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also and garnered
In this struggle it was important not only to be able to handle a club, but also to possess the ability to think reasonably, to take care of the knowledge and experience garnered by the tribe, and to develop the links that would provide cooperation with other tribes.
In 2007, he released Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World, which also became a The New York Times Best Seller and garnered positive reviews.
Her writings and essays garnered her attention not only in Brazil, but also in Argentina and Uruguay.
Her writings and essays garnered her attention not only in Brazil, but also in Argentina and Uruguay.
Gagarin also garnered a reputation as an adept public figure.
Along similar lines, the gay and lesbian movement in the United States also utilized revisionism to write the narrative that had only just garnered an audience willing to validate it.
He also garnered a good deal of acclaim for his TV " mockumentary " Tanner ' 88, based on a presidential campaign, for which he earned an Emmy Award and regained critical favor.
Private Benjamin, which also stars Eileen Brennan and Armand Assante, garnered Hawn her second Academy Award nomination, this time for Best Actress.
The exhibition garnered harsh criticism —" A pot of paint has been flung in the face of the public ", said the critic Camille Mauclair — but also some favourable attention.
Also, in 1995, when Bouchard garnered an invitation to meet visiting US President Bill Clinton by virtue of being Opposition Leader, Reform leader Preston Manning was also given a meeting with Clinton in order to diffuse Bouchard's separatist leverage.
He also has garnered a sex symbol status in American cinema, being twice named as the " Sexiest Man Alive " by People magazine in 2003 and 2009.
It has also garnered considerable national attention from its recent success in these sports: in particular, three-time Division I NCAA Football champion Appalachian State Mountaineers, who stunned the fifth-ranked Michigan Wolverines 34 – 32 on September 1, 2007 ; and from the Davidson Wildcats, who reached the Elite Eight in the 2008 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament by upsetting power programs Gonzaga ( a mid-major school which became a power program in the 2000s ), Georgetown and Wisconsin.
Gorbachev was also trying to ease cold war tensions by signing the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in 1987 with the U. S. and withdrawing the troops from Afghanistan whose presence had garnered so much international condemnation.
Like the NeXT release, the Windows version also garnered critical praise, with Byte Magazine noting it's " usability is outstanding ".
She also garnered critical plaudits for her roles in several independent films including Mrs. Parker And The Vicious Circle, and The Opportunists.
His role in the latter also garnered him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.
It also garnered a nomination for Golden Satellite Award for Tomei for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, Comedy or Musical, as well a nomination for Ashley Johnson from the Young Artist Awards for Ashley Johnson.
The hamlet also garnered its importance as a waypoint on the King's Highway, laid out by the colonial legislature of New York in 1702.
However, the town also garnered its share of controversy in the 1960s and 1970s ; among the controversies was the " Love Valley Rock Festival ", which local farmers complained brought drug addicts and other " troublemakers " to the area during the festival.
In addition to the Carrboro Farmers Market, which features fresh locally-grown produce year round, the town eateries and specialty food shops have also garnered regional and national acclaim for their strong support of locally produced food and enterprising spirit.
The second-generation RL appeared on Car and Drivers Ten Best list for 2005, and also garnered an CNET. com " Editor's Choice " Award for Top Tech Car.
He also garnered the MVP award in 1979, and, once the three point shot was established for the first time in the Puerto Rican tournament during the 1980 season, he started making shots from behind the three point line too.
Well respected by many Chinese citizens, Zhu has also garnered the respect of prominent Western political and business leaders, many of whom credit Zhu with engineering China's market-opening and ascension to the World Trade Organisation ( WTO ), which has brought foreign capital pouring into the country.
After leaving the Rank Organisation in the early 1960s, Bogarde abandoned his heart-throb image for more challenging parts, such as barrister Melville Farr in Victim ( 1961 ), directed by Basil Dearden ; decadent valet Hugo Barrett in The Servant ( 1963 ), which garnered him a BAFTA Award, directed by Joseph Losey and written by Harold Pinter ; The Mind Benders ( 1963 ), a film ahead of its times in which Bogarde plays an Oxford professor conducting sensory deprivation experiments at Oxford University ( precursor to Altered States ( 1980 )); the anti-war film King & Country ( 1964 ), playing an army lawyer reluctantly defending deserter Tom Courtenay, directed by Joseph Losey ; a television broadcaster-writer Robert Gold in Darling ( 1965 ), for which Bogarde won a second BAFTA Award, directed by John Schlesinger ; Stephen, a bored Oxford University professor, in Losey's Accident, ( 1967 ) also written by Pinter ; Our Mother's House ( 1967 ), an off-beat film-noir directed by Jack Clayton in which Bogarde plays an n ' er do well father who descends upon " his " seven children on the death of their mother, British entry at the Venice Film Festival ; German industrialist Frederick Bruckmann in Luchino Visconti's La Caduta degli dei, The Damned ( 1969 ) co-starring Ingrid Thulin ; as ex-Nazi, Max Aldorfer, in the chilling and controversial Il Portiere di notte, The Night Porter ( 1974 ), co-starring Charlotte Rampling, directed by Liliana Cavani ; and most notably, as Gustav von Aschenbach in Morte a Venezia, Death in Venice ( 1971 ), also directed by Visconti ; as Claude, the lawyer son of a dying, drunken writer ( John Gielgud ) in the well-received, multi-dimensional French film Providence ( 1977 ), directed by Alain Resnais ; as industrialist Hermann Hermann who descends into madness in Despair ( 1978 ) directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder ; and as Daddy in Bertrand Tavernier's Daddy Nostalgie, ( aka These Foolish Things ) ( 1991 ), co-starring Jane Birkin as his daughter, Bogarde's final film role.

