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Ironically and though
Ironically though, it was this lack of ports which brought the Dutch to trade at Banda instead of the clove islands of Ternate and Tidore.
Ironically, it is also in the Reeve films that Clark Kent's persona has the greatest resemblance to Woody Allen, though his conscious model was Cary Grant's character in Bringing up Baby.
Ironically, though, Guy is the only character who goes unharmed in the adventure.
" Ironically ( because, it appears, no one had noticed his allusion ) Sonata No. 7 received a Stalin Prize ( Second Class ), and No. 8 a Stalin Prize First Class, even though the works have been subsequently interpreted as representing Prokofiev " venting his anger and frustration with the Soviet regime.
Ironically, Mission Santa Cruz ( though ultimately ignored by the marauders ) was ignominiously sacked and vandalized by local residents who were entrusted with securing the church's valuables.
Ironically, though he idolized the raging, brawling Dempsey, Schmeling developed a careful, scientific style of fighting that lent itself more to counterpunching.
" Ironically, Reines ’ excelled in literary and history courses, but received average or low marks in science and math in his freshman year of high school, though he improved in those areas by his junior and senior years through the encouragement of an unidentified teacher who gave him a key to the school laboratory and gave him permission to work whenever he wanted.
Ironically though, online support groups exist now.
Ironically, though its own origin is unclear, the New York city is known to be the namesake of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
Ironically, the villagers are tired of the hard life they lead and are more than eager to sell, though they feign indifference to induce a larger offer.
Ironically, though most of the love-shy men disliked or even hated their parents, they visited them constantly, because they were the only people they could interact with and also to receive financial support despite also receiving heavy hazing.
Ironically, only the U. S. Marine Corps, whose commanders had stored and maintained their World War II surplus inventories of equipment and weapons, proved ready for deployment, though they still were understrength and in need of suitable landing craft to practice amphibious operations ( Johnson had transferred most of the remaining craft to the Navy and reserved them for use in training Army units ).< ref name = Shipmate2000 > As U. S. and South Korean forces lacked sufficient armor and artillery to repel the North Korean forces, Army and Marine Corps ground troops were instead committed to a series of costly rearguard actions as the enemy steadily progressed down the Korean peninsula, eventually encircling Pusan.
Ironically, his Salisbury title came with comparatively little in terms of wealth, though he did gain a more southerly residence at Bisham Manor in Berkshire.
Ironically, Pete Rozelle is erroneously given credit for the merger, even though he consistently refused to have a game between NFL and AFL champions, and the fact that Rozelle was " out of the loop " when the AFL and NFL owners negotiated the merger.
Ironically, even though the Southern Court was the enemy, it was used as the justification by regime members to attack each other.
Ironically, art critics later criticized his palette as “ primitive and unnatural ” even though it was based on actual observation.
Ironically, though the jungle primary system was intended to benefit Edwards ' own political career, many observers cite it as being a major factor in the eventual rise of the state's Republican party and the creation of a genuinely competitive two-party system.
" Ironically though, he does guest vocals in one of the tracks, " Superproxy 2k6 " by Francis Magalona.
Ironically, the AGA version of Naughty Ones was cracked by Crystal ( though released under the Paradox label ; the OCS version was cracked by a group called Kingdom ).
Ironically, though the boat is wrecked, the tide takes them straight to Cutthroat Island.
Ironically the Cardinals had been the Browns ' tenants since 1920, even though they had long since passed the Browns as St. Louis ' favorite team.
Ironically, though ... Sally always seemed a little more toned down and not quite as hyper and happy after that strip was published, implying that perhaps he was more than just her big brother's friend as well.
Ironically, even though Plucky would gripe about how he deserved to have as much or more air-time on the show than Buster and Babs, a massive chunk of the series ' episodes usually revolved around him in some manner.
Ironically, though the succeeding Estádio do Dragão had opened in November 2003, the replanting of the turf resulted in some games returning to Estádio das Antas.

