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Isou and identified
Isou identified the most basic elements of poetic creation as letters — i. e. uninterpreted visual symbols and acoustic sounds — and he set out the parameters for new ways of recombining these ingredients in the name of new aesthetic goals.

Isou and amplic
The former sets out Isou ’ s theory of the ' amplic ' and ' chiselling ' phases, and, within this framework, presents his views on both the past history and the future direction of poetry and music.
Notwithstanding the considerably more recent origins of film-making, compared to poetry, painting or music, Isou felt in 1950 that its own first amplic phase had already been completed.

Isou and political
In a body of work totaling hundreds of volumes, Isou and the Lettrists have applied their theories to all areas of art and culture, most notably in poetry, film, painting and political theory.
Also published, the first of several works on political theory, Isou ’ s Traité d ’ économie nucléaire: Le soulèvement de la jeunesse ( Treatise of Nuclear Economics: Youth Uprising ).

Isou and theory
Situationist theory first emerged as a smaller tendency within Lettrism, an artistic and literary movement led by the Romanian-born French poet and visual artist Isidore Isou, originating in 1940s Paris.

Isou and economics
Isou termed these ' atomic economics ' and ' molecular economics ' respectively: he launched ' nuclear economics ' as a corrective to both of them.

Isou and its
Leibniz, quantities which could not actually exist except conceptually, the founder of Lettrism, Isidore Isou, developed the notion of a work of art which, by its very nature, could never be created in reality, but which could nevertheless provide aesthetic rewards by being contemplated intellectually.
The breakaway group felt that he was no longer relevant, and they turned Isou's own words back against him: " We appreciated the importance of Chaplin's work in its own time, but we know that today novelty lies elsewhere, and ' truths which no longer entertain become lies ' ( Isou ).
Leibniz, quantities which could not actually exist except conceptually, the founder of Lettrism, Isidore Isou, developed the notion of a work of art which, by its very nature, could never be created in reality, but which could nevertheless provide aesthetic rewards by being contemplated intellectually.

Isou and was
" Isou was upset with this, his own attitude being that Chaplin deserved respect as one of the great creators of the cinematic art.
" Isou was keen to distance himself from his younger acolytes ' tract.
Although the LI had in fact already been covertly formed by Guy Debord and Gil J. Wolman in June 1952, even before the Chaplin intervention and the public split from Isou, it was not formally established until 7 December 1952.
Among the Surrealists, André Breton was a significant influence, but Isou was dissatisfied by what he saw as the stagnation and theoretical bankruptcy of the movement as it stood in the 1940s.
At Gallimard, I was known as Isidore Isou Goldstein.
However, as Andrew Hussey reports, his attitude does eventually mellow: ' Now Isou forgave them and he saw ( it was crucial, Isou said, that I should understand this!
In poetry, Isou felt that this point was reached with Victor Hugo ( and in painting with Eugène Delacroix, in music with Richard Wagner .).
Isou ’ s idea for the poem of the future was that it should be purely formal, devoid of all semantic content.
Isidore Isou ( January 31, 1925 – July 28, 2007 ), born Ioan-Isidor Goldstein, was a Romanian-born French poet, film critic and visual artist.
During the late stage of World War II he met Isidore Isou, the founder of lettrism, with whom he founded the artistic and literary review Da towards the end of 1944 ( Da was quickly censored ).

Isou and .
Lettrism is a French avant-garde movement, established in Paris in the mid-1940s by Romanian immigrant Isidore Isou.
Isou viewed his fellow countryman, Tristan Tzara, as the greatest creator and rightful leader of the Dada movement, and dismissed most of the others as plagiarists and falsifiers.
' Isou ' is standardly taken to be a pseudonym, but Isou / Goldstein himself resists this interpretation.
My name is Isou.
My mother called me Isou, only it ’ s written differently in Romanian.
Only in Romanian it ’ s written Izu, but in French it ’ s Isou.
Isou develops the principles of Lettrism, and begins writing the books that he would subsequently publish after his relocation to Paris.
Aged twenty, Isou arrives in Paris on August 23 after six weeks of clandestine travel.
Isou and Pomerand disrupt a performance of Tzara ’ s La Fuite at the Vieux-Colombier.
The latter is more biographical, discussing the genesis of Isou ’ s ideas, as well as exploring Judaism.
Isou and Pomerand are joined by François Dufrêne.
Isou publishes Isou, ou la mécanique des femmes ( Isou, or the mechanics of women ), the first of several works of erotology, wherein he claims to have bedded 375 women in the preceding four years, and offers to explain how ( p. 9 ).

