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Instead and they
Instead of giving themselves spontaneously to the orgiastic release that jazz can give them, they undergo psychoanalysis or flirt with mysticism or turn to prostitutes for satisfaction.
Instead, they went on down the hall to their room.
Instead of admonishing him to let the weights alone they personally took him to that master Montreal bodybuilding authority, Professor Roland Claude.
Instead they learn their dissection on the bulbs of plants.
Instead, the limbs of agnostids closely resemble those of stem group crustaceans, although they lack the proximal endite, which defines that group.
Instead, they often trained under established architects.
Instead, lower bidding characters are ranked in ascending order according to how much they have bid, the characters becoming progressively weaker in that attribute as they pay less for it.
Instead they urged their urban sympathizers to vote for Labour candidates, as the representatives of the urban working class.
Instead, they pioneered an approach to a study of long-term historical structures ( la longue durée ) over events and political transformations.
Instead they focused on regions in France over long stretches of time.
Instead of seeing it as a fair system under which ' everyone ' has equal rights, they saw it as the numerically preponderant poor tyrannizing over the rich.
Instead of reviewing music videos, they reviewed ( custom-made ) pages from other Marvel Comics — in one with Ghost Rider, Beavis tries to avoid using the word " fire " to describe the character's fiery skull.
Instead they act either by deactivating catalysts, or by removing reaction intermediates such as free radicals.
Instead, they can agree that certain paradigms should be treated in certain ways, and then agree on the similarities, the so-called warrants between a paradigm and the case at hand.
Instead of asking how a man's actions and experiences result from what he saw, remembered, or believed, the dynamic psychologist asks how they follow from the subject's goals, needs, or instincts.
Instead, they developed a daily and weekly service of readings from the Torah, and possibly also the Prophets, followed by commentary.
Instead, they pursued their route, and Marius followed them.
Instead of being abstracted from individual perceptions, like empirical concepts, they originate in the mind itself.
Instead of the meetings always being held in London, they would rotate across the membership, subject to countries ' ability to host the meetings: beginning with Singapore in 1971.
Instead, they subscribe to a service for a monthly or annual fee with a service provider that hosts the call centre telephony equipment in their own data centre.
Instead, they believe that only Christ Jesus went to Heaven, and when he comes back to the earth the true believers will live in the Land of Israel which will be the Kingdom of God on Earth.
Instead they are hindgut fermenters that digest cellulose via microbial fermentation.
Instead, according to Buddhist thought, a wise person adopts a middle way without holding conventions to be ultimate or ignoring them when they are fruitful.
One critic states of psychologists that " Instead of replacing ' metaphysical ' terms such as ' desire ' and ' purpose ', they used it to legitimize them by giving them operational definitions ... the initial, quite radical operationalist ideas eventually came to serve as little more than a ' reassurance fetish ' ( Koch 1992 ) for mainstream methodological practice.

Instead and won
Instead, the Rockies dropped even further, finishing 72 – 90 and in last place in the West as the Diamondbacks won the division in just their second year of existence.
Instead he ran for and won a seat in the United States House of Representatives in the 1830 elections.
Instead, he became one of the youngest winners of an Association of Tennis Professionals ( ATP ) tournament when, as an almost unknown youngster, he won the 1998 Next Generation Adelaide International, defeating Andre Agassi in the semifinals.
Instead, the position of the small board where that player won is marked on a 3x3 grid, and a player wins when they form 3-in-a-row on that grid.
Instead he ran for, and won, the office of governor of Tennessee, defeating the former governor, William Carroll.
Instead, there were two separate awards for production, the Most Artistic Quality of Production, won by Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans ( 1927 ) and the Most Outstanding Production, won by Wings as well as Best Effects, Engineering Effects for Roy Pomeroy.
Instead, Fischer was an incredible player in 1972, having won an unprecedented 20 games in a row, and Spassky probably showed he was number 2, and the match saw many enjoyable games.
Instead, he signed for Arrows, a team which had never won a race in its 20-year history and had scored only a single point the previous year.
Instead the railroad laid its tracks seven miles east and set up the new town of Hastings, which in September 1878 won a five-year Great County Seat War and became the county seat.
Instead, Oslo won the right to host the 1952 Games in a contest that included Cortina d ' Ampezzo in Italy and Lake Placid in the United States.
Instead, she teamed up with Derek Jarman again to play Miranda in his innovative version of The Tempest, which won her a nomination as Best Newcomer at the 1980 Evening Standard Awards.
Instead, Christ, under the impossible burden, and in human anxiety, prayed for help for himself-the moment had passed where he could have won back Ardor or Satan.
Instead, the Blue Bombers were invited to play the Columbus Bullies of the American Football League of 1940 ; although Columbus won the three-game series, 2 games to 1, the one game Winnipeg won gives them a distinction of being one of only two current CFL teams to have defeated a top-level professional American football team ( the other being the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, who defeated the modern-day Buffalo Bills in a 1961 game ).
Instead, it favours a three stage strategy of protracted warfare, with carefully chosen battles that can realistically be won.
Instead, the CityHawks used Maynor as a wide receiver / linebacker, and one week he even won the award for the league's best " ironman " ( player who plays both on offense and defense, as 6 of 8 players use to play both sides of the ball in Arena Football ).
Instead, they played the Montreal Canadiens for the trophy ( and became the first American team to do so ), which the Canadiens won in a five game series.
Instead, Ford ran for and won the Senate seat, and Carroll succeeded him as governor.
Instead of becoming withdrawn and lacking in self-confidence, the boy responded by fighting back, although the editor of his memoirs recounted a statement Mosby made that he never won any fight in which he was engaged.
Instead, he was then granted another boon: he would never be won over in any battle, until his Yagna ( fire-worship ) of his native goddess Nikumbala was disturbed and destroyed.
Instead, Kerry was reinstated days later as the two battled for the belt, which Borne won thanks to interference by Percy Pringle.
Instead, Hardwick won the voice role after three weeks of auditions.
Instead, a county official who was also named Robert Casey won the Democratic primary and the general election, spending virtually no money and doing virtually no campaigning ; voters merely assumed they were voting for the outgoing Auditor General.

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