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Irving and Kaplan
* Nuclear Physics by Irving Kaplan 2nd edition, 1962 Addison-Wesley
* Irving Kaplan
* Irving Kaplan, an MIT professor
Irving Kaplan was an official of the United States government accused of involvement in Soviet espionage.
Irving Kaplan of the War Production Board was also giving Silverman information to be transmitted to the Soviet Union.
Benjamin's descendants worked at and managed the various restaurants, including George Dubrow, his son ( who died in a car crash in Florida ), his grandsons, Irwin Dubrow and Paul Tobin, and his sons-in-law, Irving Kaplan ( who married his daughter Sylvia ) and Max Tobin ( who married to his daughter Minnie.
Paul Tobin went on to manage Dubrow's for many years, along with Irving Kaplan, until it eventually closed.
* Kaplan, Irving.

Irving and rated
Extremely modest about his singing abilities ( he frequently claimed that he could not sing, but the critics rated him as among the finest ), Astaire introduced some of the most celebrated songs from the Great American Songbook, in particular, Cole Porter's: " Night and Day " in Gay Divorce ( 1932 ), Irving Berlin's " Isn't This a Lovely Day?

Irving and Harold
Perelman, Terence Rattigan, John Osborne, Harold Pinter, David Mamet, Larry McMurtry, Arthur Miller, John Irving, David Hare and Tony Kushner.
Classic pop embraces the song output of the Broadway and Hollywood show tune writers from approximately World War I to the 1950s, such as Irving Berlin, Victor Herbert, Harry Warren, Harold Arlen, Jerome Kern, George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart, Oscar Hammerstein, Johnny Mercer, Dorothy Fields, Hoagy Carmichael, Cole Porter and a host of others.
* Irving Abella and Harold Troper-None is Too Many.
Meanwhile, some maturing authors such as Irving Layton, Raymond Souster, Harold Standish and Louis Dudek, moved in a different direction, adopting colloquial speech in their work.
Among the more influential scientists have been Harold Gulliksen ( whose book, " Theory of Mental Tests ," helped codify classical test theory ); Frederic Lord ( Item Response Theory ); Samuel Messick, ( modern validity theory ); Robert Linn ( currently known for testing and educational policy ); Norman Frederiksen ( performance assessment ); Ledyard Tucker ( test analysis, including inventing the " Angoff Method " of standard setting ); Donald Rubin ( missing data and causal modeling from observational data ); Karl Joreskog ( structural equation modeling and confirmatory factor analysis ); Paul Holland ( differential item functioning, test equating, causal modeling ); John Carroll ( language testing and cognitive psychology ); Michael Lewis ( infant cognitive, social, and emotional development ); Irving Sigel ( children's cognitive development ); Herman Witkin ( cognitive and learning styles ); K. Patricia Cross ( adult education ); Samuel Ball ( an evaluation researcher who documented the positive educational effects of Sesame Street ); and David Rosenhan ( known for the Rosenhan experiment, which challenged the validity of psychiatric diagnosis ).
His students include Samuel Adler, Leroy Anderson, Arthur Berger, Leonard Bernstein, Gordon Binkerd, Elliott Carter, John Davison, Irving Fine, John Harbison, Karl Kohn, Ellis B. Kohs, Gail Kubik, Billy Jim Layton, Noël Lee, Robert Middleton, Robert Moevs, Conlon Nancarrow, William P. Perry, Daniel Pinkham, Frederic Rzewski, Allen Sapp, Harold Shapero, and Claudio Spies.
* Abella, Irving M and Troper, Harold M. None is too many: Canada and the Jews of Europe, 1933-1948.
At her career peak in the early 1920s, Murray, along with such other notable Hollywood personalities as Cecil B. DeMille, Douglas Fairbanks, William S. Hart, Jesse L. Lasky, Harold Lloyd, Hal Roach, Donald Crisp, Conrad Nagel and Irving Thalberg was a member of the board of trustees at the Motion Picture & Television Fund-A charitable organization that offers assistance and care to those in the motion picture and television industries without resources.
Youmans collaborated with the greatest songwriters on Broadway: Herbert Stothart, Otto Harbach, Oscar Hammerstein II, Irving Caesar, Anne Caldwell, Leo Robin, Clifford Grey, Billy Rose, Edward Eliscu, Edward Heyman, Harold Adamson, Mack Gordon, Buddy De Sylva and Gus Kahn.
