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also and received
The statement was also made that undoubtedly the railroad had received some compensating benefit from the telegraphers, but that it was difficult to imagine what could balance a job for life.
To be sure, the capital investments in ( or, alternatively, the estimated `` fair values '' of ) the plant and equipment are apportioned among the different classes, as are also the gross revenues received from the sales of the different services.
He also received a Master of Science degree from Texas A & I College and a Bachelor of Science degree from Southwestern State College, Weatherford, Okla..
The estate of EH Shepard also received a sum in the deal.
There he also received instruction in piano and counterpoint from professor Gustav Jacobsthal, and associated closely with Ernest Munch ( the brother of his former teacher ), organist of St William church, who was also a passionate admirer of J. S.
Alexis Carrel was also a member of learned societies in the U. S., Spain, Russia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Vatican City, Germany, Italy and Greece and received honorary doctorates from Queen's University of Belfast, Princeton University, California, New York, Brown University and Columbia University.
Critically, the film was also better received than the first two instalments, with some critics remarking that it was the first Harry Potter film to truly capture the essence of the novels.
The LOC also included an Operations and Checkout Building ( OCB ), to which Gemini and Apollo spacecraft were initially received prior to being mated to their launch vehicles.
She answered her accusers that she received tuition from Thomas Reid, a former barony officer who had died at the Battle of Pinkie some 30 years before and also from the Queen of the Elfhame which lay nearby.
Although Albert has received relatively little recognition in German history, his dissolution of the Teutonic State caused the founding of the Duchy of Prussia ( and also the Hohenzollern dynasty ), which would eventually become arguably the most powerful German state and instrumental in uniting the whole of Germany.
The Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar a grandson of Aurangzeb, is also known to have sent a letter to the Ottomans bu this time it was received by the Grand Vizier Nevşehirli Damad Ibrahim Pasha providing a graphic description of the informing him of the efforts of the Mughal commander Syed Hassan Ali Khan Barha against the Rajput and Maratha rebellion.
In addition to James II himself ( who died a few months after the act received the royal assent ) and his Catholic children Prince James and Princess Louisa, the act also excluded the descendents of James ' sister Henrietta, the youngest daughter of Charles I. Henrietta's daughter Anne was then the Queen of Sardinia and a Catholic ; the Jacobite heirs of today are descended from her line.
He also received an honorary degree from Furman University.
Colangelo's bid received strong support from one of his friends, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf, and media reports say that then-acting Commissioner of Baseball and Milwaukee Brewers founder Bud Selig was also a strong supporter of Colangelo's bid.
Clearly written and well received, the Introduction also laid the groundwork for analytical geometry.
Acadia also received several A-level grades in the 2010 Globe and Mail Canadian University Report, receiving highest marks in six of seventeen categories.
The album's title song received some pop radio airplay and crossed over to No. 96 on the Billboard Hot 100, and " 1974 ( We Were Young )" and " Saved By Love " also charted as Adult Contemporary songs.
His book, In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks, debuted on The New York Times Best Seller list in 2010, and his second book Not Taco Bell Material also reached New York Times bestseller status and received widespread acclaim for its cutting social commentary and humor.
A 2008 Senate investigation found that Biederman also received $ 1. 6 million in speaking and consulting fees between 2000 and 2007 — some of them undisclosed to Harvard — from companies including makers of antipsychotic drugs prescribed for children with bipolar disorder.
( When the award name was changed in 1954, Capp also retroactively received a Reuben statuette.
The city also received state funds for the new library and opened the doors to the new facility in November 2006.
Five other suspected hijackers also received duplicate Florida licenses in 2001, and others had licenses from different states.
He also received numerous other awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom presented to him on February 23, 1983 by President Ronald Reagan.

also and two
`` O.K. '' Charles rose also, and the two of them moved over to join the girls.
He also spoke of `` the wealth piled by the bondsman's two hundred and fifty years in unrequited toil ''.
These shifts in alliance and allegiance not only increased the difficulties confronting the English embassy as a whole, but also directly involved the two Savoyards, Amadee and Othon.
But it seems that pressures against him are coming from somewhere -- in the first place from China, but perhaps also from that `` China Lobby '' which, I was assured in Moscow nearly two years ago, exists on the quiet inside the party.
The president has little influence in day-by-day curricular changes, but if he looks ahead two, three, or five years to anticipate issues and throw out challenging ideas, he can open the way for innovation, and he can also have a great deal to say as to what path it will take.
A second and also good practice is to shear off the tops, leaving an inch high stub with just a leaf or two on each branch.
High Standard has also added two models to its line.
Contribute also an onion, a peeled tomato and two pickled gherkins, and a mashed lime.
We also worked out logistics for Sunday afternoon swimmers who arrive two hours early with their weekend guests while we are still enjoying an alfresco lunch en famille.
By scrutinizing the flowers, one can also notice that the scale bears one or two tiny warts.
She also builds one or two waxen cups which she fills with honey.
The Court, nevertheless, relied on the Seaboard case and also mentioned that the shareholders of the two corporations were the same.
The results of the election of 1859 found Republican candidates not only winning the offices of governor and lieutenant-governor but also obtaining the two Congressional offices from the eastern and western sections of the state.
The great architect also designed the fine interior staircase and colonnade which connects the two courts.
Scherer also had a big night at bat with four hits in five trips including a double, Len Boehmer also was 4-for-5 with two doubles and Dave Ritchie had a home run and a triple.
Six radiomen told how, twice on two days after the ring was nabbed, a transmitter near Moscow was heard calling, using signals, times and wavelengths specified on codes found hidden in cigaret lighters in Lonsdale's apartment and the Krogers' house and also fastened to the transmitter lid.
But court adjourned after he testified he introduced James White and Jeremiah Hope Pullings, two of the defendants, and also introduced Pullings to Jessy Maroy, a man mentioned in the indictment but not indicted.
But when Gloriana rides with them they also have to take the two girls who usually ride with her, so the little car isn't big enough.
Can the church risk assuming that the `` folly '' of men is as dear to God as their `` wisdom '', or, as is also commonly implied, that `` the foolishness of God '' and `` the foolishness of men '' are simply two ways of talking about the same thing??
If one takes the middle number, 5, and multiplies it by 3 ( the base number of the magic square of three ), the result is 15, which is also the constant sum of all the rows, columns, and two main diagonals.
Brahm's Sonata in A, although also vigorous, stood up well under the two artists' strong, large-scale treatment.
`` And also, sir, two articles which were considered souvenirs now must be regarded in another light entirely.
North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas also voted for secession over the next two months.
During that time he gave lessons not only to Alexander, but also to two other future kings: Ptolemy and Cassander.

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