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International and Association
introduction of the `` dialogue '' principle proved strikingly effective at the thirty-fourth annual meeting of the Catholic Association for International Peace in Washington the last weekend in October.
In accordance with the two-year contract signed in May, 1959, with the International Association of Machinists, AFL-CIO, wages of hourly employees were increased by 4% in May, 1960, and pay levels for non-exempt salaried employees were increased proportionately.
-- The president of the Kansas City local of the International Association of Fire Fighters was severly injured today when a bomb tore his car apart as he left home for work.
Employes of Montgomery Ward & Co. at The Dalles, in a National Labor Relations Board election Thursday voted to decertify Local 1565, Retail Clerks International Association, AFL-CIO, as their collective bargaining agent.
Business Week ( Aug. 9, 1961 ) reports that the United Aircraft Company, against which the International Association of Machinists had undertaken a strike, decided to keep its plants operating.
Some religious groups, such as the Association of Christian Schools International, opposed the ADA in its original form.
* International Colored Gemstone Association
In 1984, the first official representative matches of International Rules were played, and these were played annually each October between the AFL and the Gaelic Athletic Association, also known as the GAA, between 1998 and 2006.
The International Bible Students Association ( precursor to Jehovah's Witnesses ) identified Abaddon as Satan in the 1917 seventh and final volume of Millennial Dawn, to which Charles Taze Russell's name was attached ( although his authorship of the work is doubted ).
* International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators
He was a member of the Danish Mathematicians ' Association ( TBMI ) and through this met amateur mathematician Johan Jensen, the Chief Engineer of the Copenhagen Telephone Company ( KTAS in Danish ), an offshoot of the International Bell Telephone Company.
** International Air Transport Association for Baker Army Air Field ( abandoned ), Baker Island, United States Minor Outlying Islands
Bank for International Settlements, Council of Europe, Central European Initiative, EBRD, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, FAO, Group of 77, IAEA, IBRD, ICAO, International Criminal Court, International Development Association, IFAD, International Finance Corporation, IFRCS, ILO, International Monetary Fund, International Maritime Organization, Interpol, IOC, International Organization for Migration ( observer ), ISO, ITU, Non-Aligned Movement ( guest ), Organization of American States ( observer ), OIC ( observer ), OPCW, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Southeast European Cooperative Initiative, United Nations, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNIDO, UNMEE, UPU, WHO, WIPO, WMO, WToO, WTrO ( observer )
During his post-ABBA career Andersson won four Swedish Grammis awards, and together with Ulvaeus received the " Special International " Ivor Novello award from ' The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters ', twice " The Music Export Prize " from the Swedish Ministry of Industry and Trade ( 2008 ), as well as the " Lifetime Achievement " award from the Swedish Music Publishers Association ( SMFF ).
In early December 1891, Canadian American Dr. James Naismith, a physical education professor and instructor at the International Young Men's Christian Association Training School ( YMCA ) ( today, Springfield College ) in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA ), was trying to keep his gym class active on a rainy day.
There are two industry groups in the United States, the National Association of Trade Exchanges ( NATE ) and the International Reciprocal Trade Association ( IRTA ).
According to the International Reciprocal Trade Association, the industry trade body, more than 450, 000 businesses transacted $ 10 billion globally in 2008 – and officials expect trade volume to grow by 15 % in 2009.

