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comprises and RPG
An RPG comprises two main parts: the launcher and a rocket equipped with a warhead.

comprises and /
It comprises all the end-user needed generic data, i. e., all the data from which any view may be derived / computed.
Furthermore, Article 8 sometimes comprises positive obligations: whereas classical human rights are formulated as prohibiting a State from interfering with rights, and thus not to do something ( e. g. not to separate a family under family life protection ), the effective enjoyment of such rights may also include an obligation for the State to become active, and to do something ( e. g. to enforce access for a divorced parent to his / her child ).
Psychologist Douglas Haldeman writes that conversion therapy comprises efforts by mental health professionals and pastoral care providers to convert lesbians and gay men to heterosexuality by techniques including aversive treatments, such as " the application of electric shock to the hands and / or genitals ," and " nausea-inducing drugs ... administered simultaneously with the presentation of homoerotic stimuli ," masturbatory reconditioning, visualization, social skills training, psychoanalytic therapy, and spiritual interventions, such as " prayer and group support and pressure.
While the shot / reverse shot function of split screen comprises most of the running time of the film, the filmmakers also used split screen for other spatial, temporal and emotional effects.
Like field, tenor comprises three component areas: the speaker / writer persona, social distance, and relative social status.
Video art is a type of art which relies on moving pictures and comprises video and / or audio data.
The other is a longer but thin strip with two full twists in it — this is a neighborhood of the edge of the original strip, and it comprises 1 / 3 of the width and twice the length of the original strip.
A two-octet address field comprises the EA = ADDRESS FIELD EXTENSION BITS and the C / R = COMMAND / RESPONSE BIT.
The CM process for both hardware and software configuration items comprises five distinct disciplines as established in the MIL – HDBK – 61A and ANSI / EIA-649.
A T3 line comprises 28 T1 lines, each operating at total signaling rate of 1. 544 Mbit / s.
UNICOS / lc 1. x comprises a combination of the Catamount microkernel ( based on Cougar, used on the ASCI Red system ) running on the compute elements, and SUSE Linux running on the service elements.
The West Bridge was built between 1988 and 1994 ; its road / rail deck comprises 63 sections, supported by 62 pillars.
This could be modeled in an object-oriented implementation by a " Person object " with attributes / fields to hold each data item that the entry comprises: the person's name, a list of phone numbers, and a list of addresses.
The Sportsplex, located north of the Gulf State Park and a short distance from The Wharf, comprises a football / soccer stadium with a seating capacity of 1, 500 seats.
The City of Sunrise Golf Village which comprises 3 1 / 2 square miles, has no air pollution or drainage problems, all paved streets, and street lighting throughout the entire City .”
This 1 / 3 scale train line comprises a 1 / 2 mile train line circling the park and is a hobby of local resident Pete Robinson.
While 4, 714 people reside in North Kansas City, the industrial / business portion of the city comprises approximately 3 / 4ths of the land area making the daytime population much larger.
The closing track " Fodderstompf ", heavily influenced by dub, comprises nearly eight minutes of a circular bass riff, played over a Lydon / Wobble double act lampooning public outrage, love songs and teenage apathy.
Maupin is served by the South Wasco County School District, a two-school district that comprises Maupin Grade School and South Wasco County Junior / Senior High School, both of which are in Maupin.
Its width comprises a dual carriageway road with two lanes in each direction bounded by cycle / footpaths on each side.
The municipality comprises the towns of Alveringem proper, Beveren a / d Yzer, Gijverinkhove, Hoogstade, Izenberge, Leisele, Oeren, Sint-Rijkers and Stavele.

comprises and Group
The World Bank differs from the World Bank Group, in that the World Bank comprises only two institutions: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( IBRD ) and the International Development Association ( IDA ), whereas the latter incorporates these two in addition to three more: International Finance Corporation ( IFC ), Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency ( MIGA ), and International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes ( ICSID ).
Greetland has a Scout group operating as the 5th Greetland Scout Group, which comprises Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.
The BASF Group comprises subsidiaries and joint ventures in more than 80 countries and operates six integrated production sites and 390 other production sites in Europe, Asia, Australia, Americas and Africa.
The Group comprises five publishing companies: Cornerstone Publishing, Vintage Publishing, Ebury Publishing, Random House Children's Publishers UK and Transworld Publishers, boasting more than 40 diverse and highly respected imprints.
LFWA comprises three Reserve Force Brigade Groups, one Regular Force Mechanized Brigade Group, one Area Support Group, Western Area Training Centre and CFB Suffield.
The international traffic handled by the Savonlinja Group comprises a number of routes into Russia and Sweden.
On Tuesday, June 19, 2007, following a meeting of the Annapolis Group, which represents over 100 liberal arts colleges, Sarah Lawrence announced that it would join others who had previously signed the letter to college presidents asking them not to participate in the " reputation survey " section of the U. S. News and World Report survey ( this section comprises 25 % of the ranking ).
In the Federal Assembly, the CVP comprises a bloc in the Christian Democrats / EPP / glp Group, along with the Evangelical People's Party and Green Liberal Party.
In the Federal Assembly of Switzerland, the EVP comprises the Christian Democrats / EPP / glp Group, along with the Christian Democratic People's Party and Green Liberal Party.
The Odakyu Electric Railway forms the core of the Odakyu Group, which comprises 106 companies ( as of January 2010 ) and includes the Enoshima Electric Railway, Hakone Tozan Railway, Odakyu Bus, Odakyu Department Store, and Hyatt Regency Tokyo hotel.
* 2nd Signal Brigade: ( To be disbanded in late 2012 ) The Brigade Headquarters is located at Corsham and comprises 10, 32, 37, 38, 39 and 71 Signal Regiments, plus 299 Signal Squadron ( Special Communications ), Specialist Group Royal Signals with 81 Signal Squadron, Land Information and Communications Services Group ( LICSG ), Land Information Assurance Group ( LIAG ) and the Central Volunteer Headquarters ( CVHQ ) Royal Signals.
Hyundai branded vehicles are manufactured by Hyundai Motor Company, which along with Kia comprises the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group.
The consortium comprises CVC Capital Partners, Texas Pacific Group, Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity and management.
He is an advisor to Ten Group in its professional support services division which comprises the support service for school leaders ( The Key ) and the support service for school governors ( Ten Governor Support ).
The Lord Howe Island Group of islands comprises 28 islands, islets and rocks.
A Tansy Beetle Action Group ( TBAG ) has been set up to initiate and oversee conservation efforts and comprises representatives from the University of York, North Yorkshire County Council, City of York Council, Environment Agency, National Trust and Buglife.
The Murray Group comprises three islands-Mer, Dauar and Waier.
The Forest Products Group comprises 31 manufacturing operations producing softwood lumber, engineered wood products, and specialty wood products.

