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is and housed
The nest itself, the structure that in some cases housed about 2,000 individuals when the season was at its peak, is now rapidly destroyed by the scavenging larvae of certain beetles and moths.
Along with some of the other major Coalition cities, Chi-Town is considered a " Mega-City " in that its entire population is housed inside one giant structure consisting of more than thirty levels, each of which are several stories high and contain a number of sub-levels.
Berlin is the seat of the German executive, housed in the Chancellery, the Bundeskanzleramt.
Facing the Chancellery is the Bundestag, the German Parliament, housed in the renovated Reichstag building since the government moved back to Berlin in 1998.
On personal computers and small workstations, the CPU is housed in a single silicon chip called a microprocessor.
In the United States, the earliest known cross-stitch sampler is currently housed at Pilgrim Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts .< ref >
The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity is housed in an 11-story structure originally built for The Christian Science Publishing Society constructed between 1932 and 1934, and the present plaza was constructed in the late 1960s and early 1970s to include a 28 story administration building, a colonnade, and a reflecting pool with fountain, designed by Araldo Cossutta of I. M. Pei and Partners ( now Pei Cobb Freed ).
Sluter was also responsible for the main part of the work on Philip's tomb, which ( restored and partly reconstructed ) has been moved to the Museum of Fine Arts which is housed in the former ducal palace in Dijon.
It is known that Olympia originally housed far more of these statues, but time brought ruin to many of them, leaving Delphi as the main site of athletic statues.
The Wright brothers ' famous Wright Flyer III aircraft is housed in a museum at Carillon Historical Park.
The national collection is housed in the National Gallery of Scotland, located on the Mound, and now linked to the Royal Scottish Academy, which holds regular major exhibitions of painting.
David Gold has loaned this trophy to the National Football Museum which is housed in Preston North End's Deepdale Stadium and it is on permanent display to the public.
Tolkien insists, tongue in cheek, that the village of Thame originally referred to the Tame Dragon housed in it, and that " tame with an h is a folly without warrant.
The result is a cedar-wood boat long, its timbers held together by ropes, which is now currently housed in a special boat-shaped, air-conditioned museum beside the pyramid.
Another important collection of research materials housed in Fenwick is the Government Documents collection.
The school officially opened September 23, 1964, it is still currently active and it is housed at 8 W. 8th Street, the site of the original Whitney Museum of American Art.
His astronomical telescope is now housed in the rooms of the August Derleth Society.
The Pictorial Sequence is currently housed at the Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale, Washington, USA.
The Staatsoper Hannover | Staatsoper Hanover (" state opera ") is housed in its classical 19th century opera house.
The first of these contains part of the earliest known version of the Táin Bó Cúailnge (" The Driving-off of Cattle of Cooley ") and is housed in Trinity College.
In January 2008, Bakker's ministry moved into a new television studio near Branson, in Blue Eye, Missouri The studio is housed in a development that resembles Bakker's former location, Heritage USA.

is and United
National responsibility for individual welfare is a concept not limited to the United States or even to the Western nations.
( Since the time-span of the nation-state coincides roughly with the separate existence of the United States as an independent entity, it is perhaps natural for Americans to think of the nation as representative of the highest form of order, something permanent and unchanging.
This is the good kind of sophistication, and with all our problems and crises this kind of sophistication has flowered in the United States during recent years.
The United States is always ready to participate with the Soviet Union in serious discussion of these or any other subjects that may lead to peace with justice.
Certainly it is not necessary to repeat that the United States has no intention of interfering in the internal affairs of any nation ; ;
No longer is the United States the only major industrial country capable of providing substantial amounts of the resources so urgently needed in the newly developed countries.
It is world-wide knowledge that any power which might be tempted today to attack the United States by surprise, even though we might sustain great losses, would itself promptly suffer a terrible destruction.
Third, the United States is pressing forward in the development of large rocket engines to place vehicles of many tons into space for exploration purposes.
`` Little Rock is, without any flattery, one of the dullest towns in the United States and I would not have remained two hours in the place, if I had not met with some good friends who made me forget its dreariness ''.
It is for these reasons that proposals for a `` new world order '', through radical overhaul of the United Nations or through some sort of world federation, are utterly fatuous.
But for the United States and its SEATO allies to attempt to shore up a less tough, less combat-tested government army in monsoon-shrouded, road-shy, guerrilla-th'-wisp terrain is a risk not savored by Pentagon planners.
But since last fall the United States has been moving toward a pro-neutralist position and now is ready to back the British plan for a cease-fire patrolled by outside observers and followed by a conference of interested powers.
The only response we can think of is the humble one that at least we aren't playing the marimba with our shoes in the United Nations, but perhaps the heavy domes in the house of delegates can improve on this feeble effort.
progress, or lack of it, toward civil rights in the 50 states is reported in an impressive 689-page compilation issued last week by the United States Commission on Civil Rights.
the Army, Navy and Air Force, among others, may question Secretary Freeman's claim that the high estate of United States agriculture is the `` strongest deterrent '' to the spread of communism.
Gen. Maxwell Taylor's statement in Saigon that he is `` very much encouraged '' about the chances of the pro-Western government of Viet Nam turning back Communist guerrilla attacks comes close to an announcement that he will not recommend dispatching United States troops to bolster the Vietnamese Army.
Nothing that is likely to happen, however, should prompt the sending of United States soldiers for other than instructional missions.
It is a war to stay out of today, especially in view of the fact that President Ngo Dinh Diem apparently does not want United States troops.
It is probable that his recommendations will be informed and workable, and that they will not lead to involving the United States in an Asian morass.
Although the United States and the U.S.S.R. have been arguing whether there shall be four, five or six top assistants, the most important element in the situation is not the number of deputies but the manner in which these deputies are to do their work.
This is the root issue for which the United States should stand.
What we must have, if the United Nations is to survive, is as nonpolitical, nonpartisan an organization at the top as human beings can make it, subject to no single nation's direction and subservient to no single nation's ambition.
This, in more diplomatic language, is what Adlai Stevenson told the newspaper men of Latin America yesterday on behalf of the United States Government.
The West Berlin crisis is being played up artificially because it is needed by the United States to justify its arms drive ''.

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