The set sold well and was followed by 78s dedicated to the music of Cole Porter ( 1940 ) and Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart ( 1940 and 1954 ), Harold Arlen ( 1943 ), and 10 " LPs dedicated to the music of Vincent Youmans and Irving Berlin ( 1951 ).
Irving Berlin, Inc. transferred Burke to its New York City office, where he began to write lyrics in collaboration with composer Harold Spina.
* The Harold Rome Papers, Irving S. Gilmore Music Library, Yale University
* TCM Remembers 2010: director Arthur Penn, editor Dede Allen, Jean Simmons, director Roy Ward Baker, Lynn Redgrave, producer David Brown, editor Sally Menke, Harold Gould, director Dino De Laurentiis, Dennis Hopper, Jill Clayburgh, Robert Culp, James Mitchell, James MacArthur, Johnny Sheffield, Corey Haim, director Clive Donner, Kevin McCarthy, Cammie King, Eddie Fisher, director Éric Rohmer, John Forsythe, producer Irving Ravetch, art director Robert F. Boyle, Robert Ellenstein, producer Tom Mankiewicz, editor Suso Cecchi d ' Amico, Fess Parker, Baby Marie Osborne, Lena Horne, Lionel Jeffries, Kathryn Grayson, Tony Curtis, Doris Eaton Travis, writer Joseph Stein, director Ronald Neame, Claude Chabrol, Gloria Stuart, June Havoc, Glenn Shadix, Peter Graves, Barbara Billingsley, Leslie Nielsen, director Blake Edwards, Zelda Rubinstein, cinematographer William A. Fraker, producer David L. Wolper, Meinhardt Raabe, director Irvin Kershner and Patricia Neal.
Among the famed 20th century composers and lyricists whose works were housed here are Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart, Irving Berlin, Harold Rome, Frank Loesser, Lionel Bart, Bob Merrill, Stephen Sondheim, Jule Styne, E. Y.
She wrote most of her compositions at the MacDowell Colony where she also met composers of the " Boston school ", Arthur Berger, Lukas Foss, Irving Fine, Alexei Haieff, Harold Shapero, and Claudio Spies.
He is grouped in the " Boston school " along with Arthur Berger, Irving Fine, Alexei Haieff, Harold Shapero, and Claudio Spies.
Some of the lyricists and composers include Cole Porter, Kurt Weill, Irving Berlin, Noël Coward, Vincent Youmans, Vernon Duke, Johnny Mercer, Jerome Kern, Ira Gershwin, Harold Arlen, Alan Jay Lerner, Arthur Schwartz, Rodgers, Hart, DeSylva, Brown and Henderson.
* Irving Sedar and Harold J. Greenberg, Behind the Egyptian Sphinx: Nasser's strange bedfellows ; prelude to World War III ?, Philadelphia, Chilton Co., 1960
The creation of in-yer-face theatre parallels the history of more-prevalently accepted literary-critical coinages by critics like Martin Esslin ( Theatre of the Absurd ), who extended the existential philosophical concept of the Absurd to drama and theatre in his 1961 book of that title, and Irving Wardle ( Comedy of menace ), who borrowed the phrase from the subtitle of The Lunatic View: A Comedy of Menace, by David Campton, in 1958 reviews of productions of Campton's play and of The Birthday Party, by Harold Pinter, applying Campton's subtitle to Pinter's work.
The original Board of Trustees included many of the biggest names in Hollywood such as Charles Christie, Cecil B. DeMille, Douglas Fairbanks Sr., William S. Hart, Jesse L. Lasky, Harold Lloyd, Mae Murray, Hal Roach, Donald Crisp and Irving Thalberg.
Wilder devotes whole chapters to only six artists: Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, Cole Porter, and Harold Arlen.
Lee Wiley was among the first to record collections of one specific songwriter or songwriting team, beginning with George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin ( 1939 ), followed by Cole Porter ( 1940 ), Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart ( 1940 ), Harold Arlen ( 1943 ), Irving Berlin ( 1951 ) and Vincent Youmans ( 1951 ).
These eight collections paid tribute to Cole Porter ( 1956 ), Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart ( 1956 ), Duke Ellington ( 1957 ), Irving Berlin ( 1958 ), George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin ( 1959 ), Harold Arlen ( 1961 ), Jerome Kern ( 1963 ) and Johnny Mercer ( 1964 ).
She has been described as a " strikingly beautiful and poised performer ," and has been widely praised for her vocal talent, her intelligent, emotional, witty interpretations, as well as for her taste in song selection primarily from the American popular song book featuring the works of Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer, Vernon Duke, and Rodgers and Hart.