also and Robyn
Writing duties were assisted by Ulf Lindstrom and Johan Ekhé, who also helped to produce the album, and they stayed on board with Robyn until the completion of her album Don't Stop the Music in 2003.
The year also marked the release of Christian Falk's second album, People Say, on which Robyn contributed the tracks " Dream On " and " C. C. C ".
Robyn has also confirmed on her official Twitter account that she will be touring Australia sometime in 2012.
For example, the plot of Robin Hood's Death, found in the Percy Folio, is summarised in the 15th-century A Gest of Robyn Hode, and it also appears in an 18th-century version.
He also reintroduces one character from an earlier novel: Robyn Penrose appears in Nice Work ( 1988 ) as Dr Robyn Penrose, temporary Lecturer in English.
General Manager Robyn Anderson is also the town's mayor.
* Robyn Davidson ( b. September 6, 1950 ) – the first person to make a solo crossing of the Australian Outback by camel ; she also explored the remote desert regions of India.
He also appeared as a porn-shop owner in one episode of the 2003 ABC-TV sitcom Welcher & Welcher which starred Shaun Micallef and Robyn Butler and appeared as himself in the DVD-extras of the ABC-TV sitcom Very Small Business ( 2008 ) which starred Wayne Hope and Kym Gyngell.
The station also has a team of journalists and reporters bringing listeners the latest news and sport through their bulletins and programmes, including: Bob Bubka, Dave Rowe, David Brady, Dominic McGuinness, Faye Carruthers, Geoff Peters, Graham Courtney, Grahame Lloyd, Ian Abrahams, John Temple, Kevin Lawrence, Nick Heath, Nigel Ringland, Pete Abbott, Peter Martin, Robyn Schonhofer, Roger Hughes, Rupert Bell, Russell Hargreaves, Simon Humphreys, Simon Ward, and Tony Incenzo.
The brothers also acted out parts in the game, with Robyn as Sirrus and Rand as Achenar and Atrus.
She became an entertainer at a young age, singing gospel songs with her elder sister, Robyn ( also an actress, who played " Terry Brock " on General Hospital, 1984-1990 and Angelique Bernard.
Robyn Hitchcock's song The President from his album Element of Light also makes reference to the incident.
The Eyeopener also dropped the F-Bomb in 2006, when editor-in-chief Robyn Doolittle published an editorial slamming journalism professor John Miller.
The brothers also acted out parts in the game, with Robyn as Sirrus and Rand as Achenar and Atrus.
Contemporary western bisexual / pasexual and fluid culture also has its own touchstones such as the books Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out, edited by Lani Ka ' ahumanu and Loraine Hutchins, and Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World edited by Robyn Ochs, the British science fiction television series Torchwood, and icons including British singer and activist Tom Robinson, The Black Eyed Peas member Fergie, Scottish actor Alan Cumming and American performance artist and activist Lady Gaga.
Her theatre credits include :" Speaking in tongues " for the State theatre of South Australia ( 2011 ); " Stockholm " for The Sydney Theatre Company ( 2010 );" Saturn's Return " For the Sydney Theatre Company ( 2010 ); Othello for the Bell Shakespeare Company ( 2007 ); The Shape of Things for the Sydney Theatre Company ( STC ) co-starring Brendan Cowell ( Jan 2003 ); The Cosmonaut's Last Message to the Woman He Once Loved in the Former Soviet Union at Belvoir St. Theatre ( Feb – Mar 2002 ); playing the junkie muse to Robyn Nevin's artist in the STC production of Old Masters ( Oct – Nov 2001 ); The Recruit ( Jan 2000 ) also featuring John Howard, Christopher Stollery, Conrad Coleby, Genevieve Lemon, Drew Forsythe, and Brendan Cowell ; and her breakthrough performance in La Dispute ( May 2000 ) also starring Rose Byrne, David Field, Rhondda Findleton and Justine Saunders.
Robyn has also held other national coaching positions including the head coach of the New Zealand A squad, and is currently in charge of the Silver Ferns Fastnet team.
Nelson has also recorded and performed with Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, Robyn Hitchcock, The Long Winters ( of which he was a founding member ), Nada Surf, The Minus 5, and others.
Robyn Hitchcock also covered the song for the anti-poll tax album Alvin Lives ( in Leeds ) in 1990.
Electronic artist Robyn also references Sleng Teng in the track " Dancehall Queen " on her album Body Talk.
She also collaborated with Australian singer, writer and theatre director Robyn Archer, arranging and composing the music for Archer's play Cafe Fledermaus, and Sahara Dust, a large scale jazz vocal piece with lyrics by Archer.
The cast also includes Leslie Yeo, Kate Reid, Wayne Robson, Robyn Stevan and Stuart Margolin.

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