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Isaac and inaugurated
While Flanagin stayed in Confederate controlled territory, a new Union government under Isaac Murphy was inaugurated on April 18, 1864.
At Harvard College in 1721 a weekly periodical entitled the Telltale was inaugurated by a group of students, including Ebenezer Pemberton, Charles Chauncy, and Isaac Greenwood.

Isaac and reign
During the brief reign of Andronikos I Komnenos, Isaac was involved ( alongside his father and brothers ) in the revolt of Nicaea and Prousa.
One final edition appeared in ( 1672 ) during the reign of King Charles II when the English scientific revolution was well in progress, culminating in Isaac Newton's discoveries.
Representing Dutch and Dutch East India Company interests, Isaac Titsingh traveled to Beijing in 1794-95 for celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary of the Qianlong Emperor's reign.
Representing Dutch and Dutch East India Company interests, Isaac Titsingh traveled to Beijing in 1794 – 95 for celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary of the Qianlong Emperor's reign.
The Wizard of Oz, known during his reign as The Great and Powerful Oz, is the epithet of Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs, a fictional character in the Land of Oz, created by American author L. Frank Baum.
Andronikos I had usurped the throne in 1183 and after a two year reign of terror was tortured and killed by the populace of Constantinople after being deposed by Isaac II Angelos.
The Port Isaac pier was constructed during the reign of Henry VIII.
The eight ideals of culture represented by Pentaour ( dawn of history ), Ezekial ( cosmic tradition ), Socrates ( birth of reason ), Marcus Aurelius ( reign of law ), St. John the Apostle ( glorification of faith ), Louis IX ( age of chivalry ), Isaac Newton ( discovery of nature ), and Abraham Lincoln ( liberation of peoples ) are also represented.
Although his reign lasted only till 1059, when he was pressured by his courtiers to abdicate and become a monk, Isaac initiated many useful reforms.
After Manuel I's reign the Komnenos dynasty fell into conspiracies and plots like many of their ancestors ( and the various contenders within the family sought power and often succeeded in overthrowing the preceding kinsman ); Alexios II, the first Komnenos to ascend as a minor, ruled for three years and his conqueror and successor Andronikos I ruled for two, overthrown by the Angelos family under Isaac II who was dethroned and blinded by his own brother Alexios III.
During the reign of Eastern Roman Emperor Isaac I Komnenos, the single-headed eagle was modified to double-headed to symbolise the Empire's dominance over East and West.

