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is and played
He added that he also stresses the works of these favorite masters on tour, especially Mahler's First and Fourth symphonies, and Das Lied Von der Erde, and Bruckner's Sixth -- which is rarely played -- and Seventh.
To perpetuate wealth control led by small groups of individuals who played no role in its creation prevents those with real initiative from coming to the fore, and is basically anti-democratic.
The complexities of Venetian politics eluded him, but the story of the revolution itself is told in restrained measures, with no superfluous passages and only an occasional overemphasis of the part played by its leading figure.
The West Berlin crisis is being played up artificially because it is needed by the United States to justify its arms drive ''.
At the same time, however, I availed myself of the services of that great English actor and master of make-up, Sir Gauntley Pratt, to do a `` quickie '' called The Mystery of the Mad Marquess, in which I played a young American girl who inherits a haunted castle on the English moors which is filled with secret passages and sliding panels and, unbeknownst to anyone, is still occupied by an eccentric maniac.
In modern jazz, the saxophone is treated as a woodwind and played with conventional embouchure.
The Philadelphia Transportation Co. is investigating the part its organization played in reviewing the project.
Skorich, who is 39 years old, played football at Cincinnati University and then had a three-year professional career as a lineman under Jock Sutherland with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Now a quiet-spoken, middle-aged man, Fiedler is an aeronautical engineer for Lockheed's Missiles and Space Division at Sunnyvale, where he played a key role in the development of the Navy's Polaris missile.
Displaying his knowledge of music, the New England-born President remarked that `` probably the best chamber music in the world is played in Vermont, by young Americans -- and here in this school where they have produced extraordinary musicians and teachers, and their work is being duplicated all across the United States.
The episode in which Sancho Panza concludes the joke that is played on him when he is facetiously put in command of an `` island '' is one of the best in the film.
Louis Seigner, who formerly played the deluded benefactor opposite Ledoux, is the Tartuffe of the present production, which he himself directed.
Another variation is that Apollo played his instrument ( the lyre ) upside down.
Charles ' recording is very commonly played at major sporting and entertainment events, such as the Super Bowl, and WrestleMania 2 ; Charles gave a live performance of the song prior to Super Bowl XXXV, the last Super Bowl played before the September 11 terrorist attacks, as well as during Game 2 of the 2001 World Series after the attacks.
Since then, Alumni has played at the highest level of Argentinian rugby and its rivalry with Belgrano Athletic Club is one of the fiercest local derbies in Buenos Aires.
The purpose of the composition is to allow complex dialogue scenes to be played out without changes in camera position.
In Agatha Christie's Poirot, George is played by actor David Yelland.
The music to all four films was composed and conducted by Ron Goodwin and is still played on radio today.
Astronomy certainly played an important role in Chaco culture, as it is visible in the north-south axis alignment of many ceremonial structures.

is and on
I seized the rack and made a western-style flying-mount just in time, one of my knees mercifully landing on my duffel bag -- and merely wrecking my camera, I was to discover later -- my other knee landing on the slivery truck floor boards and -- but this is no medical report.
It is nothing you can put your fingers on but the air suddenly fills with a high charge of electricity.
And all the time, she had the heat of hatred in her, like charcoal that is burning on its under side, but not visibly.
It is Eromonga -- look hard, you can see with your naked eye the wooden scaffolding on the cliff ''.
I clapped the big man with the bleached hair on his shoulder and said heartily, hoping it would make an impression on the women: `` This one is the maku Frayne.
He speaks your language too, for he is the grandson of a chieftain on Taui who made much magic and was strong and cunning.
He thought of the jungles below him, and of the wild, strange, untracked beauty there and he promised himself that someday he would return, on foot perhaps, to hunt in this last corner of the world where man is sometimes himself the hunted, and animals the lords.
`` All I have to do to set the record is to go on down.
`` Jed's homestead is on the south bank ''.
Had the situation been reversed, had, for instance, England been the enemy in 1898 because of issues of concern chiefly to New England, there is little doubt that large numbers of Southerners would have happily put on their old Confederate uniforms to fight as allies of Britain.
Ratified in the Republican Party victory in 1952, the Positive State is now evidenced by political campaigns being waged not on whether but on how much social legislation there should be.
Only recently new `` holes '' were discovered in our safety measures, and a search is now on for more.
Work is under way to see whether new restraining devices should be installed on all nuclear weapons.
Others are confined to vast reservations, and not only does the Australian government justifiably not wish them to be viewed as exhibits in a zoo, but on their reservations they are extremely fugitive, shunning camps, coming together only for corroborees at which their strange culture comes to its highest pitch -- which is very low indeed.
Here, on the hottest day, it is cool beneath the stone and fresh from the water flowing in the sluices at the bottom of the vaults.
Poetry in Persian life is far more than a common ground on which -- in a society deeply fissured by antagonisms -- all may stand.
It is perhaps difficult to conceive, but imagine that tonight on London bridge the Teddy boys of the East End will gather to sing Marlowe, Herrick, Shakespeare, and perhaps some lyrics of their own.
Each mode is believed to have a specific attribute -- one inducing pleasure, another generosity, another love, and so on, to include all of the emotions.
The dancer who never loosens her hold on a parasol, begins to feel that it is part of herself.
The answers derived by these means may determine not only the temporal organization of the dance but also its spatial design, special slips designating the location on the stage where the movement is to be performed.
I think it is essential, however, to pinpoint here the difference between the two concepts of sovereignty that went to war in 1861 -- if only to see better how imperative is our need today to clarify completely our far worse confusion on this subject.

is and pitch
The problem is to disentangle the linguistic features of pitch from the co-occurring nonlinguistic features.
The inventory of tones is much smaller, and commonly the contrasts range along one single dimension, pitch level.
Pitchers grumble about lively balls and lively bats, the shrinking strike zone, and the fact that the knock-down pitch is now illegal.
Asphalt or or, also known as bitumen, is the sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid present in most crude petroleums and in some natural deposits ; it is a substance classed as a pitch.
The Valley House is now a hostel and bar offering accommodation and pitch and putt golf facilities.
The acre is also approximately 56. 68 percent of a long by wide association football ( soccer ) pitch.
One application of pitch shifting is pitch correction.
Here a musical signal is tuned to the correct pitch using digital signal processing techniques.
* time stretching-the opposite of pitch shift, that is, the process of changing the speed of an audio signal without affecting its pitch.
* In music recording, autocorrelation is used as a pitch detection algorithm prior to vocal processing, as a distortion effect or to eliminate undesired mistakes and inaccuracies.
* WP — Wild pitches: charged when a pitch is too high, low, or wide of home plate for the catcher to field, thereby allowing one or more runners to advance or score
* He is hit by a pitch ( HBP ).
In the first two cases above, " on an error " includes situations where the batter makes a clean hit ( or walks, is hit by pitch, reaches base on a fielder's choice in which no out is made, or reaches base on a wild pitch on a called or swinging third strike ), but should have been out earlier in his at bat on a foul fly ball which was dropped by a fielder for an error.
A hit by pitch is not counted statistically as a walk, though the effect is mostly the same, with the batter receiving a free pass to first base.
A ball pitched in this manner is called an intentional ball and counts as a ball in the pitcher's pitch count.
In order to count as an intentional ball, the ball must be legally pitched, i. e., the pitcher's foot must be on the pitcher's rubber, the catcher must be in the catcher's box, and the batter must be in the batter's box appearing ready to take a pitch at the time the ball is thrown.
In baseball, hit by pitch ( HBP ), or hit batsman ( HB ), is a batter or his equipment ( other than his bat ) being hit in some part of his body by a pitch from the pitcher.

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