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is and generally
Your suggested solution, it seems to me, is grossly oversimplified and is inconsistent with your generally realistic attitude toward, and endorsement of, sound planning.
It would challenge sharply not the cult of the motor car itself but some of its ancillary beliefs and practices -- for instance, the doctrine that the fulfillment of life consists in proceeding from hither to yon, not for any advantage to be gained by arrival but merely to avoid the cardinal sin of stasis, or, as it is generally termed, staying put.
It is generally conceded that the Formosan air force is the best by far in Asia, and the army the best trained.
The total adverse impact of disease, insects, fire, weather, destructive animals, and other forces on the uses and values of forest resources is not generally recognized.
Any alteration of one of these factors is distortion, although we generally use that word only for effects so pronounced that they can be stated quantitatively on the basis of standard tests.
Now, the machine has been improved to a point where it is generally more economical than oil heat at temperatures down to 15 degrees.
It is generally an inaccurate method of rating, for the horsepower is that of the compressor motor, and many other components beside it determine how much cooling you'll get.
Above this point there is no generally used parallel ladder.
Advances in equipment and fabrication techniques give the sign or display manufacturer an extremely wide choice of production techniques, ranging from injection molding for intricate, smaller-size, mass-production signs ( generally 5000 units is the minimum ) to vacuum and pressure forming for larger signs of limited runs.
Brown ( 1959 ) has reviewed generally the various methods of assaying TSH, and the reader is referred to her paper for further information on the subject.
The great majority of present-day linguists fall into one or more of a number of overlapping types: those who are convinced that tone cannot be analysed, those who are personally scared of tone and tone languages generally, those who are convinced that tone is merely an unnecessary marginal feature in those languages where it occurs, those who have no idea how to proceed with tone analysis, those who take a simplistic view of the whole matter.
My answer is in the negative because I believe that total capital demands during the Sixties will continue to press against available supplies, and interest rates will generally tend to be firm at high levels.
In general, it appears that trustees and board members attempt to represent the public interest in their administration of educational policy, and this is made easier by the fact that the dominant values of the society are middle-class values, which are generally thought to be valid for the entire society.
In his analysis, however, he touches upon but fails to explore an idea, generally neglected in discussions of the book, which I believe is central to its art -- the importance of human hands as a recurring feature of the narrative.
The respectability which money confers implies a different etiquette, and, upon taking up the life of a London gentleman, Pip must learn from Herbert Pocket that `` the spoon is not generally used over-hand, but under ''.
Because of undesirable flavors, odors, colors, and generally low palatability associated with radiation treatment of this magnitude, the inactivation of enzymes is best accomplished prior to irradiation by the conventional heat-processing methods of blanching.
The polyester urethane foam is generally produced with adipic acid polyesters ; ;
An electrostatic system suffers generally from image plane curvature leading to defocusing in the peripheral image region if a flat viewing screen ( or interstage coupler ) is utilized, while a magnetic system requires accurate adjustment of the solenoid, which is heavy and bulky.
The packing efficiency, F.R., of fiber plates did not receive much attention in the literature, probably as it is high for the larger fibers generally used, until rather recently.
Intermarriage, which is generally regarded as a threat to Jewish survival, was regarded not with horror or apprehension but with a kind of mild, clinical disapproval.
Beer, generally fermented from barley, is an old alcoholic beverage.

is and separated
When more than two figures are separated by subtraction symbols the subtraction must be carried out from the left to right if the result is to be correct.
A randomization of `` ups '' and `` downs '' is more likely than ordered `` ups '' and `` downs '' in position ( 3 ) since the hydrogen atoms are well separated and so the position of one could hardly affect the position of another, and also since ordered `` up '' and `` down '' implies a larger unit cell, for which no evidence exists.
For this step the computer memory is separated into three regions: cells in the W-region are used for storage of the forms in the text-form list ; ;
It was found that the coating is separated from its substrate entirely by cohesive failure.
As was noted earlier, it is important that in valid, objective study of this sort of communication, the interested sitter should be separated from the sensitive.
Now when, so to speak, the cream has been skimmed off, and the items in the successful categories separated out, the sitter can be asked to consider and rate only this concentrated `` cream '', where the sensitive is at her best.
The waves are separated by intervals of 15 minutes to an hour or more ( because of their great length ), and this has often lulled people into thinking after the first great wave has crashed that it is all over.
The stomach is separated from the intestine by the pyloric sphincter.
The Aethiopian Sea, Ethiopic Ocean or Ethiopian Ocean ( Okeanos Aithiopos ), is an old name for what is now called the South Atlantic Ocean, which is separated from the North Atlantic Ocean by a narrow region between Natal, Brazil and Monrovia, Liberia.
Beginning in the west of Antalya province, the south-facing Mediterranean coast of Turkey is separated from the interior by steep ranges, known as the Taurus mountains, that run along the entire length of the coast.
The kitchen is separated from the living area ( called the stube, the area of the home heated by a stove ), and second-floor bedrooms benefit from rising heat.
The theme of exile and separation is embodied in two characters, Rieux and Rambert, both of whom are separated from the women they love.
The theme is also present in the many other nameless citizens who are separated from loved ones in other towns or from those who happened to be out of town when the gates of Oran were closed.
The aspect ratio is expressed as two numbers separated by a colon ( x: y ).
Alexander became separated from his guides and it is assumed that in the dark his horse lost its footing.
No one thing in the world is ever abruptly separated, as by the blow of an axe, from the rest of things.
Alberta is landlocked, and separated by a series of mountain ranges from the nearest outlets to the Pacific Ocean, and by the Canadian Shield from ports on the Lakehead or Hudson Bay.
In this way he discovered the electrochemical series, and the law that the electromotive force ( emf ) of a galvanic cell, consisting of a pair of metal electrodes separated by electrolyte, is the difference between their two electrode potentials ( thus, two identical electrodes and a common electrolyte give zero net emf ).
A deep ditch separated the city from its " suburb ;" its location is today marked by a wide street named " Graben " ( meaning Ditch ).
This is not the case, and both modern adversarial and inquisitorial systems have the powers of the state separated between a prosecutor and the judge and allow the defendant the right to counsel.
He ordained further that some should be called " Abbreviators of the Upper Bar " ( Abbreviatores de Parco Majori ; the name derived from a space in the chancery, surrounded by a grating, in which the officials sat, which is called higher or lower ( major or minor ) according to the proximity of the seats to that of the vice-chancellor ), the others of the Lower Bar ( Abbreviatores de Parco Minori ); that the former should sit upon a slightly raised portion of the chamber, separated from the rest of the hall or chamber by lattice work, assist the Cardinal Vice-Chancellor, subscribe the letters and have the principal part in examining, revising, and expediting the apostolic letters to be issued with the leaden seal ; that the latter, however, should sit among the apostolic writers upon benches in the lower part of the chamber, and their duty was to carry the signed schedules or supplications to the prelates of the upper bar.
While trying to swim across the dangerous Euphrates, Abd al-Rahman is said to have become separated from his brother Yahiya, who began swimming back towards the horsemen, possibly from fear of drowning.
What really separated AMPS from older systems is the " back end " call setup functionality.

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