholic schools in the northern part of the country.
Instead, he had to content himself with subduing the fortresses that still held out against him, and the only other notable event of 216 BC was the defection of certain Italian territories, including Capua, the second largest city of Italy, which Hannibal made his new base.
Instead it could as easily mean " wild ", as in a wild flower, as it still does in its French and Italian cognates, for example.
Instead, he instructed her to go to the United States to help the Italian immigrants who were flooding to that nation in that era, mostly in great poverty.
Instead, she starred in the 1965 movie I tre volti ( The Three Faces ) and became the companion of its Italian director, Franco Indovina ( 1932 – 72 ).
Instead of a chassis like the Italian and German versions, there was a sub-frame bolted to the body at the rear, which held the rear tires, engine, and transmission.
Instead of the papal tiara over the keys, the tiara is replaced with the umbraculum or ombrellino in Italian.
Instead of accepting a new contract from the Oilers, Jari Kurri opted for a season in Italy and played for HC Devils Milano of the Italian Serie A. Kurri had 27 goals and 48 assists in 30 games while he played in the less competitive Italian league.
Instead, he approached Antonio Salieri, the most distinguished composer of Italian opera in Vienna and head of the music establishment at the imperial court.
Instead, Cavallero argued that Italy should focus on defending the Italian East African Empire.
Instead, a co-operation pact was signed ( led by Spain ), with the effect of allowing Italian nationals who had resided in Slovenia for three years to purchase property there for up to four years after the pact was signed.
Instead they circled the pole making observations and at 01: 20 dropped the Italian and Milanese colours, as well as a wooden cross presented by the Pope and a religious medal from the citizens of Forlì onto the ice during a short ceremony.
Instead, Red Rock management has decided to give her a position suitable to her skills-Senior Chef at the Terra Rossa ( the resort's Italian restaurant ).
Instead the paint was applied to dried plaster, in what is called " fresco a secco " in Italian.
Instead, the Italian scholar Pio Franchi de Cavalieri has argued that The Passion of Sergius and Bacchus was based on an earlier lost passion of Juventinus and Maximinus, two saints martyred under Emperor Julian the Apostate in 363.
** Instead of national teams, this game featured all clubs from the Italian Serie A ( SEASON 1994-95 Serie A ).
Instead of bringing back Alpine Romanity which spoke a Rhaeto-Romance language, he superimposed the " Tuscan " language on which modern Italian is based on the local Romanic traditions.

Instead and Government
Instead, the Government of India exercised its right of parens patriae to appropriate all the claims of the victims and proceeded to litigate on their behalf, first in the New York courts and later, in the Indian courts.
Instead, the elected Chamber and the Head of Government took major roles.
Instead, it was a Government established under the Anglo-Irish Treaty, and was a necessary transitional entity before the establishment of the Irish Free State on 6 December 1922.
Instead of a career in the ministry he laid aside the Bible and took up arms against the British Government during the Revolutionary War.
Instead, in 1928 Sanation members created a Bezpartyjny Blok Współpracy z Rządem (" Nonpartisan Bloc for Cooperation with the Government "), a coalition political party that denied being a political party.
Instead, the Government ordered the suspension of more than 300 teachers and threatened further sanctions.
Instead, “ If, after the promulgation of this Notice, any wanton attack or aggression against the Natives becomes known to the Government, the offenders will be immediately brought to justice and punished .”
Instead, the Communist government expelled the papal representative, whose delay in leaving then made him unacceptable to the Taipei Government.
Instead of vice-regal or regal assent, a Bill passed by the ACT Legislative Assembly is enacted on ‘ notification ’— publication of a notice authorised by the Chief Minister, in the Government Gazette.
Instead of paying their tax in four equal instalments in the seventh, tenth, thirteenth and sixteenth month after the accounting period starts, they will be required to consolidate their third and fourth payments and pay them in the thirteenth month, creating a cash flow advantage for the Government.
Instead, it was used to stored surplus trams in the off peak period, and was rebuilt as the Government Bus Workshops in 1937.
Instead, an enabling Act ( also known as the parent Act or empowering Act ) confers a power to make delegated legislation on a Government Minister or another person or body.
Instead, it was a body in which the Irish Free State might influence the affairs of Northern Ireland and consequently was increasingly distrusted by the Government of Northern Ireland.
Instead, the lieutenant governor remained at Upper Fort Gary until the present Government House was completed.
Instead of remaining enrolled in the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe and working towards re-gaining of independent recognition within the Mille Lacs Band Government system or dis-enrolling from the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe without enrolling with other Minnesota Chippewa Tribe member tribe and working towards re-gaining of independent recognition outside of the Mille Lacs Band and the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe's Government systems, significant number of Non-removable Sandy Lake Band members in protest dis-enrolled with the Mille Lacs Band and enrolled in either the Fond du Lac Band or the White Earth Band, thus excluding themselves from the re-establishment of independent recognition process, other than as intermediaries, hurting the Sandy Lake Band's difficult efforts.
Instead of using brute force, the civil administration slowly removed the government's powers ( for example, did not allow to print its decrees in newspapers or broadcast radio announcements ) and supplanted its institutions, forcing the Provisional Government to either self-disband or to become a puppet institution ( Zivilverwaltung ).
Instead, he joined the presidential campaign of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the former Head of Government of the Federal District.
Instead, the Brazilian Government suggested that Roosevelt accompany famous Brazilian explorer Cândido Rondon on his exploration of the previously unknown River of Doubt, the headwaters of which had only recently been discovered.

