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Interstate and 355
A spur between Frederick, Maryland, and Georgetown in Washington, D. C., now Maryland Route 355, bears various local names but is sometimes referred to as the Washington National Pike ; it is now paralleled by Interstate 270 between the Capital Beltway ( I-495 ) and Frederick.
* 20px Interstate 355
The Interstate 355 toll road extension has been completed and now connects with Interstate 80.
Fulton is located at the junction of Arkansas Highway 355 and Interstate 30.
A predominantly rural community for most of its existence, Naperville experienced a population explosion starting in the 1960s, but largely during the 1980s and 1990s, following the construction of the East-West Tollway ( now known as the Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway ) and Interstate 355 ( originally known as the North-South Tollway, now the Veterans Memorial Tollway ).
* Business Interstate Highway 20-R through Abilene ( originally Loop 355 and Business U. S. Highway 80 ), bypassed 1961
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# REDIRECT Interstate 355
In 1990, with the construction of Interstate 355, Illinois 53 was moved off of the Interstate 290 / 355 combination south of Biesterfield Road and back onto its original alignment.
It intersects Interstate 355 ( I-355, Veterans Memorial Tollway ) just south of Lemont.
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MD 200 begins at a trumpet interchange with Interstate 370 ( I-370 ) near Gaithersburg in Montgomery County, between its MD 355 and Shady Grove Road interchanges as a six-lane freeway.
North of Interstate 355, the freeway is sometimes known locally as Illinois Route 53, or simply Route 53, since Illinois 53 existed before Interstate 290.
The highway is four lanes wide ( not counting the auxiliary lane ) north of the Elgin-O ' Hare Expressway / Thorndale Avenue ( mile marker 5 ), and five lanes wide with a wide left shoulder south to the exit to Interstate 355.
* The Eisenhower Extension or 290 Extension — The eight miles ( 12 km ) of road between current-day mile marker seven ( Interstate 355 south to US 20 / Lake Street ) and North Avenue ( Illinois Route 64 ), mile marker 15.
# REDIRECT Interstate 355
# REDIRECT Interstate 355
Interstate 270 near the exit for Montrose RoadInterstate 270 heads northwest from an interchange with Interstate 495 ( Capital Beltway ) and Maryland Route 355 ( Rockville Pike ) in suburban Bethesda, Montgomery County as a six-lane freeway with a speed limit.

Interstate and I-355
Interchange with Interstate 55 ( Illinois ) | I-55, formerly the southern terminus of I-355
I-355 runs from Interstate 80 in New Lenox north to Interstate 290 in Itasca, a distance of.
Initially, I-355 ran from Interstate 55 north to I-290.
Because of problems with pavement on other roads in the system and anticipating heavy traffic on the new Interstate, the tollway authority decided to pave I-355 with pavement expected to last 20 years.

