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is and estimated
Assuming the lower figure for the big blast and one shot estimated by the Japanese at 10 megatons, a conservative computation is that the 24 announced tests produced a total yield of at least 60 megatons.
It has been estimated that the value of boats in Rhode Island waters is something in excess of fifty million dollars, excluding commercial boats.
It is estimated that about 70,000 miles of forest highways will eventually be needed to fully serve the National Forests.
It is estimated that about 542,250 miles of forest development roads, and 80,000 miles of trails, constitute the system that will eventually be needed to obtain the maximum practicable yield and use of the wood, water, forage, and wildlife and recreation resources of the National Forests on a continuing basis.
-- Expenditures for operating and maintaining the stations and equipment of the Armed Forces are estimated to be $10.3 billion in 1961, which is $184 million more than in 1960.
A substantial increase is estimated in the cost of operating additional communications systems in the air defense program, as well as in all programs where speed and security of communications are essential.
If you were required to file a declaration of estimated tax for the calendar year 1961, it is not necessary to pay the fourth installment otherwise due on January 15, 1962, if you file your income tax return Form 1040, and pay your tax in full for the calendar year 1961 by January 31, 1962.
If you file a Form 1040, you should indicate in the place provided that there is an overpayment of tax and the amount you want refunded and the amount you want credited against your estimated tax.
In the United States Department of Agriculture's Yearbook Of Agriculture, 1952, which is devoted entirely to insects, George E. Bohart mentions a site in Utah which was estimated to contain 200,000 nesting females.
Since this book is concerned only incidentally with railroad rates, it will not attempt to analyze the methods by which the staff of the Interstate Commerce Commission has estimated out-of-pocket costs and apportioned residue costs.
The bondage endurable by an oral poet is to be estimated only by a very skilful oral poet, but it appears safe to assume that no sustained narrative in rhyme could be composed without extreme difficulty, even in a language of many terminal inflections.
In 1961, it is estimated that multiple unit dwellings will account for nearly 30 per cent of the starts in residential construction.
With cash receipts from marketings expected to be slightly above 1960, farmers' gross income is estimated at $39.5 billion, $1.5 billion above 1960's record high.
It is estimated that more than 600 stations ( of a total of 3,400 ) do a significant amount of programing for the Negro.
Nevertheless, it is estimated that in up to twenty percent of amphibian species, one or both adults play some role in the care of the young.
The abundance of antimony in the Earth's crust is estimated at 0. 2 to 0. 5 parts per million, comparable to thallium at 0. 5 parts per million and silver at 0. 07 ppm.
Its estimated shear modulus is similar to that of lead.
Three years later it was found in nature, although it is the least abundant element in the Earth's crust among the non-transuranic elements, with an estimated total amount of less than at any given time.
With a membership currently estimated at over 85 million members worldwide, the Anglican Communion is the third largest Christian communion in the world, after the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches.
Therefore a naive algorithm to calculate the estimated variance is given by the following:
Based on this sample, the estimated population mean is 10, and the unbiased estimate of population variance is 30.
Again the estimated population variance of 30 is computed correctly by Algorithm II, but the naive algorithm now computes it as − 170. 66666666666666.
Engineers estimated that once the project is finished, the tunnel will allow 500 million cubic meters of water to be drawn from the lake annually, while maintaining a constant water level.
Like the earlier catalogs of Hipparchus and Ptolemy, Ulugh Beg's catalogue is estimated to have been precise to within approximately 20 minutes of arc.

is and 5
Subject to the limitations hereinafter provided, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to pay, as prescribed by Section 8 of this Title, an amount not exceeding the principal of each award, plus accrued interests on such awards as bear interest, certified pursuant to Section 5 of this Title, in accordance with the award.
A typical `` sonogram '' of a human eye, together with a description of the anatomical parts, is shown in Fig. 5.
The following summary, based on Figures 5 and 6, is an example of one way of interpreting the 42 figures constructed from onset ages and completion ages of individual children with respect to the appropriate mean age for each growth center.
For example, the marksman gets 5 shots, but we take his score to be the number of shots before his first bull's-eye, that is, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 ( or 5, if he gets no bull's-eye ).
The number of successes on each shot is a value of a random variable that has values 0 or 1, and there are 5 such random variables here.
It will be seen that where the scope is similar, the Athabascan ratios come out somewhat higher ( as indeed they ought to with a total ratio of 2.8 as against 3.5 or 4: 5 ) except for verbs, where alone the Athabascan ratio is lower.
If the force required to remove the coatings is plotted against film thickness, a graph as illustrated schematically in Fig. 5 may characteristically result.
Thus Af where the maximization is over all admissible policies Af, and Af is related to Af by ( 5 ).
The set of equations ( 5 ), ( 6 ), and the starting equation ( 7 ) is of a recursive type well suited to programming on the digital computer.
As a result, it is not easy to find a stock priced as the Morton issue was priced ( at roughly 10 times 1960 earnings, to yield a little over 5 per cent on the 64-cent anticipated dividend ).
Now, in 1961, the Catholic population of England is still quite small ( ten per cent, or 5 million ) ; ;
The importance of this 5 can largely be explained by the natural mathematical properties of the middle number and its special relationship to all the rest of the numbers -- quite apart from any numerological considerations, which is to say, any symbolic meaning arbitrarily assigned to it.
If one takes the middle number, 5, and multiplies it by 3 ( the base number of the magic square of three ), the result is 15, which is also the constant sum of all the rows, columns, and two main diagonals.
Made of gold-plated britannium on a black metal base, it is 13. 5 in ( 34 cm ) tall, weighs 8. 5 lb ( 3. 85 kg ) and depicts a knight rendered in Art Deco style holding a crusader's sword standing on a reel of film with five spokes.
It is a slab of white marble long, wide, and thick, on which are 5 groups of markings.
In the center of the tablet is a set of 5 parallel lines equally divided by a vertical line, capped with a semicircle at the intersection of the bottom-most horizontal line and the single vertical line.
In contrast, the largest North American community north of the circle, Sisimiut ( Greenland ), has approximately 5, 000 inhabitants, while between Canada and the USA, Barrow, Alaska is the largest settlement with circa 4, 000 inhabitants.
An Oligocene ( 34 – 23 Mya ) pollen is known for Asteraceae and Goodeniaceae, and seeds from Oligocene and Miocene ( 23 – 5. 3 Mya ) are known for Menyanthaceae and Campanulaceae respectively.
Argon has approximately the same solubility in water as oxygen and is 2. 5 times more soluble in water than nitrogen.
Because of weak bonding between the layers, gray arsenic is brittle and has a relatively low Mohs hardness of 3. 5.

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