International and Culinary
Also since 2008 the City of Valladolid and the International School of Culinary Arts celebrates the International Tapas Competition for Culinary Schools.
( Dr. Rimm has reported in the past that he has received payment or honoraria for presentations about food and diets from both the Culinary Institute of America and the International Chefs Association, among others.
* Linda Concarne ( a shaded rectangle )-The meat sentry, formerly meat enforcer with the International Culinary Institute.
* The Grain Sentry ( an equilateral triangle, partly shaded )-The grain sentry, formerly the Food Pyramid, was on the run from the law when he was introduced, having been framed by the International Culinary Institute in an attempt to preserve the doctrine of the food groups.
His other honours and awards include: International Association of Culinary Professionals ( IACP ) Humanitarian Award ( 2006 ), CESO Award for International Development ( 1997 ), Ontario Entrepreneur of the Year Award ( 1995 ), the Order of Ontario ( 1994 ), The Pearson Peace Medal from the United Nations Association in Canada ( 1994 ), and Officer of the Order of Canada ( 1998 ).
In 2011, Sara Moulton's Everyday Family Dinners was an International Association of Culinary Professionals Cookbook Awards Winner in the category of Children, Youth and Family.
International Culinary Center recipe includes adding pearl onions and quartered mushrooms to the mix.
García later attended the Culinary Institute of America, and Florida International University.
The French Culinary Institute ( FCI ), now known as The International Culinary Center has locations in SoHo, New York City and in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.
The International Culinary Center is consistently ranked among the top cooking schools in the country.
In 2006, 2010, and 2012, The French Culinary Institute received " The Award of Excellence for Vocational Cooking School from the International Association of Culinary Professionals ( IACP )".
The International Culinary Center received the award in 2012.
L ’ Ecole is the public restaurant operated by The International Culinary Center located in Soho, New York City.
* The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts-2010 Best Book for Cooking from a Professional Point of View by the James Beard Foundation, 2010 Cookbook Award by International Association of Culinary Professionals ( IACP )
* The International Culinary Center
* Italian Culinary Experience at The International Culinary Center
* Spanish Studies at The International Culinary Center

International and Professionals
Instead, he became one of the youngest winners of an Association of Tennis Professionals ( ATP ) tournament when, as an almost unknown youngster, he won the 1998 Next Generation Adelaide International, defeating Andre Agassi in the semifinals.
Other accreditations include the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance ; American Chemical Society ; Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Professionals ( surgical technology ); Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association ( communication disorders ); Council on Social Work Education ; Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration Certification ; International Association of Counseling Services, Inc .; Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulation, State Board of Nursing ; National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences ; National Association of Industrial Technology ; National Association of Schools of Music ; Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.
The International Tennis Federation ( ITF ) conducts a junior tour that allows juniors to establish a world ranking and an Association of Tennis Professionals ( ATP ) or Women's Tennis Association ( WTA ) ranking.
Other activities and organizations include Cheerleading, Color Guard, Dance Team, Journalism, Yearbook, Gifted-Talented Program, National Honor Society, Red Hawk Club, Kansas Association for Youth, International Club, Student Council, Red Hawk Reader's Club, Biology Club ( travels to the Bahamas annually ), National FFA Organization, Business Professionals of America, Family Career and Community Leaders of America, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
Today, this organization is known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals ( IAAP ) The organization developed the first standardized test for office workers called the Certified Professional Secretaries Examination ( CPS ).
* Meeting Professionals International, a professional community for the global meetings industry
* International Association of Privacy Professionals
* Recognition Professionals International
These include La primera Presea Bienal in Art from the State of Mexico Confederation of Professionals, Rome ’ s International Gold Mercury award ( the first given to a Latin American artist ), and the Jose Marti and Tlatelolco ’ s Eagle medals.
* International Society of Life Settlement Professionals ( ISLSP )
): Adventures in Aid Land-The Anthropology of Professionals in International Development, Berghahn Books, Oxford / New York 2010 ISBN 978087451101
In 2003, the International Association of Privacy Professionals gave Stearns its Privacy Leadership Award for his efforts on leadership, including holding the most extensive hearings on privacy issues as Chairman of the Commerce, Trade & Consumer Protection Subcommittee.
Until March 2008, the International Tennis Federation ( ITF ), Association of Tennis Professionals ( ATP ), Women's Tennis Association ( WTA ), Grand Slam Committee, and several individual tournaments had conflicting rules on how Hawk-Eye was to be utilized.
Leading exchange Betfair has responded to the allegations by signing Memorandums of Understanding with the Jockey Club, The FA, the International Cricket Council, the Association of Tennis Professionals and other sporting authorities.
Other niche associations include the American Society for Training & Development and Recognition Professionals International.
* International Association of Canine Professionals ( IACP )
The International Medical Informatics Association approved the endorsement of the IMIA Code of Ethics for Health Information Professionals at its General Assembly meeting on October 4, 2002 in Taipei.
She is currently the President of the Association of Career Professionals International.
In professional organizations he served as President of the Canadian Public Health Association ; Vice President of the American Public Health Association ; Chair of the Canadian Roundtable on Health and Climate Change ; International Regent on the board of the American College of Preventive Medicine ; Member of the Governing Council for the Canadian Population Health Initiative ; Chair of the National Coalition on Enhancing Preventive Practices of Health Professionals ; and Co-Chair of the Canadian Coalition for Public Health in the 21st Century.

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