Interstate and ),
Alberta is now served by two major transcontinental railways ( CN and CP ), by three major highway connections to the Pacific ( the Trans-Canada via Kicking Horse Pass, the Yellowhead via Yellowhead Pass and the Crowsnest via Crowsnest Pass ), and one to the United States ( Interstate 15 ), as well as two international airports ( Calgary and Edmonton ).
Atlanta is mostly encircled by Interstate 285, a beltway locally known as " the Perimeter " that has come to mark the boundary between “ Inside the Perimeter ” ( ITP ), the city and close-in suburbs, and “ Outside the Perimeter ” ( OTP ), the outer suburbs and exurbs.
The Central Artery / Tunnel Project ( CA / T ), known unofficially as the Big Dig, was a megaproject in Boston that rerouted the Central Artery ( Interstate 93 ), the chief highway through the heart of the city, into a 3. 5-mile ( 5. 6-km ) tunnel.
The project also included the construction of the Ted Williams Tunnel ( extending Interstate 90 to Logan International Airport ), the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge over the Charles River, and the Rose Kennedy Greenway in the space vacated by the previous I-93 elevated roadway.
In the 1985 World Series against the cross-state St. Louis Cardinals ( nicknamed the " I-70 Series " because the two teams are both located in the state of Missouri and connected by Interstate 70 ), the Royals again fell behind 3 – 1.
Due to the short driving distance and direct highway route ( 170 miles, all on Interstate 8 ), Yuma was very popular with Padres fans, and many fans would travel by car from San Diego for Spring Training games.
In the Eighth Annual Message to Congress ( 1908 ), Roosevelt mentioned the need for federal government to regulate interstate corporations using the Interstate Commerce Clause, also mentioning how these corporations fought federal control by appealing to states ' rights.
The site is accessible from Central Florida's Interstate 4 via Exits 62B ( World Drive ), 64B ( US 192 West ), 65B ( Osceola Parkway West ), 67B ( SR 536 West ), and 68 ( SR 535 North ), and Exit 8 on State Road 429 ( Florida ), the Western Expressway.
Saint Paul is served by the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport ( MSP ), which sits on southwest of the city on the west side of the Mississippi River between Minnesota State Highway 5, Interstate 494, Minnesota State Highway 77, and Minnesota State Highway 62.
The city is a national transportation hub and Mississippi River crossing for Interstate 40, ( east-west ), Interstate 55 ( north-south ), barge traffic, Memphis International Airport ( FedEx's " SuperHub " facility ) and numerous freight railroads that serve the city.
In order of their opening years, these are the Frisco Bridge ( 1892, single-track rail ), the Harahan Bridge ( 1916, a road-rail bridge until 1949, currently carries double-track rail ), the Memphis-Arkansas Memorial Bridge ( Highway, 1949 ; later incorporated into Interstate 55 ), and the Hernando de Soto Bridge ( Interstate 40, 1973 ).

Interstate and also
The first, or double-step, type might also be called the `` railroad type '' because of its application to railroads ( and other transportation agencies ) by the Cost Section of the Interstate Commerce Commission.
Several highways are also named for him, including the Eisenhower Expressway ( Interstate 290 ) near Chicago and the Eisenhower Tunnel on Interstate 70 west of Denver.
* 2007 – Winter storms cause the Chehalis River to flood many cities in Lewis County, Washington, also closing a 20-mile portion of Interstate 5 for several days.
It was also in 1967 that Wynn hit his famous home run onto Interstate 75 in Cincinnati.
* Commerce Clause, also known as the Interstate Commerce Clause and Indian Commerce Clause, an enumerated power of the United States Constitution
Nashville, home of the Titans, is also the midway point of the Atlanta-St. Louis highway corridor, which contains the entirety of Interstate 24, and uses other highways to complete the route.
Systems of freeways and expressways are also built to connect distant and regional cities, notable systems include the Interstate highways, the Autobahnen and the Expressway Network of the People's Republic of China.
In 1964, an inside-the-Capital-Beltway extension of Interstate 70S, also known as the North Central Freeway, was proposed via a route known as " Option # 11 Railroad Sligo East ," up to 1 / 4 mile parallel to the B & O railroad upon a swath of land displacing 471 houses, that would have cut the city in two.
Indians, including the Lenni Lenape and Iroquois, considered the Allegheny and Ohio rivers as the same, as is suggested by a New York State road sign on Interstate 86 that refers to the Allegheny River also as O Hi Yo.
This is also believed to be the highest point of any Interstate in the New York.
Richmond also benefits from an excellent position in reference to the state's transportation network, lying at the junction of east-west Interstate 64 and north-south Interstate 95, two of the most heavily traveled highways in the state, as well as along several major rail lines.
Interstate 15 was also built in a north-south line, further dividing east and west sides of the city.
It also officially encouraged private consolidation of railroads and mandated that the Interstate Commerce Commission ( ICC ) ensure their profitability.
The DOE Act also transferred the regulation of interstate oil pipelines from the Interstate Commerce Commission to FERC.
Cecil County is also bisected east-to-west by Interstate 95, known as the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway in Maryland.
In contrast, the city will also be home to The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum that began construction in 2009, on the South side of Interstate 40, Southeast from Bricktown.
The statue is easily visible by motorists traveling on Interstate 45 ) and is also the title and subject of a country music song by Merle Haggard.
Interstate 81 passes north-south near Wilkes-Barre, and the city is also located near the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and is about north of Interstate 80.
It also transferred regulation of interstate telephone services from the Interstate Commerce Commission to the FCC.
The similar but much larger Amherst – Northampton area of western Massachusetts is also a favorite hangout but is almost an hour away down Interstate 91.

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