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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 983
from Brown Corpus
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is and difficult
Whether a concept analogous to the principle of internal responsibility operates in a nation's external relations is less obvious and more difficult to establish.
seeing an aborigine today is a difficult thing.
It is perhaps difficult to conceive, but imagine that tonight on London bridge the Teddy boys of the East End will gather to sing Marlowe, Herrick, Shakespeare, and perhaps some lyrics of their own.
Presenting an individualized Negro character, it would seem, is one of the most difficult assignments a Southern writer could tackle ; ;
It is much less difficult now than in Lincoln's day to see that on both sides sovereign Americans had given their lives in the Civil War to maintain the balance between the powers they had delegated to the States and to their Union.
It is difficult to reconstruct the primeval fears of man.
And Zen Buddhism, though it is extremely difficult to understand how these internal contradictions are reconciled, helps them in their struggle to achieve personal salvation through sexual release.
The release, the freedom, involved in loving another is either terribly difficult or else absolutely impossible ; ;
moreover, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between the two.
The making of distinctions, like the perception of the great distinctions made, is an inordinately difficult business.
Since civilizational change is the most difficult to perceive and analyze, it seldom is given adequate attention.
It is more difficult with Faulkner than with most authors to say what is the extent and what is the source of his knowledge.
It seems quite obvious that all the really difficult tasks of human beings arise from the fact that man is not one, but many.
The problem is rather to find out what is actually happening, and this is especially difficult for the reason that `` we are busily being defended from a knowledge of the present, sometimes by the very agencies -- our educational system, our mass media, our statesmen -- on which we have had to rely most heavily for understanding of ourselves ''.
But however we come, finally, to explain and account for the present, the truth we are trying to expose, right now, is that the makers of constitutions and the designers of institutions find it difficult if not impossible to anticipate the behavior of the host of all their enterprises.
It is not difficult to anticipate circumstances in which negative tensions will cumulate ; ;
In the wide range of experiences common to our earth-bound race none is more difficult to manage, more troublesome, and more enduring in its effects than the control of love and hate.
Accordingly we may speak of the Platonism peculiar to Shelley's poems or the type of Stoicism present in Henley's `` Invictus '', and we may find that describing such Platonism or such Stoicism and contrasting each with other expressions of the same attitude or mode of thought is a difficult and challenging enterprise.
This, naturally, will be difficult to do since both the archaeological and place-name evidence in this period, with some fortunate exceptions, is insufficient for precise chronological purposes.

is and say
`` I realize that this is hardly the time to say it, Penny '', said Keith.
`` There isn't anything left to say, is there, Keith ''??
The enormous changes in world politics have, however, thrown it into confusion, so much so that it is safe to say that all international law is now in need of reexamination and clarification in light of the social conditions of the present era.
One's impulse is to say that the smell was a stink and unpleasant.
This is not to say that the South is no longer agrarian ; ;
One is tempted to say that, on the difference between the concepts of sovereignty in these two preambles, the worst war of the Nineteenth century was fought.
To my knowledge, Lincoln remains the only Head of State and Commander-in-Chief who, while fighting a fearful war whose issue was in doubt, proved man enough to say this publicly -- to give his foe the benefit of the fact that in all human truth there is some error, and in all our error, some truth.
It only means that there will be new form, and that this form will be of such a type that it admits the chaos and does not try to say that the chaos is really something else.
Harold Clurman is right to say that `` Waiting For Godot '' is a reflection ( he calls it a distorted reflection ) `` of the impasse and disarray of Europe's present politics, ethic, and common way of life ''.
Professionally a lawyer, that is to say associated with dignity, reserve, discipline, with much that is essentially middle-class, he is compelled by an impossible love to exhibit himself dressed up, disguised -- that is, paradoxically, revealed -- as a child, and, worse, as a whore masquerading as a child.
that is to say, to the churchyard ''.
Who will say that our country is even now a homogeneous community??
A man must be able to say, `` Father, I have sinned '', or there is no hope for him.
That is to say Gabriel's fundamental law had been so much modified by this time that it was neither fundamental nor law any more.
That is questionable, to say the least.
Thus, it is no mystical intuition, but an analyzable conception to say that man and his tradition can `` fall out of existence ''.
It is to say rather, I believe, that he has brought to bear on the history, the traditions, and the lore of his region a critical, skeptical mind -- the same mind which has made of him an inveterate experimenter in literary form and technique.

is and what
Actually, only two men know what the formula is, Blake and '' -- He stopped and looked at Thor's body.
Ballet dancer: Protests, tears, and `` take what you want, Nicolas, I am a dancer, you are a poet, it is all beautiful ''.
`` But what is it ''??
But what is it??
But apart from racial problems, the old unreconstructed South -- to use the moderate words favored by Mr. Thomas Griffith -- finds itself unsympathetic to most of what is different about the civilization of the North.
This is the only case in modern history of a people of Britannic origin submitting without continued struggle to what they view as foreign domination.
It became the sole `` subject '' of `` international law '' ( a term which, it is pertinent to remember, was coined by Bentham ), a body of legal principle which by and large was made up of what Western nations could do in the world arena.
Perhaps this is what gives the aborigine his odd air of dignity.
That, at any rate, is what happens at the Khaju bridge.
I consider it to be my job to expose the public to what is being written today ''.
What appears here is shorter than what he actually said but very close to his own words.
One can only speak of what is in front of him, and that now is simply the mess ''.
This confession serves to make clear in part what is behind this sexual revolution: the craving for sensation for its own sake, the need for change, for new experiences.
The professed mission of this disaffiliated generation is to find a new way of life which they can express in poetry and fiction, but what they produce is unfortunately disordered, nourished solely on the hysteria of negation.
If love reflects the nature of man, as Ortega Y Gasset believes, if the person in love betrays decisively what he is by his behavior in love, then the writers of the beat generation are creating a new literary genre.
In the work of every artist, I suppose, there may be found one or more moments which strike the student as absolutely decisive, ultimately emblematic of what it is all about ; ;
But Aristotle kept the principle of levels and even augmented it by describing in the Poetics what kinds of character and action must be imitated if the play is to be a vehicle of serious and important human truths.
What Hume calls `` sensation '' is what Whitehead calls `` perception in the mode of presentational immediacy '' which is a sophisticated abstraction from perception in the mode of causal efficacy.
By virtue of his self-reliance, his individualism and his freedom from external restraint, the private eye is a perfect embodiment of the middle class conception of liberty, which amounts to doing what you please and let the devil take the hindmost.
Obviously there has been no agreement on what American conservatism is, or rather, what it should be.
Hence government must establish greater controls upon corporations so that their activities promote what is deemed essential to the national interest.

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