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is and said
`` This is a mighty empty country '', Morgan said.
His wife had said to him: `` Nellie is in love with Clayton Roy.
`` Gray Eyes is back,, Montero said.
`` Dear girl '', Walter had finally said, `` he writes me that he is sleeping in the English Gardens ''.
She said, `` My name is Songau and these girls are Ponkob and Piwen.
I clapped the big man with the bleached hair on his shoulder and said heartily, hoping it would make an impression on the women: `` This one is the maku Frayne.
`` I realize that this is hardly the time to say it, Penny '', said Keith.
There is nothing for you '', Matsuo said.
`` Amen '', said the Reverend Doran, grabbing his rifle propped up against a tombstone, `` and now my brethren, it would seem that our presence is required elsewhere ''.
`` All right, if you can't do your arithmetic during school hours you can do it after school is out '', Miss Langford said firmly, not smiling.
That is particularly true of sovereignty when it is applied to democratic societies, in which `` popular '' sovereignty is said to exist, and in federal nations, in which the jobs of government are split.
Idje, here '', and he nodded at the man, `` is said to have great odor.
`` As my wife puts it '', he said, again with a twinkle in his eyes, `` all you know is your music.
It is said that, even at the present stage of Southern urbanization, such a city as Atlanta is not distinctly unlike Columbus or Trenton.
Even so astute a commentator as Harold Clurman of The Nation has said that `` Waiting For Godot '' is `` the concentrate of the contemporary European mood of despair ''.
What appears here is shorter than what he actually said but very close to his own words.
Almost nothing is said of Charles' spectacular victories, the central theme being the heroic loyalty of the Swedish people to their idolized king in misfortune and defeat.
George Meredith has said that fervor is the core of style.
`` I may possibly be a greater risk than is the normal person of my age '', the President had said on February 29th of the election year, ignoring the fact that no one of his age had ever lived out another term.
As Sandburg said at the time: `` It is as ancient as the medieval European ballads brought to the Appalachian Mountains, it is as modern as skyscrapers, the Volstead Act, and the latest oil well gusher ''.
When someone in the audience rose and asked how does it feel to be a celebrity, Carl said, `` A celebrity is a fellow who eats celery with celerity ''.

is and ran
The words ran crazily in his head: Mollie the Mutton is scratching her nose in the rain.
Another stock vaudeville gag ran: `` Mother is home sick in bed with the doctor ''.
In early 1945, the U. S. army ran tests of various 2, 4-D and 2, 4, 5-T mixtures at the Bushnell Army Airfield in Florida, which is now listed as a Formerly Used Defense Site ( FUDS ).
Two nights after it opened, I ran into Noël Coward in a restaurant, and he walked over and he said, " Dear boy, it is hanged, not hung.
* The character of John Isidore, and his " pet hospital ", is taken from Dick's original novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?, although that book contained no suggestion that the shop ran a sideline in modifying replicants.
It is doubtful that the Athenians ran the whole distance ; in full armour this would be very difficult.
Another possibility is that they ran up to the 200 meter-mark in broken ranks, and then reformed for the march into battle from there.
" A horsecar ran from Temescal in Oakland to the university campus along what is now Telegraph Avenue.
Cheers is an American television sitcom television series that ran for 11 seasons from 1982 to 1993.
* Cybergirl Cybergirl is a cyber replicant prototype 6000, a " cyborg " from a distant planet who ran away to explore the beings she was created after, human beings.
In 1696 he ran a tile and brick factory in what is now Tilbury, Essex and living in the parish of Chadwell St Mary.
The Strata Diocletiana, which ran from the Euphrates to Palmyra and northeast Arabia, is the classic Diocletianic frontier system, consisting of an outer road followed by tightly spaced forts followed by further fortifications in the rear.
In such a situation, a company's lifespan was measured by its burn rate: that is, the rate at which a non-profitable company lacking a viable business model ran through its capital served as the metric.
One of his paraphrases from a well-known line in Ecclesiastes ran: " The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that's how the smart money bets.
The longest established festival is the Edinburgh International Festival, which first ran in 1947.
The first association football fanzine is regarded as being Foul, a publication that ran between 1972 and 1976.
Like monkeys or small children turned loose among treasured objects whose value is beyond their comprehension, they ran wild — either from perverse pleasure in destruction or simply because of their ignorance.
One storyline, which ran the week before Halloween in 1989 ( Oct 23 to Oct 28 ), is unique among Garfield strips in that it is not meant to be humorous.
The Guardian ran an article asking " IKEA is changing its font to Verdana – causing outrage among typomaniacs.
The person that should be chosen according to Hadith is one who has most knowledge of the Qu ' ran and of good character, the age is immaterial.
Kemp briefly served on the board of Oracle Corporation, CEO is friend Larry Ellison, in 1996, but resigned when he ran for Vice President ; he was named to the board of Six Flags, Inc. in December 2005.
Private libraries appeared during the late republic: Seneca inveighed against libraries fitted out for show by illiterate owners who scarcely read their titles in the course of a lifetime, but displayed the scrolls in bookcases ( armaria ) of citrus wood inlaid with ivory that ran right to the ceiling: " by now, like bathrooms and hot water, a library is got up as standard equipment for a fine house ( domus ).
In the original series, which ran on Radio 4 from 1973 – 83, no adaptation was made of the seminal Gaudy Night, perhaps because the leading character in this novel is Harriet and not Peter ; this was corrected in 2005 when a version specially recorded for the BBC Radio Collection was released starring Carmichael and Joanna David.

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