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Is and fundamental
** He Is There and He Is Not Silent: How God speaks to man through the Bible on the three philosophically fundamental areas of metaphysics, morals, and epistemology.

Is and for
Is the world better for having this idea thrust upon it??
Is the Oedipus complex, the clinical syndrome, material for a tragedy??
It was going to be hard going all the way because he hadn't written seriously for a while, except for a few stories, was tired of the old method of realismo he had so successfully used in The Sky Is Red.
Is this what our children are to come face to face with when they are ready for college in a few years??
Is this a reason for saving no one??
Is this for real??
It is extremely important for each American to realize that the theme `` The United Nations Is Your Business '' applies to him personally.
His first thought is about the question itself: Is there a question here for American foreign policy, and, if so, what is it??
Is the matter one for the United Nations or some other international body??
Is your purchasing agent offering too much free-buying service for employees??
Is your sporting firearms and ammunition department primed for the expanding horizons??
Is the respondent making a recommendation for his own benefit, for the benefit of his industry, for the benefit of a specific government department or service, for the benefit of the defense program, for the benefit of small business, or for the benefit of the taxpayers??
Is he swept away by sentiment and nostalgia for an America that was??
Is it for me to be forbidden the flesh you made grow on me??
`` Is that the name for the needle ''??
American TV was the setting for the first dramatic portrayal of Miss Marple with Gracie Fields, the legendary British actress, playing her in a 1956 episode of Goodyear TV Playhouse based on A Murder Is Announced, the 1950 Christie novel.
In The Word for World Is Forest, Le Guin explains that in order for communication to work with any pair of ansibles, at least one " must be on a large-mass body, the other can be anywhere in the cosmos.
* Tobin, Paul N., 2000, " Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life?

Is and theory
Darwin's daughter Henrietta ( Etty ) wrote to her father: " Is it fair that Lyell always calls your theory a modification of Lamarck's?
One of the most famous and productive problems of graph theory is the four color problem: " Is it true that any map drawn in the plane may have its regions colored with four colors, in such a way that any two regions having a common border have different colors?
For example, the founder of quantum field theory, Paul Dirac, stated in 1951 in an article in Nature, titled " Is there an Aether?
Situationist theory experienced a vogue in the late ' 90s hardcore punk scene, being referenced by Orchid, His Hero Is Gone, and CrimethInc ..
From 1992 to 2007, Wright City was home to the Elvis Is Alive Museum, run by Baptist minister Bill Beeny in his local general store, and intended to prove Beeny's theory that the singer Elvis Presley is still living.
The following interaction of the Buddha pertains to the latter theory: The Buddha was silent to the questions of the paribbajako ( wandering ascetic ) Vacchagotta ofIs there a self ?” or “ Is there not a self ?”.
Zurek, Is quantum theory universally valid?
It was this element of Richards ' perspective on communication that influenced the way in which McLuhan expressed many of his ideas using metaphors and phrases such as " The Global Village " and " The Medium Is the Message " two of his most well known phrases that encapsulate the theory of Media Ecology.
Is EBE theory supported by the evidence?
One theory had it that he was an Is ' maili fanatic, since these regularly made attempts on the lives of Seljuq officials and rulers during the 11th century.
This novel variation is still set in the once-upon-a-time 16th century, but it features an active, 1990s-style heroine -- she argues about economic theory and civil rights with her royal suitor -- rather than a passive, exploited hearth sweeper who warbles ' A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes '.
Gatherings of anti-spammers on Usenet began to ridicule proponents of this theory, and many participants in news. admin. net-abuse. email chose to dub themselves as members of " the Lumber Cartel " in their signatures, followed immediately by the acronymic disclaimer " TinLC " ( There is no Lumber Cartel ), reminiscent of the There Is No Cabal catchphrase.
Decommodification of Labor Theory ( DLT ) Is a criminological theory that focuses on the intersection of homicide and the free-market capitalist system.
The antinomies and the theory of types ( pp. 218 — wherein he demonstrates how to create antinomies, including the definition of impredicable itself (" Is the definition of " impredicable " impredicable ?").
If a theory has quantifier elimination, then a specific question can be addressed: Is there a method of determining for each?
An alternative theory is put forwards alongside the above on the " This Is Hartlepool " town guide.

