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earned and total
In total, the film earned $ 11. 5 million in the US.
* ERA — Earned run average: total number of earned runs ( see " ER " above ), multiplied by 9, divided by innings pitched
In the early history of major league baseball, the difference between the number of earned runs given up by a pitcher and the total number of runs given up was much more significant than today.
The percent of total income earned by the richest 20 % of the Chilean population in 2000 was 61. 0 % of GDP, while the percent of total income earned by the poorest 20 % of the Chilean population was 3. 3 % of GDP.
Brown's films gained a total of 38 Academy Award nominations and earned nine Oscars.
The total number of copies of Doom games sold is unknown, but may be well over 4 million ; Doom II alone has earned over $ 100 million in total sales.
In 2011 Japan produced 411 feature films that earned 54. 9 % of a box office total of US $ 2. 338 billion.
It earned $ 7, 012, 630 in its opening weekend, and its total U. S. domestic tally stands at $ 71, 583, 916 and it grossed $ 90, 683, 916 worldwide .< ref >
In a total of twelve Tarzan films, Weissmuller earned an estimated $ 2, 000, 000 and established himself as what many consider the definitive Tarzan.
Similarly, the opportunity cost of attending university is the lost wages a student could have earned in the workforce, rather than the cost of tuition, books, and other requisite items ( whose sum makes up the total cost of attendance ).
( Super Bowl XLV holds the record for total U. S. viewership, with an average audience of 111 million, but only earned a rating of 46. 0 and a 69 share ).
* Daniel Ortega Saavedra November 5, 2006 ' won getting the 37. 99 % of the valid votes cast 930. 802 votes equivalent to relatively higher than the two forces princiapl opisitora presented at election they were the party of the Second Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance ( ALN ) with the degree candidate Eduardo Montealegre Rivas who won 693. 391 votes recorded corresponding to a 28. 30 % and third place went to the Constitutionalist Liberal Party with Dr. José Rizo Castellón who earned a total 664. 225 of valid votes corresponding to 27. 11 %.
The effective rate is the total tax paid divided by the total amount the tax is paid on, while the marginal rate is the rate paid on the next dollar of income earned.
Revenues of $ 6. 0 billion, $ 2. 8 billion of which were earned through the provision of consular and management services, reduced total net cost to $ 21. 4 billion.
After January 28 opening weekends in Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain and Norway, American Beauty had earned $ 7 million in 12 countries for a total of $ 12. 1 million outside North America.
The film earned $ 38, 896, 854 in the United States, and an additional $ 63, 086, 000 in foreign markets for a total worldwide gross of $ 101, 982, 854.
Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals earned a total of 35 Tony Awards, 15 Academy Awards, two Pulitzer Prizes, two Grammy Awards, and two Emmy Awards.
On January 14, 2008, Davenport surpassed Steffi Graf in career prize money earned on the women's tour, garnering a total of US $ 21, 897, 501.
Each player who agreed with the most popular answer to a question earned the team $ 50, for a possible total of $ 450.

earned and $
The film earned over $ 60 million at the domestic box office, a strong return for a film that cost only $ 5 million to produce.
Selig earned $ 14. 5 million from MLB over the timespan October 31, 2005 to October 31, 2006.
The Gold Rush opened in August 1925 and earned a profit of $ 5, 000, 000.
Forbes cites that Lady Gaga reportedly earned over $ 90 million in 2010.
Bring It On was a surprise hit and earned nearly $ 70 million domestically.
In addition, the publishing of the DSM, with tightly guarded copyrights, has in itself earned over $ 100 million for the American Psychiatric Association.
" At the height of his fame on Diff ' rent Strokes, he earned as much as US $ 100, 000 per episode.
Melville was not financially successful as a writer, having earned just over $ 10, 000 for his writing during his lifetime.
While on the Bears, Aaron earned $ 10 per game ($ today ).
In 2011, the top manager earned $ 3, 000m, the tenth earned $ 210m and the 30th earned $ 80m.

earned and 51
The following year, his squadron was based on the as a member of Air Group 51, where his lanky physique earned him the nickname ' Skin '.
O-Net reports that in 2011, PTAs in the United States earned a median wage of $ 51, 040 annually or $ 24. 54 hourly, and Aides / Techs earned a median wage of $ 23, 680 annually or $ 11. 39 hourly in 2011.
His success as the legate of a legion, earned him a consulship in 51 after which he retired from public life, having incurred the enmity of Claudius ' wife, Agrippina.
Kile's breakthrough year came in 1993 when he went 15 – 8 with a 3. 51 earned run average and made the All-Star team.
With Wesley, Phills, Rice, Mason and Divac, the Hornets romped through the regular season, finishing with a 51 – 31 record ; Rice had another good season, as he finished sixth in league scoring and earned all-NBA third team honors.
The feature received reasonable reviews, and earned $ 51 million worldwide.
It was not a major hit but by 1971 had earned an estimated profit of £ 51, 762.
Grove then settled down in 1926 and won the first of a record nine earned run average ( ERA ) titles with a mark of 2. 51.
To accommodate part-time students, many of whom work, most US community colleges offer required courses during evening and weekend hours and, increasingly, online ( the Sloan Consortium reports that 51 % of all degrees earned online are associate degrees.
In the United States it earned $ 51, 185, 000., including an opening weekend of $ 11, 051, 284, surpassing the $ 5 million grossed by The Lost Boys that was released on the same day.
On March 24, 1928, in the final game of the regular season, Morenz earned two assists, tying the then-NHL record for assists in a season with 18 and becoming the first player to score 50 points in a season, finishing with 51.
The poem consists of 51 stanzas recounting a dream sequence in which the poet first sees historical and mythological figures being punished for their vices or their failure to act, and later sees those figures who have earned a place on Mount Parnassus for their virtues ; principal among those praised is the marqués de Santillana.
Gant earned the nickname " Mr. September " in 1991 after winning all four September Cup races ( Darlington, Richmond, Dover and Martinsville ) and two Busch races ( Richmond and Dover ) at age 51.
New institutions such as Factory Records and Fac 51 Hacienda earned the city the sobriquet Madchester.
He has earned 51 caps for Egypt and scored 20 goals.
When Gibbons was fired, the team's record was 35 – 39 ; after Gaston and his coaching staff took over, the team earned a record of 51 – 37 for the remainder of the season which included a late ten-game winning streak and the Blue Jays finishing fourth in the American League East.
Wilson earned 51 caps for Canada.
The brigade's mobility in the campaign ( particularly a 57-mile march in 51 hours ) earned it the oxymoronic title " Jackson's foot cavalry ".
He earned first-team All-Mountain West honors and finished second on the team and sixth in Mountain West with 97 tackles ( 51 solo ).
He obviously over matched batters, racking up a 8-4 record and 1. 51 earned run average ( ERA ) with 99 strikeouts in 95. 1 innings over 13 starts.
The episode also earned a 51 share of the male demographic aged between 18 and 24 ; a share represents the percentage of households using a television at the time the program is airing.
Davis earned a 51 – 20 record during his tenure as head coach.

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