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It's and long
It's really quite fun -- as long as you like games.
It's a long way to Websterville ''.
But when Bogart won the Academy Award, which he truly coveted despite his well-advertised disdain for Hollywood, he said " It's a long way from the Belgian Congo to the stage of this theatre.
But she drifted back to songwriting and occasional recording sessions for the fledgling Capitol Records in 1947, for whom she produced a long string of hits, many of them with lyrics and music by Lee and Barbour, including " I Don't Know Enough About You " and " It's a Good Day " ( 1948 ).
Sondheim said " It's going to be long.
It's impossible to know the credibility of the accounts of Donatus and Jerome, since they wrote long after the poet's death, the latter author belonged to a theological tradition explicitly hostile to Epicureanism, and the sources of their off-hand comments are unknown.
It's not exactly clear when Kassite rule of Babylon began, but the Hittites from Asia Minor did not remain long after the sacking of the city, and it is likely the Kassites moved in soon afterwards.
He explained, " It's one of those things that it's been left so long now I expect it will come out as a half-finished sort of thing.
It's a symbiotic art between a performance with light and a shutter that's open for a long time
* The Sandman is mentioned in the lyrics of the opening theme song of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: " It's hard to stay up, it's been a long, long day, and you've got the Sandman at your door.
* It's long ( which is a considerable virtue in theory ) and requires a good typist ( which is an overwhelming problem for most people in actual practice ).
It's a large round disc on a long pole and thus resembles a giant lollipop.
It's gone in and took a long time to come out again.
Other pieces of music are then played during the unofficial wreath laying and the march past of the veterans, starting with Trumpet Voluntary and followed by It's A Long Way To Tipperary, the marching song of the Connaught Rangers, a famous British Army Irish Regiment of long ago.
A line from this song, " with your long blonde hair and eyes of blue ," is included in The Beatles ' " It's All Too Much ", released in 1969 as part of the Yellow Submarine soundtrack album.
It's long been thought this was because American audiences would not understand the lower class British accents, but the production was not shown in Britain either and there is evidence to suggest that the BBC management simply regarded the production as a failure.
It's a long walk back.
He identifies himself to Olvegg with " It's a long way to Tipperary ".
It's also used for posts and rails since it takes a long time to rot.
At the time, Kariya called the pending rule changes " long overdue ", adding that " hav been through so much with that ... It's something that should've been in place years and years ago.
It's always been my first love, and always will be, but the situation being what it is ... we've been together for a long time, and right now it's kinda played out.
It's my way of making sense of things that I've lived and seen other people live, things that I'm afraid of, or that I long for ".
It's hard to imagine that they could ever have been linked, but for a long time they were.

It's and road
::: It's normal to encounter all kinds of difficulties along the road of life.
In 1945, the title ballad ( music by Earl Robinson, lyrics by Millard Lampell ) from the 20th Century Fox World War II film A Walk In The Sun mentions the Lincoln Highway: " It's the same road they had / Coming out of Stalingrad, / It's that old Lincoln Highway back home, / It's wherever men fight to be free.
" It's a winding, meandering road.
It's Dylan's first time on the road since 1966.
It's the French model, it's the wrong road.
In a subsequent interview he likened Williamson to uranium, asserting that " It's dangerous when you have it ," but you can't " simply leave it by the side of the road.
Rep. Frank Wolf ( R-Va .), the Congressman representing the area served by the road, stated, " It's highway robbery.
It's not like anything else on the road.
It's about 30 seconds up the road on your right.
It's believed that the road was named this because it originally went from the " bank " of the Ottawa River at its northern end to that of the Rideau River to the south.
It's a popular road for driving with various spots to visit, such as Lake Hijiriko and the Sandankyo Gorge and is the access to a majority of the ski resorts in the region.
It's a hilly 10 km run, mostly on trails, followed by a very hilly 150 km road bike consisting of three 50 km loops each of which feature the Bodenburg ascent ( scene of Kenny Souza's DNF in a snow storm when he raced in a neon Speedo and small tank top ), and finally a very hilly 30 km two loop trail run.
" It's a miserable ending to a rough road trip ", manager A. J.
It's hard to find as there is no road leading to or from, unlike the other cities.
It's the most beautiful road I've ever known — in all seasons ".
Through Relevant publishing he has released one autobiography " It's All Downhill From Here: On the Road with Project 86 " chronicling his life on the road with the band.
It's like finding your way onto a road and when you get onto the right route, you just follow it.
It's mainly accessible from Blackstock Road, the shops and a bus terminus are located off this road.
" The authors of the book I Can't Believe It's a Bigger and Better Updated Unofficial Simpsons Guide, Warren Martyn and Adrian Wood, wrote in their review of the episode: " very clever, very dry humour and showcasing the last person you might expect to suffer road rage.
karuppanna saamy temple-This temple located in a village called Kuttiya patty. It's 5 Km from dindigul town to theni road. This temple was shown in a tamil film named KOODAL NAGAR.
It's claimed to be the summer capital of the Province, the most common road to Mayantoc is known as " Cantong Mayantoc " in Camiling where Tri-cycles will take you there for a fare of about 60 Pesos depending on how many you are.
It's basically a car chase across the desert with two bandits trying to run us off the road, total Wacky Racers stuff.

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