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is and usually
The word `` mimesis '' ( `` imitation '' ) is usually associated with Plato and Aristotle.
The party is usually in a room small enough so that all guests are within sight and hearing of one another.
It will readily be seen that in this suggested network ( not materially different from some of the networks in vogue today ) greater emphasis on monitoring is implied than is usually put into practice.
One is so accustomed to think of men as the privileged who need but ask and receive, and women as submissive and yielding, that our sympathies are usually enlisted on the side of the man whose love is not returned, and we condemn the woman as a coquette.
usually, this is most exasperating to men, who expect every woman to verify their preconceived notions concerning her sex, and when she does not, immediately condemn her as eccentric and unwomanly.
What evidence is available would seem to indicate that Brooks, unlike his older brother Henry, had most of the methodological vices usually found in the amateur.
He is usually something of an underdog, he must battle the organized police force as well as recognized criminals.
he usually draws some kind of comparison with the jazz tradition and the poem he is reading -- for instance, he draws the parallel between a poem he reads about an Oriental courtesan waiting for the man she loves, and who never comes, and the old blues chants of Ma Rainy and other Negro singers -- but usually the comparison is specious.
This is a common symptom and the cause usually is pressure on the nerve leading to the affected hand.
if the Government certifies that production may be possible from the property, the royalty obligation continues for the 10-year period usually specified in the contract or until the Government's contribution is repaid with interest.
These roads are largely of less than highway standards, and usually carry traffic which is related to use of the National Forests.
April 15 is usually the final date for filing income tax returns for most people because they use the calendar year ending on December 31.
Much of this necessary increase in research and development, though properly chargeable to current expenses, is not reflected in earnings until projects are completed and the new machines sold in quantity, usually over a period of several years.
Sometimes it is necessary to roughly calculate the square inch area of the opening but the calculation can usually be made with sufficient accuracy that it won't affect the final computation.
Enough daylight is usually available from the windows, but if you have synchronized flash -- use it.
The size of the press is usually expressed in terms of chuck capacity ( the maximum diameter tool shank it will hold ) or distance between the spindle center and the column.
We know now that a 15-degree differential in temperature is the maximum usually desirable, and accurate controls assure the comfort we want.
It is usually helpful to make a sketch map in the field, showing the size and location of the features of interest and to take photographs at the site.
A body of water is usually the center of interest at parks which attract the greatest picnic and camping use.

is and considered
Life is further characterized, in antithesis to Piepsam, as animal: the image of a dog, which appears at several places, is first given as the criterion of amiable, irrelevant interest aroused by life considered simply as a spectacle: a dog in a wagon is `` admirable '', `` a pleasure to contemplate '' ; ;
But he is more interesting than the others, the ones who come from the highroad to watch him, more interesting than Life considered as a cyclist.
a `` Double-Figure '', which went to the Chicago Art Institute, and is considered by him the most successful of his abstracts ; ;
The young William Faulkner in New Orleans in the 1920's impressed the novelist Hamilton Basso as obviously conscious of being a Southerner, and there is no evidence that since then he has ever considered himself any less so.
After allowing for group exposures, it is apparent that other factors must be considered if we are to comprehend fanaticism.
If it is not one of his best books, it can only be considered unsatisfactory when compared with his own Garibaldi.
This is not to assume that his work was without merit, but the validity of his assumptions concerning the meaning of history must always be considered against this background of an unprofessional approach.
The national average is more than $4 and that figure is considered by experts in the mental health field to be too low.
A recent study on radiation exposure by the AEC's division of biology and medicine stated: `` The question of the biological effect of ( radiation ) doses is not considered '' herein.
The latter matter is considered in detail in a later section.
This agreement is considered very good for such short time intervals.
As was said in Gonzales, `` it is the Appeal Board which renders the selective service determination considered ' final ' in the courts, not to be overturned unless there is no basis in fact.
the Athletic program at Carleton is considered an integral part of the activities of the College and operates under the same budgetary procedure and controls as the academic work.
Whether considered alone or in relation to other editions, COLH 40 is a document of prime importance.
Biological warfare is considered to be primarily a strategic weapon.
The following information on snakes varying greatly in size ( but all with less than a 10-foot maximum ) shows, when considered with the foregoing, that there is probably no correlation between the length of a snake and the time required for it to mature.
It is hypothesized that fertility is a function of the social system when the population as a whole is considered and a function of the subsystems when the two-fold division of core families and marginal families is considered.

is and Big
and he wrote also the masterpiece of frontier humor, `` The Big Bear Of Arkansas '', in which earthy realism is placed alongside the exaggeration of the backwoods tall-tale and the awe with which man contemplates the grandeur and the mysteries of nature.
Irritating to Hastings is the fact that Poirot will sometimes conceal from him important details of his plans, as in The Big Four where Hastings is kept in the dark throughout the climax.
Hastings is a man who is capable of great bravery and courage, facing death unflinchingly when confronted by The Big Four and possessing unwavering loyalty towards Poirot.
Big business is not taxed in proportion to its capacity and output, and the disproportionate burden falls on small and medium size businesses.
* 1977 – The Big Ear, a radio telescope operated by Ohio State University as part of the SETI project, receives a radio signal from deep space ; the event is named the " Wow!
In Futurama Season 4, Episode 16 " Three Hundred Big Boys ", Kif gives Amy a watch that is shortly after swallowed by a whale named Mushu.
* 1858 – After the original Big Ben, a 14. 5 tonne bell for the Palace of Westminster had cracked during testing, it is recast into the current 13. 76 tonne bell by Whitechapel Bell Foundry.
The Big Book ( from Alcoholics Anonymous ) states that once a person is an alcoholic, they are always an alcoholic, but does not define what is meant by the term " alcoholic " in this context.
From the northern hemisphere, an easy way to find Arcturus is to follow the arc of the handle of the Big Dipper.
It is the star in the tail of the bear closest to its body, and thus the star in the handle of the Big Dipper closest to the bowl.
Big Dipper is the American term for the seven brightest stars of Ursa Major, called the Plough in Britain.
The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model that describes the early development of the Universe.
According to the most recent measurements and observations, the Big Bang occurred approximately 13. 75 billion years ago, which is thus considered the age of the Universe.
The Big Bang is a well-tested scientific theory and is widely accepted within the scientific community.
This singularity is sometimes called " the Big Bang ", but the term can also refer to the early hot, dense phase itself, which can be considered the " birth " of our Universe.
The Big Bang is not an explosion of matter moving outward to fill an empty universe.
An important feature of the Big Bang spacetime is the presence of horizons.
Fred Hoyle is credited with coining the term Big Bang during a 1949 radio broadcast.
Big Brother is a fictional character in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.
The people are constantly reminded of this by the phrase " Big Brother is watching you ", which is the core " truth " of the propaganda system in this state.

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