Is and Every
Four other hits from the album made the Pop top 20: " Every Heartbeat " ( No. 2 ), " That's What Love Is For " ( No. 7 ), " Good For Me " ( No. 8 ), and " I Will Remember You " ( No. 20 ).
An album with some of these live and studio tracks ( along with the first recorded version of " Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic ") was released 20 years later in 1997 under the name Strontium 90: Police Academy.
It spawned the hit singles, " Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic " ( featuring pianist Jean Roussel ), " Invisible Sun ", and " Spirits in the Material World ".
Bradman recorded several songs accompanying himself and others on piano in the early 1930s, including " Every Day Is A Rainbow Day For Me ".
" ( intro ), " Come Back and Stay ", " That's The Way Love Is " ( with Alison Moyet ), " Every Time You Go Away " ( W 16: 38 );
The soundtrack includes " Just Maintain " by Xzibit, " Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic " by The Police, and two renditions of " Can't Take My Eyes Off You ", one by Frankie Valli and the other by Lauryn Hill.
Shot in only twenty days in New York City, both Norwood and Ross served as executive producers of the movie which features original songs from their respective albums Never Say Never ( 1998 ) and Every Day Is a New Day ( 1999 ) as well as previously unreleased duets.
The band has officially announced the release of its first new studio recording since 2007, " Every Man And Woman Is A Star ".
* " Every Day Is Ladies ' Day To Me " w. Henry Blossom m. Victor Herbert
Other songs included " Well, Darling ", " Hello Little Girl ", " That's When Your Heartaches Begin ", " Wild Cat ", " I'll Always Be in Love with You ", " Some Days ", " Hallelujah I Love Her So ", " The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise ", " You Must Write Every Day ", " Movin ' and Groovin '", and " Ramrod ".
# " Every Song Is You " ( Terry Cashman, Tommy West )
George Harrison also wrote two songs for Black: " The Light that has Lighted The World " and " I'll Still Love You ( When Every Song Is Sung )".
* Every Man Is My Enemy ( 1967 ; Italian: Qualcuno ha tradito )
* The Triangle Is Right — A spoof on the title The Price Is Right — Every question is answered with the response, " A triangle " ( a possible indirect reference to the real-life quiz show scandals of the ' 50s ).
During this period he lived with the French poet Pierre Martory, whose books Every Question but One ( 1990 ), The Landscape Is behind the door ( 1994 ) and The Landscapist he has translated ( 2008 ), as he has Jean Perrault ( Camouflage ), Max Jacob ( The Dice Cup ), Pierre Reverdy and Raymond Roussel.
The next few years saw Andy regularly in the reggae charts with further singles for Dodd such as " Something on My Mind ", " Love of a Woman ", " Just Say Who ", and " Every Tongue Shall Tell ", as well as singles for other producers such as " Lonely Woman " ( for Derrick Harriott ), " Girl I Love You " ( Ernest and Joseph Hoo Kim ), " Love You to Want Me " and " Delilah " ( Gussie Clarke ), and " Get Wise ", " Feel Good ", and " Money Is The Root of All Evil " for Phil Pratt.
# " Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic ", performed by The Police
Every few minutes, an announcement would break in on WNBC, saying, " Is Herb Stempel going to win over $ 100, 000 tonight?
After it, the duo charted at number 5 with " My Heart Is Lost to You " and number 12 with a cover of Kim Richey's " Every River ", featuring a backing vocal from Richey.
In 1986, Bruce Hornsby borrowed the opening phrase of " The Alcotts " movement as the introduction to his hit " Every Little Kiss " ( as heard on the album The Way It Is ).
In 2004, Mankiller co-authored Every Day Is a Good Day: Reflections by Contemporary Indigenous Women.
Every Day Is a Good Day: Reflections by Contemporary Indigenous Women.
" ( Every Villain Is Lemons ) with Man Ray and the Dirty Bubble.

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