Isaac and with
It may appear that we were cruel and callous, but no one had time to spend sympathizing with poor Isaac -- except the Reverend.
Cousin Joshua Dover decided to remain with the Reverend and poor Isaac Pitt until life passed away -- and he was hurt so badly he did not seem for long in this world.
Guest performers and conductors during the coming season will include many renowned artists who began their careers playing with the orchestra, including violinists Yehudi Menuhin, Isaac Stern, Ruggiero Ricci and David Abel ; ;
In the 18th century the " dominant trend " in Britain, particularly in Latitudinarianism, was towards Arianism, with which the names of Samuel Clarke, Benjamin Hoadly, William Whiston and Isaac Newton are associated.
Under Michael VII Doukas Parapinakes ( 1071 – 1078 ) and Nikephoros III Botaneiates ( 1078 – 1081 ), he was also employed, along with his elder brother Isaac, against rebels in Asia Minor, Thrace, and in Epirus.
From there she negotiated with the emperor for the safety of family members left in the capital, while protesting her sons ' innocence of hostile actions ; under the falsehood of making a vesperal visit to worship at the church, she deliberately excluded the grandson of Botaneiates and his loyal tutor, met with Alexios and Isaac and fled for the forum of Constantine.
His younger brother Isaac was threatened with execution under orders of their first-cousin once-removed Andronikos I Komnenos on September 11, 1185.
In 1195, while Isaac II was away hunting in Thrace, Alexios was acclaimed as emperor by the troops with the conniving of Alexios ' wife Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamatera.
Alexios captured Isaac at Stagira in Macedonia, put out his eyes, and thenceforth kept him a close prisoner, though he had been redeemed by him from captivity at Antioch and loaded with honours.
Isaac Asimov solved the same communication problem with the hyper-wave relay in the Foundation series.
Designer Isaac Mizrahi directed and designed the production, with a cast that starred Amy Irving, Siân Phillips, and Ron Raines.
Ken Anderson eventually replaced Carter as starting quarterback, and together with star wide receiver Isaac Curtis, produced a consistent, effective offensive attack.
* Oral history interview with Isaac Levin Auerbach Charles Babbage Institute University of Minnesota.
Isaac Newton's rotating bucket argument ( also known as " Newton's bucket ") was designed to demonstrate that true rotational motion cannot be defined as the relative rotation of the body with respect to the immediately surrounding bodies.
The oldest document to bear the word " croquet " with a description of the modern game is the set of rules registered by Isaac Spratt in November 1856 with the Stationers ' Company in London.
Based on a script by Roy Thomas, the comic had two artists with radically different graphic styles: Rafa Fonteriz draw the present day part, while Isaac M. del Rivero draw the part based on Le Fanu's book.
In the 9th or 10th century, Yehuda Ibn Quraysh compared the phonology and morphology of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic, but attributed this resemblance to the Biblical story of Babel, with Abraham, Isaac and Joseph retaining Adam's language, with other languages at various removes becoming more altered from the original Hebrew.
North American efforts include the 1993 founding of RadPsyNet Radical Psychology Network, the 1997 publication of Critical Psychology: An Introduction ( edited by Dennis Fox and Isaac Prilleltensky ; expanded 2009 edition edited by Dennis Fox, Isaac Prilleltensky, and Stephanie Austin ), and the action-focused PsyACT ( Psychologists Acting with Conscience Together ).
He covers over 40 scientists, with special attention paid to Francis Bacon, Robert Boyle, and Isaac Newton.
One ancestor, Isaac Roosevelt, had served with the New York militia during the American Revolution.
As described in Isaac Asimov's autobiography In Memory Yet Green, the Futurians spun off from the Greater New York Science Fiction Club ( headed by Sam Moskowitz, later an influential SF editor and historian ) over ideological differences, with the Futurians wishing to take a more overt political stance.

Isaac and decisive
However, division in the United States over the war, a lackluster American militia, the incompetence of American military commanders, and swift and decisive action by the British commander, Sir Isaac Brock, kept Upper Canada part of British North America.
He played a decisive political role in the transition of power from Michael VI to Isaac I Komnenos in 1057 ; then from Isaac Komnenos to Constantine X Doukas ( 1059 ); and then again from Romanos IV Diogenes to Michael VII Doukas ( 1071 ).
However, division in the United States over the war, the incompetence of American military commanders, and swift and decisive action by the British commander, Sir Isaac Brock, keep Upper Canada part of British North America.
Ideas leading up to the notions of function, derivative, and integral were developed throughout the 17th century, but the decisive step was made by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz.
On his travels with the Grande chapelle he met many of the other Franco-Flemish composers who were working at the same time ( for instance, Josquin, Isaac and Robert de Févin ) and these meetings may also have proved decisive on the development of his style.

Isaac and victory
Amathus still flourished and produced a distinguished patriarch of Alexandria, St. John the Merciful, as late as 606-616, and a ruined Byzantine church marks the site ; but it declined and was already almost deserted when Richard Plantagenet won Cyprus by a victory there over Isaac Comnenus in 1191.
At the suggestion of his mother-in-law he wrote a history (" Materials for a History ", ) of the period from 1057 to 1081, from the victory of Isaac I Komnenos over Michael VI to the dethronement of Nikephoros III Botaneiates by Alexios I.
David ben Judah, who carried off the victory, appointed Isaac ben Hiyya as gaon at Pumbedita in 833.
British Major-General Sir Isaac Brock was killed in the battle ; the victory and his death are commemorated by an impressive stone monument located atop the Niagara Escarpment and surmounted by a large stone statue of Brock overlooking the village below.
Isaac, or more likely Margaritone, won a victory over the Byzantine troops and captured the captains, whom he took off to Sicily, while the rest of the sailors remained on Cyprus, to fend for themselves as best they could.
After Oliver Hazard Perry's victory in the September 10, 1813, Battle of Lake Erie, William Henry Harrison called on Kentucky Governor Isaac Shelby, a popular Revolutionary War hero, to recruit troops in Kentucky and join him in his invasion of Canada.
Bobby Isaac won the pole position, and Richard Brickhouse won the race, his only career victory.

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