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from Brown Corpus
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is and believed
Each mode is believed to have a specific attribute -- one inducing pleasure, another generosity, another love, and so on, to include all of the emotions.
This machine, operating at speeds up to 350,000 revolutions per minute, is believed to provide one of the fastest mechanical operations in industry today.
The founder of the Junior Showmanship Competition the late Leonard Brumby, Sr. ( for whom the trophy is named after at Westminster ) was an outstanding Handler and believed a Junior should have an opportunity to exhibit in a dog show starting with the Junior Showmanship Division.
It is believed that these boards will, within the next few years, replace many of the conventional flood-lighted boards now in use.
An enemy would obviously choose an agent that is believed to be highly infectious.
It is believed that drug therapy and electroshock involve the former and psychotherapy the latter mechanism.
She later divorced Graham, who is believed to have moved to Bolivia.
Yes, he believed that the Jews were `` enemies of the Reich '', and such a belief is, of course, typical of `` patriotic '' anti-Semites ; ;
Second, they believed it important to determine the fate of the captain -- a man whose name is permanently stamped on our maps, on American towns and counties, on a great American river, and on half a million square miles of Arctic seas.
The luminosity of the water is now believed to have been caused by the stimulation of vast numbers of the luminescent organism Noctiluca miliaris by the turbulence of the sea.
It is significant, too, that the older teen-agers I interviewed believed, unlike the younger ones, that Jewish students tend to do better academically than their gentile counterparts.
The large statue on the first floor is believed to be the statue of Pompey at the base of which Julius Caesar was stabbed to death ( if so, the statue once stood in the senate house ).
As you approach the church on the Via D. Baullari you are passing within yards of the remains of the Roman Theatre of Pompey, near which is believed to have been the place where Julius Caesar was assassinated.
The charges of the electron and proton are believed to be exactly equal and opposite, but Dr. Lyttleton is not so sure.
Even if that's all the promise he ever gave or ever will give, the giving of it once was enough and you believed it then and you will always believe it, even when it is finally the only thing in the world you have left to believe, and the whole world is telling you that one was a lie.
It is during this period in Athens from 335 to 323 BC when Aristotle is believed to have composed many of his works.
The earth deity had power over the ghostly world, and it is believed that she was the deity behind the oracle.
There is no agreement on when and where this Urheimat existed, though the language is generally believed to have originated somewhere in or near the region stretching from the Levant / Near East to the area between the Eastern Sahara and the Horn of Africa, including Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan.
The first " true alphabet " in this sense is believed to be the Greek alphabet, which is a modified form of the Phoenician alphabet.
Based on letter appearances and names, it is believed to be based on Egyptian hieroglyphs.

is and Hudson
Sixty miles north of New York City where the wooded hills of Dutchess County meet the broad sweep of the Hudson River there is a new home development called `` Oakwood Heights ''.
As the bergs grew larger, Hudson was forced to turn south into what is now Ungava Bay, an inlet of the Great Strait.
* 1610 – Henry Hudson sails into what is now known as Hudson Bay thinking he had made it through the Northwest Passage and reached the Pacific Ocean.
* Absalom's attempted coup against his father David is explored in the novel " Zoheleth " by J Francis Hudson ( Lion Publishing 1994 ).
Alberta is landlocked, and separated by a series of mountain ranges from the nearest outlets to the Pacific Ocean, and by the Canadian Shield from ports on the Lakehead or Hudson Bay.
The Baltic Sea is a brackish inland sea, perhaps the largest body of brackish water in the world ( other possibilities include the Black Sea, Hudson Bay and the Caspian Sea ).
To the west, north and south, the area is surrounded by the tidal estuary of the Hudson River.
Because Broadway is a true north – south route that parallels the Hudson River and preceded the grid that the Commissioners ' Plan of 1811 imposed on the island, Broadway diagonally crosses Manhattan, its intersections with avenues marked by " squares " ( some merely triangular slivers of open space ) have induced some interesting architecture, such as the Flatiron Building.
The Campaign's General Secretary is Kate Hudson.
Hudson is a folk indie rock band with two narrative concept albums released to date.
A definition of cocktail appeared in the May 13, 1806, edition of The Balance and Columbian Repository, a publication in Hudson, New York, in which an answer was provided to the question, " What is a cocktail ?".
The Erie Canal is a waterway in New York that runs about from Albany, New York, on the Hudson River to Buffalo, New York, at Lake Erie, completing a navigable water route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes.
Another influential development was a 1965 lawsuit, Scenic Hudson Preservation Conference v. Federal Power Commission, opposing the construction of a power plant on Storm King Mountain, which is said to have given birth to modern United States environmental law.
The neighborhood is bordered by Broadway to the east, the Hudson River to the west, Houston Street to the south, and 14th Street to the north, and roughly centered around Washington Square and New York University.
The Far West Village is a sub-neighborhood from the Hudson River to Hudson Street.
* Peter Hudson – Australian Rules Footballer, considered one of the greatest full-forwards in the game's history, when playing for Glenorchy he kicked 616 goals in 81 games with some records stating he instead kicked 769 goals ; he is also a member of the AFL Hall of Fame
It is well to the east of Nunavut's mainland, and northeast of Hudson Bay.
* 1611 – The mutinous crew of Henry Hudson's fourth voyage sets Henry, his son and seven loyal crew members adrift in an open boat in what is now Hudson Bay ; they are never heard from again.
Quayle is an Honorary Trustee Emeritus of the Hudson Institute and is president of Quayle and Associates.
It is connected to the Hudson River by the Champlain Canal.
It adjoins Hudson Bay to the northeast, and is the only prairie province with a coastline.

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