Ironically and lead
Ironically enough, the President's paranoia and opportunism lead to the establishment of a real resistance movement that is organized through narrow-beam radio transmissions from a mysterious alien near-Earth satellite, by a superintelligent, extraterrestrial, but less than omnipotent being ( or network ) named VALIS.
Ironically Gall's approach provided a way to studying the mind that would lead to the downfall of his theories.
Ironically, it had been Mulroney who had played the lead role in recruiting Wagner to the PC party a few years earlier, and the two wound up as rivals for Quebec delegates, most of whom were snared by Wagner, who even blocked Mulroney from becoming a voting delegate.
Ironically, Hook then opened a new club and live venue in Manchester, FAC 251 – The Factory, in February 2010 singing lead vocals with his band, The Light.
Ironically, Hitler attended performances that included Jewish and foreign singers, long after they had been banned from all other venues across Germany ( including heldentenor, Max Lorenz, married to a well-known Jewish woman ) Winifred's influence with Hitler was so strong that Hitler even wrote a letter ( at her behest ) to anti-fascist Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini, begging him to lead the festival.
Ironically, having platelet counts above 1, 000, 000 platelets / μL can lead to hemorrhagic events.
" Ironically, Chadwick's battles with depression enabled him to better understand why Terry Bickers had left the band, and would eventually lead to a reconciliation between the two.
Ironically, in her most famous attack on Lenin's views, the 1904 Organizational Questions of the Russian Social Democracy, or, Leninism or Marxism ?, a response to Lenin's 1903 What Is To Be Done ?, Luxemburg was more worried that the authoritarianism she saw in Leninism would lead to sectarianism and irrelevancy than that it would lead to a dictatorship after a successful revolution-although she also warned of the latter danger.
Ironically, Janoth re-hires Stroud to lead the effort to find the man.
Ironically, these crimes are being committed by the so called " respectable " citizens of the city, who by day, lead a life totally in contrast to their nighttime deeds behind closed doors.

Ironically and single
Ironically, the Platters became the label's more successful act, the Penguins never scoring a second hit single.
Ironically, it gave the band their biggest international hit single, reaching No. 5 in the UK singles charts and No. 12 in the Netherlands.
Ironically, it was Stiff Records, formed from a £ 400 loan from Feelgood ’ s Lee Brilleaux, who went on to release the first British punk single — The Damned ’ s " New Rose ".
Ironically, Rundgren's biggest solo hit was an up-tempo version of Nazz ' first unsuccessful single, " Hello It's Me " from his 1972 Something / Anything?
Ironically, according to Parker's Archive of American Television interview, Ford had originally wanted to cast Parker in Hunter's role in The Searchers but Disney refused to loan him out and Parker didn't hear about until years later ; Parker referred to his loss of that part to Jeffrey Hunter as his single biggest career setback.
Ironically, Duke won his single victory for public office, a seat in the state House of Representatives, by narrowly defeating Treen's brother, John S. Treen, a home builder in Jefferson Parish.
Ironically, Tyndale's was perhaps the most influential single translation of the Bible ever made into English.
Ironically, the last restrictions on ITV company joint ownership were lifted by the Communications Act 2003, and in February 2004 Granada and Carlton merged to form a single entity ITV plc controlling all of the ITV franchises in England and Wales.
" Ironically enough, Sallard would eventually throw in a few back-up vocals for Peniston on a song with a significant title, " You Win, I Win, We Lose ", while Peniston, who in return played an agent to get a record deal also for Malaika ( whose album Sugar Time scored in 1993 two Top 5 hits on the US Dance chart, including the No. 1 single " Gotta Know ( Your Name )") would mention the Pooch's name on her own debut album in addition, leaving Davis a note saying " thanks for letting me be a part of Female Preacher.
Ironically in 1987 the band pleaded with the label to release the song as a single however EMI deemed the song not worthy enough however thanks to the band's mainstream success the label now felt it was time to cash in and release the more melodic sounding song.
Ironically, their debut video for the single " Diane " appeared on MTV's 120 Minutes in late December 1990 which was the episode of the final appearance of Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson of The Replacements in sort of a fitting segue between the lesser-known music genres of the two decades.
Ironically, it did yield the band's first American Top 40 hit with the single " Don't Look Down-The Sequel ", a continuation of the track " Don't Look Down " from the debut album.

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