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Isabella and succeeded
The next year, Isabella died giving birth to their son Conrad IV, who succeeded his mother to the throne although he never appeared in the east.
Isabella II succeeded her father when he died on 29 September 1833.
He was father of four sons: by Isabella, he had Peter, his successor ; by Felicia he had Ferdinand, who was alive in 1086 but died within the next decade, Alfonso, who succeeded Peter, and Ramiro, who succeeded Alfonso.
His full sister was Queen Sibylla of Jerusalem and his nephew through this sister ( who succeeded him ) was the child-king Baldwin V. He had a half sister through his father's second marriage to Maria Comnena-Queen Isabella I of Jerusalem.
A temporary settlement was then reached by which Guy was to remain king in his lifetime, but to be succeeded by Conrad and Isabella or their heirs.
Born in Lisbon, the son of King Afonso V of Portugal by his wife, Isabella of Coimbra, princess of Portugal, John II succeeded his father in 1477 when the king retired to a monastery, but only became king in 1481, after the death of his father and predecessor.
He was succeeded by Ferdinand, his son by his second marriage, who was already married to Isabella I of Castile.
On his death from syphilis contracted from prostitutes, he was succeeded by his son Federico, with Isabella acting as regent.
* Queen Isabella I of Castile, who succeeded her half-brother Henry IV in 1474
* Queen Juana of Castile, who succeeded her mother Isabella I in 1504
* Queen Isabella II of Spain, who succeeded her father Ferdinand VII in 1833
Isabella was already known to be carrying their first child – Maria of Montferrat, who later succeeded her mother as queen regnant ( see the Old French Continuation of William of Tyre, the Brevis Regni Hierosolymitani Historia in the Annals of Genoa, and the Muslim chronicler Imad ad-Din al-Isfahani ).
On her death on 5 April 1205, Isabella was succeeded as Queen of Jerusalem by her eldest daughter Maria of Montferrat.
# Maria ( 1192 – 1212 ), succeeded Isabella as Queen of Jerusalem.
In 1327, when Edward III succeeded to the throne at the age of fifteen, he granted the Manor for life to his mother, Queen Isabella for her services during his father ’ s reign.
Through his marriage to Isabella Stewart they had a son Thomas, and a single daughter, Margaret, who succeeded her brother and became in her turn Countess of Mar.
When her mother Isabella of Naples died in 1524, Bona succeeded to the titles Duchess of Bari and Princess of Rossano.
He then marched immediately on Brussels, where he succeeded the old Infanta Isabella who had died in December 1633.
He was succeeded by Hugh of Lusignan-Antioch ( son of his younger aunt Isabella ) as Hugh III of Cyprus, though his heir-general was another first cousin, Hugh of Brienne ( c 1240 – 1296 ), son of Mary of Cyprus, the eldest aunt of the deceased Hugh II.
He was succeeded in his titles and pretensions by his sister Isabella and her sons.
* Isabella of Brienne ( 1306 – 1360 ), married Walter of Enghien and succeeded her brother on his death
The son of Guy of Cyprus, Constable of Cyprus ( son of Hugh III of Cyprus and wife Isabella of Ibelin ), and Eschiva of Ibelin, Hugh succeeded his father as Constable of Cyprus in 1318, and later succeeded to the throne of Cyprus on the death of his uncle Henry II, since Henry II had no son.

Isabella and her
Princess Maria Theresia Isabella of Austria, a noble abess with her crozier
Alfonso was the son of Queen Isabella II of Spain, and allegedly, of her husband and King Consort, Francis, Duke of Cádiz.
When Queen Isabella and her husband were forced to leave Spain by the Revolution of 1868, Alfonso accompanied them to Paris.
The kingdom of Cyprus passed to Hugh, his only surviving son, while the kingdom of Jerusalem passed to Maria, the daughter of Isabella by her previous marriage with Conrad of Montferrat.
Longshanks, worried by the threat of the rebellion, sends the wife of his son Edward, the French princess Isabella, to try to negotiate with Wallace in hopes that Wallace kills her in order to draw the French king to declare war on Wallace in revenge.
Isabella of France, sister of Charles IV, claimed the throne for her son, Edward III of England.
Thackeray ’ s daughter, the writer Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie recalled a visit to her father by Charlotte:
At an early age, Catherine was considered a suitable wife for Arthur, Prince of Wales, the eldest son of Henry VII of England and heir to the throne, due to the English ancestry she inherited from her mother Queen Isabella I of Castile.
The death of Catherine's mother Isabella of Castile, however, meant that her " value " in the marriage market decreased.
Cesare was also father to at least 11 illegitimate children, among them Girolamo Borgia, who married Isabella Contessa di Carpi, and Lucrezia Borgia, who, after Cesare's death, was moved to Ferrara to the court of her aunt, Lucrezia Borgia.
* 1327 – Teenaged Edward III is crowned King of England, but the country is ruled by his mother Queen Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer.
Isabella retained the throne and ruled jointly with her husband, King Ferdinand II.
Pursuant to an agreement signed by Isabella and Ferdinand on January 15, 1474, Isabella held more authority over the newly unified Spain than her husband, although their rule was shared.
Isabella ensured long-term political stability in Spain by arranging strategic marriages for each of her five children.
Isabella was only three years old at the time so her mother, Maria Cristina of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, was named regent until her daughter came of age.
Isabella II of Spain took a more active role in government after coming of age, but she was immensely unpopular throughout her reign ( 1833 – 1868 ).
In 1860, Isabella launched a successful war against Morocco, waged by generals O ' Donnell and Juan Prim that stabilized her popularity in Spain.
The progresista generals Francisco Serrano and Juan Prim revolted against Isabella and defeated her moderado generals at the Battle of Alcolea ( 1868 ).
Although the former queen, Isabella II was still alive, she recognized that she was too divisive as a leader, and abdicated in 1870 in favor of her son, Alfonso.
Edward's downfall came in 1326 when his Queen Isabella travelled to her native France and then, along with her lover Roger Mortimer, invaded England.
The poet Ariosto lauded her as the " liberal and magnanimous Isabella ", while author Matteo Bandello described her as having been " supreme among women ".

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