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Page "adventure" ¶ 827
from Brown Corpus
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It's and secret
While Natural Law Party leaders denied formal connection with the Transcendental Meditation movement, Bob Roth, a spokesman at the party's headquarters in Fairfield reportedly said, " It's no secret this is the TM party.
It's possible that they are intended to be as cryptographically sound as public algorithms, and the decision to keep them secret is in keeping with a layered security posture.
Paxson acknowledged " It's no secret we need to get size in our frontcourt and we need to get a bigger guard if we can, a defensive-oriented guard.
It's a secret!
It's not a secret, OK?
The Washington Post called him " the best kept secret in contemporary horror fiction "; another critic declared " It's a skilled writer indeed who can suggest a horror so shocking that one is grateful it was kept offstage.
He was introduced by host Ted Koppel, who said " It's my understanding that you met for some time yesterday with Governor Reagan ," and that Will " never made any secret of his affection " for the Republican candidate.
" Dalton acknowledged in a 2010 interview that there is animosity between himself and Probst, stating, " It's no secret that Jeff Probst hates me, and I don't go out of my way to be his friend either.
" Delegate Tony O ' Donnell said in response, " It's the worst-kept secret in Maryland that the governor has national ambitions.
The authors of the book I Can't Believe It's a Bigger and Better Updated Unofficial Simpsons Guide, Warren Martyn and Adrian Wood, called it " a brilliant crack at freemasonry, with all the secret signs, one-upmanship, rituals and unusual membership rules.
It's not some sort of secret vocabulary, it's just something I made up.
The rumour was confirmed on September 12, 2008, when Hayden stated during a Dorna press conference, " It's no secret.
It's an open secret that Lagana runs the city, even to the point that cops guard his house while his daughter hosts a party.
Mark is on record as saying ,“ It's a well-kept secret that Rai is an outstanding jazz pianist … I consider Rai the most exciting young jazz pianist to emerge in this country in recent years .” He has performed solo at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival and twice at the Stonnington Jazz Festival in Melbourne, once in 2011 and once in 2012.
Sam said: " It's not a secret to anyone in the industry or any fans that ever talked to him that he hated traveling.
It's not a secret, OK?
In the TV sitcom Night Court, judge Harry, disillusioned about his life, goes into an It's a Wonderful Life dream and in the secret club in the courthouse basement, Moose gains entrance by saying " Swordfish ".
It's not a secret.
It's said the sun there warms the hearts of the good and illuminates the secret acts of the evil.

It's and .
It's not much of a meal, but it's what I eat ''.
`` It's all right '', he said.
It's late and you said they'd be here by dawn ''.
It's our only chance now.
It's bigger than it has to be, though I don't see where it's doing any harm.
It's not the kind of thing that a man would be proud of.
It's no job for you ''.
`` It's Curtiss '', he said, naming the man Rankin had hit.
It's here in my pocket ''.
`` It's very simple.
`` It's Ben Arbuckle we're going to talk about ''.
It's all I ask, Stevens ''.
`` It's within a hundred of what Crip had '', he declared.
`` It's the second time War Ax hands made a play for that money.
It's for carabao not airplanes ''.
She raised her face and nodded, `` It's sweet, and very sad ''.
It's all over now, the driver thought as he saw the patrolman turn and walk rapidly down along the trailer toward them.
`` It's nothing to fool with.
`` It's all over Branchville.
The box is internally wired so the door can never be opened without setting off a screeching klaxon ( `` It's real obnoxious '' ).
It's infuriating, this feeling that one is being picked on, continually, constantly.
It's easy to see why.
It's bigger than the Armistice ''.
It's bigger than the Armistice ''.

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