comprises and within
Karma is categorized within the group or groups of cause ( Pāli hetu ) in the chain of cause and effect, where it comprises the elements of " volitional activities " ( Pali sankhara ) and " action " ( Pali bhava ).
The Communist Party of China comprises a single-party state form of government ; however, there are parties other than the CPC within China, which report to the United Front Department of the Communist Party of China and do not act as opposition or independent parties.
The Cinema of France comprises the art of film and creative movies made within the nation of France or by French filmmakers abroad.
As with other social movements, there is also conflict within and between LGBT movements, especially about strategies for change and debates over exactly who comprises the constituency that these movements represent.
While organized to promote common economic, social, and cultural goals, ASEAN acquired a security dimension after Vietnam's invasion of Cambodia in 1979 ; this aspect of ASEAN expanded with the establishment of the ASEAN Regional Forum in 1994, which comprises 22 countries, including the U. S. Indonesia's continued domestic troubles have distracted it from ASEAN matters and consequently lessened its influence within the organization.
Karma is categorized within the group or groups of cause ( Pāli hetu ) in the chain of cause and effect, where it comprises the elements of " volitional activities " ( Pali sankhara ) and " action " ( Pali bhava ).
Therefore, language, in the absence of translation, comprises a barrier to a worldwide community of debate and opinion, although it is also true that media within any given society may be split along class, political or regional lines.
The university comprises thirty-five departments within four faculties.
* The Ichi-Lineage today comprises most of the traditional schools within Nichiren Buddhism, including some Nikkō temples, of which the Nichiren Shū is the biggest representative.
Pakistan geologically overlaps both with the Indian and the Eurasian tectonic plates where its Sindh and Punjab provinces lie on the north-western corner of the Indian plate while Balochistan and most of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa lie within the Eurasian plate which mainly comprises the Iranian plateau, some parts of the Middle East and Central Asia.
Oia is now called a Κοινότητα ( commune ), within the municipality of Thera, and it comprises the local subdivisions () of Therasia and Oia.
The region largely comprises a peninsula of Asia south of the Himalayas and constitutes a geoculturally distinct region within Asia.
The Flora of Western Australia comprises 9437 published native vascular plant species of 1543 genera within 226 families, there are also 1171 naturalised alien or invasive plant species more commonly known as weeds.
Text memory within xml: tm comprises ' author memory ' and ' translation memory '.
Euchromatin comprises the most active portion of the genome within the cell nucleus.
Besides the city itself, the municipality comprises 34 other suburban localities: 6 towns ( containing further 2 villages within ), and 12 communes ( containing further 14 villages within ).
Its body comprises a long stalk topped by a capsule within which spore-producing cells undergo meiosis to form haploid spores.
The GMP is an annual measurement of the total economic output and sales of goods and services provided within the Metropolitan Statistical Area ( MSA ) that comprises all of Volusia County and its 16 cities.
Manufacturing maintains one of the highest of all average wage levels within the county and generates a higher rate of circulation of economic impact than any other business sector that comprises the local economy.
The dryland area inland from the Cascade Range and Coast Mountains is very different from the terrain and climate of the Coast, and comprises the Columbia, Fraser and Thompson Plateaus and mountain ranges contained within them.
Lawrenceville generally comprises the area contained within Lawrenceville-Pennington Road to the south, Fackler Road to the north, Keefe Road to the west, and U. S. Route 206, part of which turns into Main Street in Lawrenceville, to the east.
The bat population of the Park comprises at least seven species that depend on day roosting sites within caves and crevices of Uluru and Kata Tjuta.
It comprises two small cays on Michaelmas Reef, which forms the north-eastern section of the Arlington reef complex, within the Great Barrier Reef.

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