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Page "hobbies" ¶ 47
from Brown Corpus
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doesn't and really
Henri has always had shapely legs from swimming and water skiing and really doesn't have to work them very much.
He doesn't really need the immense sum of money ( probably converted from American gold on the London Exchange ) he makes them pay.
And given the slow initialization of the cipher with each change of key, it is granted a natural protection against brute-force attacks, which doesn't really justify key sizes longer than 448 bits.
And at one point, I realized it really doesn't have this kind of crazy humor that people from New York would expect to see.
Mildred refuses and doesn't believe that Montag is really sick ( even when Montag vomits on the rug from the stench of kerosene -- which earlier was like a perfume to him -- Mildred is only concerned about whether or not the vomit stain will come out in the wash ).
Foley's alien goes on to say that in the 50 years they've been doing this, the only thing they've learned is that " one in 10 doesn't really seem to mind " and that he suspects their " Great Leader " may be " just some sort of twisted ass freak ".
Now, really, that doesn't make any sense, does it?
But if he doesn't care about your problems, then you begin to really resent him.
Nielsen later said in an interview that he had done many of his own stunts, " You have an idea of how you're going to do something, and it's your vision ... unless you do it, it really doesn't stand a chance.
" Gordon Veneklasen, one of the gallery's directors in 1995 described Van Vliet as an " incredible painter " whose work " doesn't really look like anybody else's work but his own.
Sampras cited a leg injury as the reason Rafter won, an attitude that upset the generally mild-mannered Aussie: " He really does say some funny things at the wrong time ", said Rafter, " We are out there busting our guts and he doesn't show a lot of respect at the end of the day.
But the movie didn't need to be 2 hours and 35 minutes long: there's too much small talk, which doesn't really reveal character.
A considerable amount of information about the life of Archilochus has come down to the modern age via his surviving work, the testimony of other authors and inscriptions on monuments, yet it all needs to be viewed with caution — the biographical tradition is generally unreliable and the fragmentary nature of the poems doesn't really support inferences about his personal history.
In a speech on March 30, 2008 in San Francisco's Unitarian Universalist church, Ellsberg observed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn't really have the authority to declare impeachment " off the table ".
This argument does not refute solipsism as it might even appear that one using it doesn't really understand the private language argument.
Several episodes show the friendlier side of her nature, showing that she possibly doesn't really hate Lizzie.
Most towns the size of Cullowhee have a downtown, shopping area / district, and grocery store, but Cullowhee really doesn't have any of that, as what it did have as a downtown area was washed away by the flood of 1940.
" Realizing that it doesn't really kick up a big firestorm of emotion, it kind of suggests that at least if someone started talking I'd sit still long enough to listen.
In synthesizing this wide variety of influences they created something which critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote " doesn't really sound like anything that came before it.
( Note that it takes values into R, rather than C ; this is for physical reasons, and doesn't really matter for this proof.
So, why don't we just invent our own world music for a world that doesn't really exist ?".
The record confuses me, that's what I like — it doesn't feel of this time right now, but I'm not sure whether it's 100 years ago or 100 years in the future " and summed up the album's sound as " really weird.
( 1955 ), had come out ; and my dad took me to see it — I just see her, and I go, uh-oh, it doesn't really quite register with me, ' cause I'm in total shock, because I wanted to hate her, but the instant that I met her, I got the essence of her.
" In the 1980s, she controversially boasted that " on a night when I feel really good about myself, I can walk into a room, and if a man doesn't look at me, he's probably gay.

doesn't and matter
`` It doesn't matter, Rock.
`` It doesn't matter.
He contends this idea doesn't conflict with experiments on which the principle of conservation of matter and energy is based because some slight error must be assumed in such experiments.
Keith Kintigh wrote: " To put it bluntly, in many cases it doesn't matter much to the progress of anthropology whether a particular archaeoastronomical claim is right or wrong because the information doesn ’ t inform the current interpretive questions.
In the Daily Mirror, Victor Lewis-Smith wrote: " Apparently it doesn't matter that this is a first-class soap opera, superbly scripted and flawlessly performed by a seasoned repertory company.
But that doesn't matter.
" Mercer emphasized that he was not blaming heavy metal music for Gill's actions and added " It doesn't matter actually what music he liked.
It captures the intuition that the particular choice of a bound variable, in a lambda abstraction, doesn't ( usually ) matter.
In one case, Beria picked up a well-known actress under the pretense of bringing her to perform for the Politburo ; instead, he took her to his dacha, promised to free her father and grandmother from NKVD prison if she submitted, and then raped her, telling her " Scream or not, doesn't matter.
The area of a rectangle does not depend on which side you measure first, which illustrates that the order numbers are multiplied together in doesn't matter.
According to Simon Frith pop music is produced " as a matter of enterprise not art ", is " designed to appeal to everyone " and " doesn't come from any particular place or mark off any particular taste ".
Concretely, this means that if an element x is multiplied by itself several times, it doesn't matter in which order the multiplications are carried out, so for instance x ( x ( xx ))
Like a complex musical chord it's got to have a smooth surface but it doesn't matter what's happening underneath.
In theory, it doesn't matter whether the X. 25 caller and X. 25 destination are both connected to the same carrier, but in practice it was not always possible to make calls from one carrier to another.
After the war he made a name for himself as a comedy actor, notably on radio in Waterlogged Spa, alongside Eric Barker and Puffney Post Office in which he played a hapless old postman with the catch-phrase " It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you tears them up ".
In Zhuan Falun ( 轉法輪 ), the foundational text published in 1995, Li Hongzhi writes " It doesn't matter how mankind's moral standard changes … The nature of the cosmos doesn't change, and it is the only standard for determining who's good and who's bad.
We sang ' It doesn't matter if we all die ' and that is exactly what we thought at the time.
Brown was surprised to see Harris exiting his vehicle with a gym bag, commenting that he had been absent from an important class test that morning, but Harris seemed unconcerned, commenting " It doesn't matter anymore.
John Leonard, writing in The New York Times, praised Time Enough for Love as " a great entertainment ," declaring that " it doesn't matter all his characters sound and behave exactly the same ; it's because the man is a master of beguilement.
Behind the occasional bebop solos, he always kept his strict rhythmic pulse, " so it doesn't matter what they do up front ; the audience gets the beat ".
" In 2005 Davignon discussed these accusations with the BBC: " It is unavoidable and it doesn't matter.
" I don't ever know the rest, but that doesn't seem to matter.
Therefore, in magnetic circuits with an air gap, the strength of the magnetic field B depends strongly on the length of the air gap, and the length of the flux path in the core doesn't matter much.

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