Instead and set
Instead of deploying their margin advantage as a defence of mutuality, from 1980 building societies, in behaving like profit maximising banks, set mortgage rates with reference to market clearing levels.
Instead of listing every single element, sometimes an ellipsis ("...") is used, if the writer believes that the reader can easily guess what is missing ; for example, presumably denotes the set of integers from 1 to 100.
Instead, for Fichte, if the ' I ' is to set itself off at all, it must simply discover itself to be limited, a discovery that Fichte characterizes as a repulse or resistance ( Anstoss ) to the free practical activity of the I.
Instead, they planned to develop a set of extensions for Epiphany to provide similar functionality.
Instead of stacking the PC and CC registers ( normal 6809 behavior ) the FIRQ interrupt can be set to stack the entire register set, as the IRQ interrupt does.
Instead of considering the inverses for individual inputs and outputs, one can think of the function as sending the whole set of inputs, the domain, to a set of outputs, the range.
Instead, Pei ordered a hole cut through a nearby mountain, connected to a major road via a bridge suspended from ninety-six steel cables and supported by a post set into the mountain.
Instead, minimum wage standards in different sectors are set by collective bargaining.
Instead of analyzing a word form as a set of morphemes arranged in sequence, a word form is said to be the result of applying rules that alter a word form or stem in order to produce a new one.
Instead, it tries to be intelligible to someone who has never thought about set theory before.
Instead, it is a set of wishful characteristics of a future system.
: Instead of playing multiple sets, players may play one " pro set ".
Instead they grow the set as the search process continues.
Instead of every programmer having his own special set of tools, each team should have a designated tool-maker who may create tools that are highly customized for the job that team is doing, e. g., a code generator tool that creates code based on a specification.
Instead, the treaty provides a framework for negotiating specific international treaties ( called " protocols ") that may set binding limits on greenhouse gases.
Instead, if firms have different cost structures then each will have different maximizing behaviour, so they will have an incentive to set a different price or quantity.
Instead, the question is which " portrait " is judged by some set of people to promise the most useful in terms of scientific " puzzle solving ".
Instead, he proposed a government sponsored system in which the price of farm land was set at a high enough level to prevent urban workers from easily purchasing it and thus leaving the labour market.
Instead, the court laid out a set of directives requiring the State to implement some system whereby same-sex couples would be granted equivalent statutory rights and privileges to male-female couples.
Instead of using a set of switched capacitors, an unloaded synchronous motor can supply reactive power.
Instead of using the controller, two leads were touched together in the hope that the motor speed was set correctly.
) Instead, such a union is called a meagre set or a set of first category.

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