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consists and largely
The town largely consists of the Milnshaw, Peel, Central, Barnfield and Spring Hill wards, although some parts of those wards are in other towns in the borough.
Agriculture consists largely of subsistence farming and animal husbandry.
The Book of Ezra consists of ten chapters: chapters 1-6, covering the period from the Decree of Cyrus to the dedication of the Second Temple, are told in the third person ; chapters 7-10, dealing with the mission of Ezra, are told largely in the first person.
It consists of a number of low-lying, largely mangrove covered islands covering an area of around 665 km² ( 257 sq ; mi ).
The north consists largely of poor subsoils and is covered with large areas of extensive Atlantic blanket-bog, whereas the south is largely a limestone landscape.
For the most part, Cluster I consists of strains from the 1960s and 1970s, while Cluster II largely contains strains from the 1980s and 1990s, based on the change in the clone structure.
For these reasons, it is often considered a party of the centre-left and its base consists largely of the working class.
Whites ( in Spanish blancos ) are estimated at 6 %, and consists largely of those of unmixed or predominant European descent.
The work is considered New Testament wisdom literature because, " like Proverbs and Sirach, it consists largely of moral exhortations and precepts of a traditional and eclectic nature.
The French motorway network or autoroute system consists largely of toll roads, except around large cities and in parts of the north.
As the show's female sex symbol, Tawny's job consists largely of repeating communications to and from the computer.
One cultural pattern consists of the formerly Indianized, rice-growing peasants in the valleys and plains of Sumatra, Java, and Bali ; another cultural complex is composed of the largely Islamic coastal commercial sector ; a third, more marginal sector consists of the upland forest farming communities which exist by means of subsistence swidden agriculture.
Southern Burma consists largely of the western slopes of the Bilauktaung, the highest part of the Tenasserim Range, which extends southwards forming the central range of the Malay Peninsula.
Subsistence farming, widely practiced from the northeastern jungles to the southwestern grasslands, consists largely of corn, bean, and tuber plots.
The eastern part of the Pyrenees consists largely of granite and gneissose rocks, while in the western part the granite peaks are flanked by layers of limestone.
Heinlein's first novel, For Us, The Living ( written 1939 ), consists largely of speeches advocating the Social Credit system, and the early story " Misfit " ( 1939 ) deals with an organization that seems to be Franklin D. Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps translated into outer space.
The terrain consists largely of arid and semi-arid rangelands, with several low mountain ranges.
Lewis is comparatively flat, and largely consists of treeless moors of blanket peat.
For Us, the Living consists largely of thinly-fictionalized lectures on social credit ( a movement that Heinlein later hid his involvement in ), as well as free love, and criticism of religious fundamentalism.
The white dwarf consists of degenerate matter, and so is largely unresponsive to heat, while the accreted hydrogen is not.
The centre consists largely of red brick houses.
The executive branch consists of the largely ceremonial Federal President as head of state and the Federal Chancellor, the head of government, normally ( but not necessarily ) the leader of the largest grouping in the Bundestag.

consists and essays
* Antek, Samuel ( author ) and Hupka, Robert ( photographs ), This Was Toscanini, New York: Vanguard Press, 1963 ( consists of a series of essays by one of the NBC Symphony musicians who played under Toscanini, combined with remarkable rehearsal photographs from the latter part of Toscanini's career ).
His book consists of five essays: “ Replies and Responses ”, “ Response Cries ”, “ Footing ”, “ The Lecture ”, and “ Radio Talk .” Each essay addresses communication both verbal and non verbal through a sociolinguistic model and the book provides a comprehensive overview of the study of talk.
It consists of a large number of short essays, each focused on a single match between 1968 and 1992.
The analytical writing section consists of two different essays, an " issue task " and an " argument task ".
The applications consists of an official transcript from the student's last 2½ years of school, scores on the SAT I, several long and short essays totaling roughly four to five pages, three teacher recommendations in science, mathematics, and English, and a list of awards and extracurricular activities.
Written as both Boris Akunin and Grigory Chkhartishvili, the book consists of literary essays about cemeteries in different parts of the world, each accompanied by a macabre short story.
" Itineraire d ’ un Maitre consists of essays by Yuri Norstein, Nikolay Izvolov, Oleg Kovalov, Georges Nivat, Claudine Eizykman, Guy Fihman, Dominique Willoughby, Svetlana Alexeieff-Rockwell as well as Alexandre Rockwell.
It consists of two bodies of material used in writing the novels, one for each series, with three informal essays by David Eddings.
Each volume consists of an eponymous essay sometimes followed by a collection of related essays by the same author, or an introductory extract from a greater work by that author.
The first consists of essays about Sedaris ’ life before his move to Normandy, France including his upbringing in suburban Raleigh, North Carolina, his time working odd jobs in New York City, and a visit to New York from a childhood friend and her rather bumpkinish girlfriend.
It consists of reminiscences, speeches, book reviews, parodies and essays written over a period from 1980 to 1995, the year of Davies ' death.
Happy Alchemy consists of various of Davies ' unpublished speeches, book reviews and essays.
Labirynt nad morzem consists mainly of essays devoted to ancient Greek culture and history, as well as in a lesser degree to the Etruscans and the Roman legionnaires from Hadrian ’ s Wall.
The later Kana Shōbōgenzō consists of an overlapping assortment of essays and commentaries written in Japanese ; different versions of the Kana Shōbōgenzō contain different sets of texts.
The book consists of seven numbered essays: four using words and images ; and three essays using only images.
Garrett's most-read work is The People's Pottage, which consists of three essays.
Entitled " Guzin's Abidins ", this book consists of drawings and essays by Abidin Dino.
The application consists of information about each student's extracurricular activities, honors and awards, and includes personal essays.
The first section consists of short fiction and the second half contains autobiographical essays.
The study of historical romantic friendship is difficult because the primary source material consists of writing about love relationships, which typically took the form of love letters, poems, or philosophical essays rather than objective studies.
It consists of thoughts and essays on various subjects.
While the roots may be found with Franz Grillparzer, Hermann Bahr and especially Karl Kraus, one of the most important essayists after World War II is Jean Améry whose oeuvre primarily consists of essays, articles and critiques.
The Comédie humaine consists of 91 finished works ( stories, novels or analytical essays ) and 46 unfinished works ( some of which exist only as titles ).

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