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has and 325
According to the 2011 India census, Ajmer district has a population of 2, 584, 913, which was made up of 1, 325, 911 males and 1, 259, 002 females.
On the basis of evidence both internal and external to the text, it has been argued that this creed originated not as an editing by the First Council of Constantinople of the original Nicene Creed, but as an independent creed ( probably an older baptismal creed ) modified to make it more like the Nicene Creed of 325 and attributed to the Council of 381 only later.
The third Ecumenical Council ( Council of Ephesus of 431 ) reaffirmed the original 325 version of the Nicene Creed and declared that " it is unlawful for any man to bring forward, or to write, or to compose a different ( – more accurately translated as used by the Council to mean “ different ,” “ contradictory ,” and not “ another ”) Faith as a rival to that established by the holy Fathers assembled with the Holy Ghost in Nicæa " ( i. e. the 325 creed ) This statement has been interpreted as a prohibition against changing this creed or composing others, but not all accept this interpretation.
The World Bank has promised Paraguay assistance totaling US $ 325 million between 2003 and 2007.
For example, IUPAC has, since 1982, defined standard reference conditions as being 0 ° C and 100 kPa ( 1 bar ), in contrast to their old standard of 0 ° C and 101. 325 kPa ( 1 atm ).< ref name =" IUPAC 2 ">
* Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park features an artificial tree dubbed " The Tree of Life ," which has about 325 carvings of different species of animals.
According to Central Bank of Venezuela, the government received from 1998 to 2008 around 325 billion USD through oil production and export, and according to the International Energy Agency, to June 2010 has production of 2. 2 million of barrels per day, 800, 000 of which go to the United States of America.
The denomination 325 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years.
The relative density of gases is often measured with respect to dry air at a temperature of 20 ° C and a pressure of 101. 325 kPa absolute, which has a density of 1. 205 kg / m < sup > 3 </ sup >.
Lake Teletskoye (, Altay:, Altyn-Köl, literally: " Golden Lake ") is the largest lake in the Altay Mountains and the Altai Republic, Russia, and has a depth of up to 325 meters.
The denomination 325 BC for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years.
According to the U. S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 898 square miles ( 2, 325 km² ), of which 883 square miles ( 2, 288 km² ) is land and 14 square miles ( 37 km² ) ( 1. 60 %) is water.
Clinical evidence for the efficacy of the TMS Therapy in the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder is largely based on the results of the largest multi-center ( N = 325, 23 sites ) randomized, controlled trial of TMS monotherapy for the treatment of major depression that has ever been conducted.
The village has its own school district, District 325.
The fieldhouse has a capacity of 9, 325. The fieldhouse is notable for a 1961 State Sectional Game between New Castle and Lewisville ( now part of South Henry School Corporation ) in which the fans attending the game were snowed in. The next morning food was delivered to the Fieldhouse by a local bakery and a church service was piped into the gym.
In 1702, settlers purchased the Horseneck Tract — the reason for this name has never been determined, but historians agree that it is not because of its shape — from the Lenape Native Americans for goods equal to $ 325.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 125. 5 square miles ( 325. 1 km² ), of which, 124. 4 square miles ( 322. 2 km² ) of it is land and 1. 1 square miles ( 2. 8 km² ) of it ( 0. 87 %) is water.
Established in 1961, the School of Sciences has 97 faculty members, 1862 undergraduates, 325 Master's students, and 81 Ph. D. students.
It has 2, 325 stores at end of 2011 and 2, 629 stores at end of August 2012.
* The Neman has about 105 first-class tributaries, the largest being the rivers Neris ( Viliya ) ( 510 km / 317 miles ), the Shchara ( 325 km / 202 miles ), and the Šešupė ( 298 km / 185 miles ).
The company has now listed the headquarters for sale and is reported looking for new space after it was announced that its headquarters staff of 325 on January 30, 2009 did not meet Lenexa ’ s requirement that at least 497 be employed at the headquarters to receive the property tax abatement.
Liquid oxygen has a density of 1. 141 g / cm < sup > 3 </ sup > ( 1. 141 kg / L ) and is cryogenic with a freezing point of 50. 5 K (− 368. 77 ° F ; − 222. 65 ° C ) and a boiling point of 90. 19 K (− 297. 33 ° F, − 182. 96 ° C ) at 101. 325 kPa ( 760 mmHg ).
As of 2010, the city has an estimated population of 325, 074 and a population density of 5, 390 persons per km².

has and islands
Falling somewhere in a category between Einstein's theory and sand fleas -- difficult to see but undeniably there, nevertheless -- is the tropical green `` city '' of Islandia, a string of offshore islands that has almost no residents, limited access and an unlimited future.
For example, Scotland has more than 700 islands surrounding its mainland which constitute an archipelago.
The Senate also has 18 members, elected for a four year term by and from the chiefs of the islands.
The only airport in the islands is Vir Savarkar Airport in Port Blair, which has scheduled services to Kolkata and Chennai and Delhi, Banglore and Bhubaneswar.
Exactly at the head of the gulf the great peak of the Cameroon, on a line of volcanic action continued by the islands to the south-west, has a height of, while Clarence Peak, in Fernando Po, the first of the line of islands, rises to over.
Thus the " Aegean Area " has now come to mean the Archipelago with Crete and Cyprus, the Hellenic peninsula with the Ionian islands, and Western Anatolia.
The airfield also has a small commercial terminal handling scheduled and chartered passenger flights from the other islands in the Azores, Europe, Africa, and North America.
Every year since 1972 the BVI has hosted the Spring Regatta, which is a seven-day collection of sailing races throughout the islands.
The territory has also been recently relieving immigrants from many islands in Lesser Antilles.
It has volcanic islands and is steep and hilly.
There is limited natural fresh water resources ( except for a few seasonal streams and springs on Tortola, most of the islands ' water supply comes from wells and rainwater catchments ). It has strong ties to nearby US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
It has numerous islands, and, above its mouth, it is broken by a bad series of rapids.
Sand carried by high winds has caused erosion on all islands, especially the windward ones.
The current north of the Canaries, has a cooling effect on the islands of Cape Verde, making the air temperature more bearable than it would expect in any case at this latitude.
At first, the islands of Cape Verde housed an extensive savanna and dry forest cover, but mostly it was removed to convert to agricultural land, which, together with the arid climate and rugged terrain, has led to a soil erosion and desertification widespread.
Once this islands were covered with savanna on the plains and arid shrubland on the mountainsides, but over 500 years of human habtitation, since colonisation by the Portuguese in the 15th century, nearly all the original vegetation has been cleared by widespread agriculture including the grazing of goats, sheep and cattle and the planting of imported crop species.
Although many Caribbean islands were initially populated by Amerindian groups such as the Arawaks, Tainos, and Caribs, no evidence of this has been found in the Cayman Islands.
It is the smallest of the four islands and has a central mountain chain reaching 860 meters at its highest.
The leading military power in the region, France has detachments on Mahoré and Réunion, and its Indian Ocean fleet sails the waters around the islands.
The cane toad ( Bufo marinus ), also known as the giant neotropical toad or marine toad, is a large, terrestrial true toad which is native to Central and South America, but has been introduced to various islands throughout Oceania and the Caribbean.
Because of its voracious appetite, the cane toad has been introduced to many regions of the Pacific and the Caribbean islands as a method of agricultural pest control.
1986 — In January 1986, following the rift between New Zealand and the USA in respect of the ANZUS security arrangements Prime Minister Tom Davis declared the Cook Islands a neutral country, because he considered that New Zealand ( which has control over the islands ' defence and foreign policy ) was no longer in a position to defend the islands.

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