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has and achieved
The supreme object of their lives is now fulfilled, says the wife, her husband has achieved immortality.
Command has achieved the ideal amount of reverberation.
A well-publicized entrant which has achieved success only recently is the built liquid detergent, with which the major problem today is incorporation of builder and active into a small volume using a sufficiently high builder/active ratio.
But it has achieved a cross-section of students from almost all the states, and two-thirds of its undergraduates come from outside New England.
If this was in fact Mr. Remarque's intention he has achieved a notable failure.
* The German-designed bow anchor, Bügelanker ( or Wasi ), has a sharp tip for penetrating weed, and features a roll-bar which allows the correct setting attitude to be achieved without the need for extra weight to be inserted into the tip.
" According to Anthroposophy, moral development reveals the extent to which one has achieved control over one's inner life and can exercise it in harmony with the spiritual life of other people ; it shows the real progress in spiritual development, the fruits of which are given in spiritual perception.
But it is not known if any experiment based on this idea has been ever achieved.
Sakharov achieved there a complete CPT symmetry since the second sheet is enantiomorph ( P-symmetry ), has an opposite arrow of time ( T-symmetry ) and is mainly populated by antimatter ( C-symmetry ) because of an opposite CP-violation.
The government has been chosen by elections since 1961 elections, when Barbados achieved full self-governance.
But this destruction, coupled with a protracted siege of Rain ( 9 – 16 July ), caused Prince Eugene to lament "... since the Donauwörth action I cannot admire their performances ", and later to conclude " If he has to go home without having achieved his objective, he will certainly be ruined.
It has, since March 2009, also provided the mechanism by which the Bank's policy of quantitative easing ( QE ) is achieved, under the auspices of the MPC.
The second article, published in 1938, states that launching a swift strategic knockout has great attractions for Germany but appears to accept that such a knockout will be very difficult to achieve by land attack under modern conditions ( especially in view of the existence of systems of fortification like the Maginot Line ) unless an exceptionally high degree of surprise is achieved.
The Anabaptist tradition was largely ostracized by the other Protestant parties at the time, but has achieved a measure of affirmation in more recent history.
The novel explores life in an imagined future world where a totalitarian government has achieved terrifying levels of power and control.
The series has achieved enormous success, selling nearly 50 million units.
In many instances, high-end fashion jewelry has achieved a " collectible " status, and increases in value over time.
The World War II-era Department of Agriculture film Hemp for Victory, encouraging the growing of hemp for war uses, has achieved a similar cult status.
Without firing a shot, by the mere display of military force, he has achieved a dominating position in Europe which Germany failed to win after four years of war.
Mostly this has been achieved through control of and support for civil institutions, the church and the armed forces, rather than through party politics.
Dianetics has achieved no acceptance as a scientific theory and scientists cite Dianetics as an example of a pseudoscience ( see below ).
" Subsequently, Dianetics has achieved no acceptance as a scientific theory and scientists cite Dianetics as an example of a pseudoscience.
To demonstrate what can be achieved with the most mundane objects if planned correctly and imaginatively, Adams has worked with companies to develop “ dream ” products for Dilbert and company.
This has enabled ever larger databases and higher throughputs to be achieved.
The Dodo achieved widespread recognition from its role in the story of Alice in Wonderland, and it has since become a fixture in popular culture, often as a symbol of extinction and obsolescence.

has and popularity
This carbine ( under $140, about $15 more for a deluxe grade ) has an 18-1/2-inch barrel and was obviously inspired by the popularity of last year's Model 760 pump with a short-barrel.
The impression has nevertheless been given during these three days, despite Mr. Rusk's personal popularity, that the United States delegation came to Oslo in a somewhat tentative and exploratory frame of mind, more ready to listen and learn than to enunciate firm policy on a global scale with detailed application to individual danger spots.
The popularity of CCD imaging among amateurs has led to large numbers of web sites being written by individuals about their images and equipment.
Because CCD imagers are linear, image processing may be used to subtract away the effects of light pollution, which has increased the popularity of astrophotography in urban areas.
The popularity and reputation of the cricket series has led to other sports or games, and / or their followers, using the name " Ashes " for contests between England and Australia.
" Amazing Grace " saw a resurgence in popularity in the U. S. during the 1960s and has been recorded thousands of times during and since the 20th century, occasionally appearing on popular music charts.
Though wine ( vino ) has traditionally been the most popular alcoholic beverage in Argentina, beer ( cerveza ; the Italian birra is frequently used ) in recent decades has competed with wine in popularity.
His music today has regained some modest popularity via recordings.
Today the language has declined in popularity along with the Amiga computer for which it was written.
The popularity of Internet cafés has fallen in recent years, as most users prefer to access the Internet from home or work.
This benefit has contributed to its popularity in cryptographic software.
An extension that has gained significant popularity since 2003 is Satisfiability modulo theories ( SMT ) that can enrich CNF formulas with linear constraints, arrays, all-different constraints, uninterpreted functions, etc.
Maland has identified it as triggering Chaplin's decline in popularity, and writes, " Henceforth, no movie fan would ever be able to separate the dimension of politics from the star image of Charles Spencer Chaplin.
Recently the use of recycled materials as concrete ingredients has been gaining popularity because of increasingly stringent environmental legislation.
Although Latin Jazz is most popularly associated with artists from the Caribbean ( particularly Cuba ) and Brazil, young Mexican Americans have played a role in its development over the years, going back to the 1930s and early 1940s, the era of the zoot suit, when young Mexican American musicians in Los Angeles and San Jose began to experiment with banda, a Jazz-like Mexican music that has grown recently in popularity among Mexican Americans such as Jenni Rivera.
With the growing importance and influence of China's economy globally, Mandarin instruction is gaining popularity in schools in the USA, and has become an increasingly popular subject of study amongst the young in the Western world, as in the UK.
In the past decade, mountain bike racing has also reached international popularity and is even an Olympic sport.
Vermicomposting has gained popularity in both these industrial and domestic settings because, as compared to conventional composting, it provides a way to compost organic materials more quickly ( as defined by a higher rate of carbon-to-nitrogen ratio increase ) and to attain products that have lower salinity levels that are therefore more beneficial to plant mediums.
The popularity of the chupacabras has resulted in it being featured in several types of media.
The popularity of curry houses in Britain has encouraged a number of publications aiming to show how the curry house cuisine, as opposed to authentic Indian cuisine, can be recreated at home.
Ditka's success and popularity in Chicago has led him to land analyst roles on various American football pregame shows.
By far, the best known representation is the animated Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius, whose popularity has spread the three-syllable Spanish pronunciation of the word coyote throughout English-speaking North America.
Cheerleading's increasing popularity in recent decades has made it a prominent feature in high-school themed movies and television shows.
The popularity of websites that allow members to upload their own movies for others to view has created a growing community of amateur computer animators.

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