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is and revealed
Professionally a lawyer, that is to say associated with dignity, reserve, discipline, with much that is essentially middle-class, he is compelled by an impossible love to exhibit himself dressed up, disguised -- that is, paradoxically, revealed -- as a child, and, worse, as a whore masquerading as a child.
Sibylla is pregnant with their second child when she finds the ivory tablet concealed by her husband, and the identities of mother and son are revealed.
A similar amateurish characteristic is revealed in Adams' failure to check the accuracy and authenticity of his informational sources.
What is interesting is that his positive qualifications for the post were revealed only as a kind of tail to his candidacy.
More than anything, it is the therapist's intuitive sensing of these latent meanings in the stereotype which helps these meanings to become revealed, something like a spread-out deck of cards, on sporadic occasions over the passage of the patient's and his months of work together.
This last `` rampage '' is only the prelude to the vicious blow upon her head, `` dealt by some unknown hand '' whose identity is later revealed not verbally but through a manual action -- the tracing of Orlick's hammer upon a slate.
Who won is not revealed, but Winslow's daughter Eleanor says they got up to 1,212 words.
This tendency is, perhaps, most clearly revealed in the literature on religious conversions and experiences of adolescents.
Later, more accurate measurements revealed that this current is 0. 99985 A.
The writer, whose name is revealed as F. Alexander, shelters Alex and questions him about the conditioning.
During this sequence, it is revealed that Mrs. Alexander died from the injuries inflicted during the gang-rape, and her husband has decided to continue living " where her fragrant memory persists " despite the horrid memories.
* Dr. Bernard Rieux: Dr. Bernard Rieux is the narrator of the novel, although this is only revealed at the end.
It is revealed at the end of Curtain that he fakes his need for a wheelchair so as to fool people into believing that he is suffering from arthritis, to give the impression that he is more infirm than he is.
George ( his last name is never revealed ) is a stereotypical English valet who enters Poirot ’ s employment in 1923 and does not leave his side until the 1970s, shortly before Poirot ’ s death.
In They Do It with Mirrors ( 1952 ), it is revealed that, in her distant youth, Miss Marple spent time in Europe at a finishing school.

is and her
He started toward the stairway, then turned to add, `` Tell her to come to Adams's room, that Adams is in trouble.
Even the knowledge that she was losing another boy, as a mother always does when a marriage is made, did not prevent her from having the first carefree, dreamless sleep that she had known since they dropped down the canyon and into Bear Valley, way, way back there when they were crossing those other mountains.
The artist looks at an ankle, a calf, a bosom and, in his mind's eye, the clothes drop away and he sees her as she really is.
And that is the way I first saw her when my Uncle brought her into his antique store.
`` Oh, it's that myth, about Orpheus and What is her name??
At her door, two or three hours later, Mary Jane whispered, `` Everyone is asleep ''.
And all the time, she had the heat of hatred in her, like charcoal that is burning on its under side, but not visibly.
The dancer who never loosens her hold on a parasol, begins to feel that it is part of herself.
The supreme object of their lives is now fulfilled, says the wife, her husband has achieved immortality.
His sailing vessel is guided by fate to the shores of his own country at a time when Sibylla's domain is overrun by the armies of one of her rejected suitors.
usually, this is most exasperating to men, who expect every woman to verify their preconceived notions concerning her sex, and when she does not, immediately condemn her as eccentric and unwomanly.
Bertha Szold was more like Meg, the eldest March girl, who `` learned that a woman's happiest kingdom is home, her highest honor the art of ruling it, not as a queen, but a wise wife and mother ''.
The first thing to do is get her some money by a temporary but definite adjustment pending a final disposition of the case.
Her clothes, her hair, everything about her is both graceful and simple.
It is not the same dress as the one on her manikin in the Smithsonian.
She had stood at the bottom of the stairs, as usual, when Mrs. Coolidge came down, in the same dress that is now in the Smithsonian, to greet her guests.
In a small way this is illustrated by the nineteenth-century novelist who argued for the powerful influence of literature as a teacher of society and who illustrated this with the way a girl learned to meet her lover, how to behave, how to think about this new experience, how to exercise restraint.
This prospect did not please Mrs. King any more than did the possibility that her daughter might marry a Bohemian, but she used it to suggest to Thompson that, `` It is not in her nature to love you ''.
We may further grant to those of her ( Poetry's ) defenders who are lovers of poetry and yet not poets, the permission to speak in prose on her behalf: let them show not only that she is pleasant but also useful to States and to human life, and we will listen in a kindly spirit ; ;

is and lawyer
It is but justice to Mr. Steele for us to add that, in the above remarks, nothing is intended to his disparagement, either as a lawyer or as a printer.
Mr. Smith, like the present Secretary General, is a lawyer ; ;
Sheeran, a lawyer and former FBI man is running against the Republican organization's candidate, Freeholder William MacDonald, for the vacancy left by the resignation of Neil Duffy, now a member of the State Board of Tax Appeals.
`` My experience as public safety commissioner '', Roos said, `` has shown me that the office of sheriff is best filled by a man with law enforcement experience, and preferably one who is a lawyer.
The 53-year-old Shea, a prominent corporation lawyer with a sports background, is generally recognized as the man most responsible for the imminent return of a National League club to New York.
What otherwise could `` the lawyer, doctor, minister, the men of science and letters '' do when told that they had `` become the cherubim and seraphim and the three archangels who stood before the golden throne of the merchant, and continually cried, ' Holy, holy, holy is the Almighty Dollar ' ``??
If a defendant has been convicted and can prove that his lawyer did not adequately handle his case and that there is a reasonable probability that the result of the trial would have been different had the lawyer given competent representation, he is entitled to a new trial.
In many other jurisdictions it is for the defense lawyer to mitigate on his client's behalf, and the defendant himself will rarely have the opportunity to speak.
The lawyer is an officer of the court and knows that a false swearing by him, if found out, could be grounds for severe penalty up to and including disbarment.
Equally, the acceptance that a lawyer is an officer of the court ( for swearing the affidavit ) is not a given.
* Atonement – Wesley's atonement is a hybrid of the penal substitution theory and the governmental theory of Hugo Grotius, a lawyer and one of the Remonstrants.
* Attorney ( England and Wales ), a person, who may be but is not necessarily a lawyer, who is authorised to act on someone else's behalf in either a business or a personal matter
Middle aged Fredrik Egerman is a successful lawyer.
The reality is that Micheline Musseli Pozzo di Borgo, a French aristocrat who at 20 was France's youngest lawyer ever, brought considerable wealth to her marriage to Lerner and lost most of it through him, including nearly $ 600, 000 from the sale of her Parisian apartment, which Lerner placed in investments that either failed or were looted by him during periods of financial desperation.

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