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has and continuously
The present Secretary General has been the Foundation's principal administrative officer continuously since the Foundation's establishment thirty-five years ago.
As of 2010, the project has been continuously delayed, with the rail link estimated to cost as much as $ 4 billion and stretch.
Ambrose's body may still be viewed in the church of S. Ambrogio in Milan, where it has been continuously venerated — along with the bodies identified in his time as being those of Sts.
AIX was the first operating system to utilize journaling file systems, and IBM has continuously enhanced the software with features like processor, disk and network virtualization, dynamic hardware resource allocation ( including fractional processor units ), and reliability engineering ported from its mainframe designs.
Jewish and Christian music were originally a cappella, and this tradition has existed continuously in both of these religions as well as in Islam.
From him it has descended continuously, through fifteen individuals, the title being increased to an Earldom in 1784 ; and in 1876 William Nevill 5th Earl ( b. 1826 ), ( d. 1915 ) an indefatigable and powerful supporter of the Tory Party, was created 1st Marquess of Abergavenny.
A Shropshire Lad has been in print continuously since May 1896.
Baronius advised customers " there have been floods in the area around the plant, electrical shortages and the humidity has been very high for a much longer period than normal, causing technical problems and making it very difficult to print continuously ".
It is not known whether these agreements are still valid, but Bozizé has anyway a continuously good relation with Libya.
Since 1991, Croatia's death rate has continuously exceeded its birth rate ; the natural growth rate of the population is currently negative.
Charles regularly sits in for Janice Long, Steve Wright and Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2, and has presented numerous one-off programmes on the station, including The Craig Charles Soul All-Nighter ( 2011 ), which he hosted continuously for 12 hours.
The Catholic Church has what is claimed to be the oldest continuously functioning internal legal system in Western Europe, much later than Roman law but predating evolution of modern European civil law traditions.
By 1968, the design had reached the one known today, and has been used continuously from this year, apart from a period in the 1970s when the just the letters CAFC appeared on the team's shirts.
Since then, the series has aired continuously in rotation due to its success.
For example, if an office has two telephone operators who are both busy all the time, that would represent two erlangs ( 2 E ) of traffic ; or a radio channel that is occupied for one hour continuously is said to have a load of 1 Erlang.
Ealing Studios has a claim to being the oldest continuously working film studio facility in the world.
A woodland has a more continuously open canopy, with trees spaced farther apart, which allows more sunlight to penetrate to the ground between them ( also see: savanna ).
It has also been continuously developed by Linguists such as Kees Hengeveld.
Though place names survived the deurbanized Sub-Roman and early Anglo-Saxon periods, and historiography has been at pains to signal the expected survivals, archaeology shows that a bare handful of Roman towns were continuously occupied.
" he makes the controversial claim that the " New Hacker Ethic " has continuously evolved out of the older one, though having undergone a radical shift.
Finland has been continuously inhabited at least since the end of the last ice age, up to date.
The Venus Express orbiter has been continuously sending back Venus science data since April 11, 2006.
It has been in production continuously since 1949.
Gold has been mined continuously in that area except for a hiatus in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Of the three, electric transmission has proved to be most popular, and although diesel-hydraulic locomotives have certain advantages and are continuously used in some European countries, most modern Diesel-powered locomotives are diesel-electric.

has and existed
There has long existed a brotherly affection between us, thus I accepted him as my pupil.
The Rusk belief in balanced defense, replacing the Dulles theory of massive retaliation, removes a grave danger that has existed.
We are creative, it seems, when we produce something which has not previously existed.
In any case, I have always been treated with the utmost courtesy by Englishmen, even in Devonshire and Cornwall, where anti-Catholic feeling has supposedly existed the strongest and longest.
Examples of such courts include the New Jersey Court of Errors and Appeals ( which existed from 1844 to 1947 ), the Connecticut Supreme Court of Errors ( which has been renamed the Connecticut Supreme Court ), the Kentucky Court of Errors ( renamed the Kentucky Supreme Court ), and the Mississippi High Court of Errors and Appeals ( since renamed the Supreme Court of Mississippi ).
The word adobe has existed for around 4, 000 years, with relatively little change in either pronunciation or meaning.
Whilst a reasonable road infrastructure has existed within Angola, time and the war have taken their toll on the road surfaces, leaving many severely potholed, littered with broken asphalt.
The word Angst has existed since the 8th century, from the Proto-Indo-European root * anghu -, " restraint " from which Old High German angust developed.
Small-scale tourism has existed since the 1950s.
Although systems similar to AARP existed in other systems, Banyan VINES for instance, nothing like NBP has existed until recently.
From the time of the Spanish colonies there has existed a type of sorbet made from fallen hail or snow.
The rivalry has existed for some time with PSV and stems from various causes, such as the different interpretations of whether current national and international successes of both clubs and the supposed opposition between the Randstad and the province.
When analog television was developed, no affordable technology for storing any video signals existed ; the luminance signal has to be generated and transmitted at the same time at which it is displayed on the CRT.
The size of the byte has historically been hardware dependent and no definitive standards existed that mandated the size.
The concept has existed for centuries and research and development have continued into the modern era.
There has been a great deal of debate about whether blitzkrieg existed as a coherent military strategy.
Cross-dressing has existed throughout much of recorded history.
Storytelling using a sequence of pictures has existed through history.
Cryptozoology has been criticised because of its reliance on anecdotal information and because some cryptozoologists do not follow the scientific method and devote a substantial portion of their efforts to investigations of animals that most scientists believe are unlikely to have existed.
The book has existed in numerous forms, with varying content, throughout the history of the Church and has also been published in differing formats by the various Latter Day Saint denominations.
Celibacy has existed in one form or another throughout history and in virtually all the major religions of the world.
In other words, even if the Universe has always existed, it still owes its existence to an Uncaused Cause, Aquinas further said: "... and this we understand to be God.

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