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Instead and term
Instead of eliminating him as a candidate for a second term as President, his physician recommended a second term as essential to his recovery.
Instead they use the strange term " interactive multimedia ": this is four syllables longer, and does not express the idea of extending hypertext.
Instead, what is demonstrated in the definition of Hīnayāna given by Yijing, is that the term referred to individuals based on doctrinal differences with the Mahāyāna tradition.
Instead writing in the United States quickly returned to its realist orthodoxy and the term irrealism fell into disuse.
Instead, Godfrey himself seems to have used the more ambiguous term princeps, or simply retained his title of dux from Lower Lorraine.
Instead, the term was used to describe independent portions of a kingdom that were ruled under separate leaders.
Instead of the term " archbishop ", Eastern Catholic Churches sometimes use the word " archeparch " by analogy with " eparch ", the term used for a diocesan ( or eparchial ) bishop.
Instead, Vulgar Latin is a blanket term covering the popular dialects and sociolects of the Latin language throughout its range from the hypothetical prisca latinitas of unknown or poorly remembered times in early Latium to the death of Latin after the fall of the empire.
Under the 1966 Social Security Act, newly unemployed individuals were no longer denied assistance during their first month of unemployment, while men who had had their unemployment benefit disallowed for six weeks ( on the grounds that they had been at fault for losing their job ) were no longer subjected to a harsh rule applied by the National Assistance confining their payments to below “ benefit rate .” Instead, a policy was adopted of paying these individuals their full entitlement less 15 shillings. T he Act also introduced a long term addition of 9 shillings for all pensioners receiving supplementary benefit and for others ( with the exception of those required register for employment ) receiving supplementary benefits for two years.
Instead they use the term " postseason " as the title of the official elimination tournament held after the conclusion of Major League Baseball's regular season.
Instead the name Dormont was chosen from the Americanized version of the French term " mont d ' or ", loosely translated as " Mountain of Gold.
Instead they applied the term “ deep “ for the deepest parts of the ocean, such as Challenger Deep.
Instead, he agreed to a compromise peace, which in the long term facilitated the integration of Hungary into the Habsburg domains.
Instead, Godfrey himself seems to have used the more ambiguous term Princeps, or simply retained his title of dux from back home in Lower Lorraine.
Instead they believed that the earth had been shaped by the long term action of forces such as volcanism, earthquakes, erosion, and sedimentation, that could still be observed in action today.
McGee notes that the study of a term must not, and should not, be limited to its use in “ formal discourse .” Instead, the critic is much more likely to gain a better understanding of an ideograph by looking at how it is used and depicted in movies, plays, and songs, as well as how it is presented in educational texts aimed at children.
Instead, the established term Lichtwert ( abbreviated as “ LW ”) describes what became known as exposure value ( EV ) elsewhere.
Instead, heliozoa is regarded as a descriptive term applying to various lines of protists.
Instead, they use the term generically for modems that are controllerless but retain all other modem functions in hardware ; this happens to include all of their current branded modems that are not full-hardware modems.
Instead of calling it a " parody mass ", the term " Imitation mass " has been suggested as being both more precise and closer to the original usage, since the term " parody " is based on a misreading of a late 16th century text.
Instead of a normal semester, WPI has 7-week terms, labeled A-D, with an optional E term in the summer.
Instead, CWA is suggesting that because there are questions about the long term effect of the vaccine, parents, not the government should be making this decision.

Instead and Continental
Instead of pursuing the fleeing militia, Webster wheeled around and launched a bayonet charge into the left flank of the Continental regiments in the center.
Instead, Dale signed on as lieutenant for Captain Nicholson of the Trumbull, for the Continental Navy.
Instead, her new home at in elevation meant scratching out a living in a barren gulch at the mouth of canyon near the Continental Divide.
Instead the Second Continental Congress changed it to A Committee of the States with limited management powers only when Congress was not in session.

Instead and Celtic
Instead, the migration led to the establishment of a long-lived Celtic territory in central Anatolia, which included the eastern part of ancient Phrygia, a territory that became known as Galatia.
Instead of playing in his usual position in the middle of the pitch, Juninho was often deployed on the right by O ' Neill, due to the presence of already established Celtic midfielders Stiliyan Petrov and Neil Lennon.
Instead of signing with WWE, Corino worked in various independent promotions, including Zero-One, Hustle in Japan, Ring of Honor in the United States and both One Pro Wrestling and Celtic Wrestling in the United Kingdom.

Instead and is
Instead of emotional recrimination, loaded phrases and sloganeering, we need a dispassionate study of the facts, a better understanding of the opposite viewpoint and a more serious effort to extend the areas of agreement until a solution is reached.
Instead of Catholics' being obliged or even encouraged to beget the greatest possible number of offspring, as many Non-Catholics imagine, the ideal of responsible parenthood is stressed.
Instead -- and not just to prove my objectivity -- I hasten to report that it's a highly amusing film which probably does a fairly accurate job of reporting on the Easter vacation shenanigans of collegians down in Fort Lauderdale, and that it seems to come to grips quite honestly with the moral problem that most commonly vexes youngsters in this age group -- that is to say, sex.
Instead of her old confidence in the simplest, purest, most moving musical expression, Miss Schwarzkopf is letting herself be tempted by the classic sin of artistic pride -- that subtle vanity that sometimes misleads a great artist into thinking that he or she can somehow better the music by bringing to it something extra, some personal dramatic touch imposed from the outside.
Instead, the element is prepared, in milligram amounts, by the neutron irradiation of < sup > 226 </ sup > in a nuclear reactor.
Instead, providence is a power that emanates from the heavens to the sublunar region, and is responsible for the generation and destruction of earthly things, without any direct involvement in the lives of individuals.
Instead, it is negotiated by or configured at the endpoints on a per-virtual-connection basis.
Instead of the gradual transition through the capillaries from arteries to veins that is typical of normal functioning vasculature, AVMs cause direct associations of the arteries and veins.
Since the 2002 edition, the Apostles ' Creed is included in the Roman Missal with the indication, " Instead of the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed, especially during Lent and Easter time, the baptismal Symbol of the Roman Church, known as the Apostles ’ Creed, may be used.
Instead, it is put in parallel with chapter 4 ( C ) where divine judgements are pronounced against the Babylonian kings.
Instead, the Hebrew name Ahasuerus accords with an inscription of the time that notes that Artaxerxes II was named also Arshu, understood as a shortening of Achshiyarshu the Babylonian rendering of the Persian Khshayarsha ( Xerxes ), through which the Hebrew Achashverosh ( Ahasuerus ) is derived.
Instead, Pasternak was told, " Comrade Stalin is busy.
Instead it is part of the Intelligence and Security Directorate ( DIS ) which reports directly to the Minister of the Presidency.
Instead, murder is treated as a civil crime and is covered by the law of retaliation, whereby the relatives of the victim decide whether the offender is punished with death by the authorities or made to pay diyah as compensation.
Instead of listing every single element, sometimes an ellipsis ("...") is used, if the writer believes that the reader can easily guess what is missing ; for example, presumably denotes the set of integers from 1 to 100.
Instead, these efforts, it is argued, were made in order to advance Western development and reinforce Western hegemony.
Instead, the decree states that Christ is " really, truly, substantially present " in the consecrated forms.
Instead, non-return-to-zero, inverted encoding is used: a change from pit to land or land to pit indicates a one, while no change indicates a series of zeros.
Instead, it is important that support for the CRM system is companywide.
Instead, this is just an indication that sugar and / or fat has separated due to poor storage.

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