Irving and worst
The album, however, suffered the worst sales of Zevon's career, in part because his label, superagent Irving Azoff's short-lived Giant Records, was in the process of going out of business.

Irving and I
Other key traditional pop and jazz ballads include: " Body and Soul " by Johnny Green ; " Misty " by Erroll Garner ; " The Man I Love " by George Gershwin ; " My Funny Valentine " by Rodgers and Hart, " God Bless the Child " by Billie Holiday, " Ev ' ry Time We Say Goodbye " by Cole Porter, the instrumental ballad " Naima " by John Coltrane, " In a Sentimental Mood " by Duke Ellington and " Always " by Irving Berlin.
Irving Berlin quipped, " The world would not be in such a snarl, had Marx been Groucho instead of Karl ", In his book The Groucho Phile, Marx says " I've been a liberal Democrat all my life ", and " I frankly find Democrats a better, more sympathetic crowd ....
Nevertheless, American operetta largely gave way, by the end of World War I, to musicals, such as the Princess Theatre musicals, and revues, followed by the musicals of Rogers and Hart, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and others.
Adding a new second keyboard player in the person of Matt Irving, the band issued the live album A Round And A Bout on I. R. S.
Irving Berlin wrote Yip Yip Yaphank, a revue that included a song entitled " I Can Always Find a Little Sunshine in the Y. M. C. A.
At the press conference in Hamburg, Irving announced, " I know the collection from which these diaries come.
In the first edition of Hitler's War, Irving footnotes, " I cannot accept the view … there exists no document signed by Hitler, Himmler or Heydrich speaking of the extermination of the Jews ".
Irving stated that: " I have at home ... a filing cabinet full of documents which I don't issue all at once.
Irving then claimed to have asked the naval adjutant when Hitler made that remark, and upon hearing that the date was 24 March 1938, Irving stated in response " Herr Admiral, at that moment I was being born ".
According to Zündel, Irving "... thought I was ' Revisionist-Neo-Nazi-Rambo-Kook!
In response to the House of Commons motion, Irving in a press statement challenged the MPs who voted to condemn him that: " I will enter the ' gas chambers ' of Auschwitz and you and your friends may lob in Zyklon B in accordance with the well known procedures and conditions.
In a 1990 speech, Irving stated: " I say the following thing: there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz.
Irving claimed on the basis of what he called the index books that, " Because the experts can look at a tattoo and say ' Oh yes, 181, 219 that means you entered Auschwitz in March 1943 " and he warned Auschwitz survivors " If you want to go and have a tattoo put on your arm, as a lot of them do, I am afraid to say, and claim subsequently that you were in Auschwitz, you have to make sure a ) that it fits in with the month you said you went to Auschwitz and b ) it is not a number which anyone used before ".
In a 1993 letter, Irving lashed out against his former friend Zündel, writing that: " In April 1988 I unhesitatingly agreed to aid your defence as a witness in Toronto.
In 1995, Irving stated in another speech that " I have to take off my hat to my adversaries and the strategies they have employed — the marketing of the very word Holocaust: I half expected to see a little TM after it ".
After he was arrested, Irving claimed in his plea that he changed his opinions on the Holocaust, " I said that then based on my knowledge at the time, but by 1991 when I came across the Eichmann papers, I wasn't saying that anymore and I wouldn't say that now.
" Irving sat motionless as Liebtreu asked him if he had understood the sentence, to which he replied " I'm not sure I do " before being bundled out of the court by Austrian police.
Author Washington Irving visited Orford in 1832 and is quoted as saying, " In all my travels in this country and in Europe, I have seen no village more beautiful than this.

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