identified and phase
Wedge-shaped polycrystals were identified by transmission electron microscopy to grow out of the amorphous phase only after the latter has exceeded a certain thickness, the precise value of which depends on deposition temperature, background pressure and various other process parameters.
Because the size of the dispersed phase may be difficult to measure, and because colloids have the appearance of solutions, colloids are sometimes identified and characterized by their physico-chemical and transport properties.
The nude goddess, identified by the Lunar phase | crescent moon in her hair and the bow and quiver at her side, reclines on a blue drapery.
In other words, physical states can be identified with equivalence classes of vectors of length 1 in H, where two vectors represent the same state if they differ only by a phase factor.
Situations such as these can be identified in the design phase of the automaton by examining the grammar the automaton uses.
According to ISO / IEC 27001, the stage immediately after completion of the risk assessment phase consists of preparing a Risk Treatment Plan, which should document the decisions about how each of the identified risks should be handled.
After the passage of a cold front, winds tend to switch to the northwest, and a frequent pattern is for a long-lasting low-pressure area to form over the Canadian Maritimes, which may pull cold northwestern air across the Great Lakes for a week or more, commonly identified with the negative phase of the North Atlantic Oscillation ( NAO ).
He hypothesized an intermediate phase and identified it with the Romana lingua, a term that in countries speaking Romance languages meant " nothing more or less than the vulgar speech as opposed to literary or grammatical Latin.
A defect in the human homologue of the Drosophila " period " gene was identified as a cause of the sleep disorder FASPS ( Familial advanced sleep phase syndrome ), underscoring the conserved nature of the molecular circadian clock through evolution.
These changes, or phase polymorphism, were first identified by Sir Boris Petrovich Uvarov, who studied the desert locust, whose solitary and gregarious phases had previously been thought of as separate species.
Nergal actually seems to be in part a solar deity, sometimes identified with Shamash, but only a representative of a certain phase of the sun.
However, the claimed high-pressure metallic and superconducting phase of SiH < sub > 4 </ sub > was later identified as platinum hydride, that formed after the decomposition of SiH < sub > 4 </ sub >.
This is one of many dozen labels that have been identified to suggest that humans are entering a new phase of society.
His church in Lincoln has been identified with the earliest building phase of the church of St Paul in the Bail.
Whereas most leaders had come from or identified with the independence movement Sinn Féin ( in its 1917 – 22 phase ), Bruton identified more with the more moderate Irish Parliamentary Party ( IPP ) tradition that Sinn Féin had eclipsed at the 1918 general election.
The primary objective is to mitigate the key risk items identified by analysis up to the end of this phase.
Underwood & Rhodes ( 2008 ) hold that this early phase of traditional Indian medicine identified " fever ( takman ), cough, consumption, diarrhea, dropsy, abscesses, seizures, tumours, and skin diseases ( including leprosy )".
Experiments have been done that suggest that the early encoding phase, in which words are identified, is the source of the word frequency effect.
Much is known about the longer freshwater phase from the juvenile to puberal stage, but much less is known about the marine stage Newer research has identified that tropical species such as A. reinhardtii have a shorter larval migration and faster correspnding growth, suggesting a water temperature effect on growth.
At the end of a present phase, each entry that the consumer has that was not identified in an add entry or present response during the present phase is implicitly no longer in the provider and thus must be deleted at the consumer so as to synchronize the consumer with the provider.
Systolic pressure ( first phase ) is identified with the first of the continuous Korotkoff sounds.

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